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Hey everyone, sorry for the sudden change and inconvenience, but I have decided to move to my blog to a new URL:

For more information, see my first post there.


Indefinite Hiatus + Blog Advertisements

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It is at least implied by the fact that I haven’t posted since July, but I feel I owe this announcement to anyone who still checks this blog expecting a new post. I’ve gone back and forth between announcing an official leave of this blog or actually working towards becoming active on it again. On one hand, Animal Crossing still has great appeal for me and I’m not tired of it at all; I love designing patterns and making my town look pretty, talking to neighbors, working towards various goals, WiFing, etc. But I don’t have a lot of free time for it these days and I don’t know if it would be wise to try to make more time for it at this stage in my life. I’m a college student and I feel a lot of pressure right now to figure out what I want to do with my life and how I will become self-sufficient in the not-too-distant future so that I won’t have to move into my parents’ house again when college is over. So I feel like I need to focus on other things right now for the most part, I hope you guys understand. Maybe eventually, when things are more “figured out”/less hectic, I can come up with a good balance and a way to make AC:WW and blogging about it take up less time, and I’ll be able to come back. At the very least, I’ll probably post some on AC:3DS when that comes out because I won’t be able to resist. πŸ™‚

Until then, feel free to check out these other Animal Crossing blogs and read them instead… my first advertising post! :mrgreen: Most of these bloggers are friends of mine or people I’ve interacted with somewhat, but there are a few that I just follow from afar/recommend, so I hope they won’t be weirded out by me advertising them. πŸ˜›

(Oh, and I used header images to make little banners for each blog, no offense or stealing meant by this — after all, each one links directly to the blog it’s taken from — but if you would rather, I can just put a text link instead.)

I remember finding Teru’s blog years ago off of Mayu’s blogroll when it still had her previous red theme, then re-discovering it sometime after she had switched to the current black one. I had fun re-reading the posts, some of which I remembered from before, and it was a big inspiration for creating this blog. She is also usually too busy to post frequently, but her old posts are always great to read again and again because of the wonderful photos (my favorite AC:WW photographer!) and the amusing/insightful commentary.

Choco’s been a good AC friend to me for about a year now, I remember last summer we used to WiFi multiple times a week! She’s had a few URL changes but all the posts from her previous blogs are still there, so it’s quite a lot of content, and I believe she’ll be posting on AC:CF again soon. Check out her patterns page as well!

Another good AC and WiFi friend of mind, Jemma! Her blog is really unique with many different features besides town photos; she has several short stories series, an exchange students project in her AC:WW town, contests, patterns, photo albums/books, I could go on…! And she’s had a mega post recently with an update on her town and news about future projects, so look out for those!

Kiya doesn’t have WiFi, but we’ve still been Animal Crossing friends since her first blog ACWW America. Her newer blog has seen lots of different (resetted) ACWW towns — hence the title, Travel Journal — and there are many pictures and details about them throughout her archives and pages. She also has a lovely portraits pattern page!

I think this blog also goes back a long way like Teru’s, from old Wild World posts to a period of GameCube posts, and now, recently she has restarted her AC:WW town and has been posting about it very frequently, check them out! πŸ˜€

This is a practically brand new blog by Will, he’s already got several posts and a fantastic patterns page going (mine took ages in comparison o_o)!

Usagi posts on both Wild World and City Folk; I love reading about her WiFi meetings, life in her AC:CF town (maybe we can WiFi on it one day if I ever get back into it!), holidays, new DLCs, etc.

Tess also posts on both AC:WW and AC:CF, especially WiFi meetings. Her blog has a long history with much to be explored in the archives. πŸ™‚

This is a fairly new blog by Tammie based around the idea of writing back letters to your Animal Crossing mom, since your character in-game can’t.

Another good WiFi buddy of mine (you might know her as MonkeyDoodle), I don’t know if she plans on continuing her blog but she’s used it to announce parties and such, so I’d keep following it. πŸ™‚

Previously Crossing AC:CF, Liam’s new blog contains news on more than just Animal Crossing, and in his latest post, some lovely drawings. πŸ™‚

I don’t know if Jasmin plans on being active anymore, but there is still a lot of content within the old posts and pages (fish lists, Redd passwords, and other guides).

Lisanne’s great start to blogging about her AC:CF town πŸ™‚

She posts not only on her AC:WW town, but as the subtitle above suggests, her life in general with school, other games/hobbies, even some drawings.

This blog is so well-organized with its different pages, photo albums, and video tours, I love it! She also posts WiFi meetings and events from her LOTR-themed town, which is beautiful (see the tours).

And Mayu’s classic blog that doesn’t really need advertising from me, but can’t be praised enough with all that she’s done with it: from a masterful patterns page to extensive guides, lists, and little-known tips/tricks, not to mention so many posts from a variety of different towns since she was such a big WiFier. I wish people wouldn’t be angry with her for (seemingy) quitting, she really gave so much through her blog already, I don’t think she owes us anything…

There is a thriving community for Animal Crossing on tumblr (and for a lot of other things, too, it’s just the way tumblr functions with its tags and re-blogging system). Here are a few blogs that I check the most frequently. A warning: the community on tumblr often makes use of adult language and references; if this bothers you, you might want to avoid the AC community on tumblr (and well, probably the entire website).

I think I’ve read every single page in this blog, it’s just so fun reading about her town Bentley. Since she keeps the neighbors the same, there aren’t villagers constantly coming and going, giving a sort of quaint stability to the town in which unique relationships seem to be built between the neighbors themselves after a while. It’s also a beautiful town with lots of flowers so the pictures are nice to look at. πŸ™‚

A good percentage of AC tumblr blogs are for City Folk, but these two are both on Wild World towns. I recently started following this one on Osworth, she takes really great pictures as well.

Animal Crossing Crazy posts original content from all the games (see the sidebar for her different towns, it is a very well-organized and designed blog) along with lots of re-blogged content from other Animal Crossing blogs, so if you want to see more of the community on tumblr, this is a good place to start, I think.

I hope there aren’t any glaring omissions, I can add more if there are (and there’s always my blogroll, too, this is mostly a fancy version of that).

Visit to Jemma’s town

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Isn’t this house pretty? I found it randomly when resetting one of my extra gamecards. It’s a Static’s house, and each villager always has the same, specific house shape… I have a Static in my town too, and also have this house style in my town, but he chose one of my town’s other house styles instead. >_< So no pretty pink and blue house with double wooden fans for me.

But that’s just a random picture that was on my camera when I uploaded the pictures from…

…a WiFi meeting with Jemma this morning in her town usa!

I wasn’t expecting any gift exchanges since this was a pretty spur of the moment, short-term notice WiFi, but she gave a surprise gift of several items and a purple rose! Thank you so much, purple roses are beautiful and always a help towards my pursuit of growing my first blue rose.

This balloon present flag is adorable!

I thought Jemma’s outfit was really cute, with her blue pigtails, green eyes, colorful polka dot shirt, rose in her mouth, and dandelion in her hair.

While she was preparing a game for us to play, I tried to get a full picture of the gate. But it’s not very good, you can see a reflection of my camera in the black.

It was like a memory game; she would list off a sequence of fruits, which grew longer and longer each time, and I would show I remembered the sequence by walking a circle around each fruit in order. I got all of the lists right, yay ^_^

I suggested a fishing contest to see who could catch 20 fish first, but with 3 minutes left on the timer and ~10 fish left to go, we were nowhere close. xP So it turned into a contest to see who could catch the most fish before the time ran out. I think those are the classic AC fishing contest rules anyway, though there can be variations, like who can make the most money off their catches, etc.

I was hoping to see a finned fish, but these are good catches too.

Ah, she beat me by 2, good job! πŸ˜€

We did a bug catching contest next and I was able to win that one.

Catching bugs was easier and more exciting than fishing, but they aren’t usually worth as much. This agrias butterfly was the rarest I saw.

*waves to Jemma across the river*

After taking a look at usa’s map and seeing all the awesome neighbors she has, I asked to go visit them.

First we visited Pecan, she’s one of my favorite snooties! πŸ™‚ I want Queenie or Eloise for Dafdilly, but back when I was thinking of maintaining a second town (see my very first post >_<), I wanted Pecan to be the resident snooty there.

Well, I would base my ideal type on more relevant things to a relationship than Tae Kwon Do or making cheesecakes, but whatever works for you, no standards are too high. πŸ˜›

Her house is nice and looks close to the original decorations, maybe she’s a bit newer?

You must love it in usa then, there are many bright fruit trees everywhere, very pretty. πŸ™‚

What? I see stuff in there!

She has Puddles too! And what’s more, both of us had her as our very first neighbor! (Well, you start off with three neighbors, but I consider her the first since she was at the top of the list on my map.) At first I was wondering why she was calling me Puppy β™₯er, if it was a nickname or something, but then I realized it must be her catchphrase. πŸ˜›

Aww, seeing Butch makes me nostalgic a bit. He was one of my first neighbors in my first Animal Crossing town on the GameCube, and I talked to him a lot.

That’s nice πŸ™‚


But he warmed up to me quickly… we just met Apollo!

Ooh, I’ve been to A casa πŸ™‚

Caroline is so bright, vibrant, and colorful — even her shirt is, I love it. She’s packed up but hopefully Jemma convinced her enough to stay, good luck!

After meeting usa’s last resident Drift, who seems cool, I thought I’d better go because…

My low battery warning light had been on for a little while, and I wasn’t sure where my charger was. >_< So I thought it would be best to leave in a normal way rather than the power randomly shutting off and ending communication… but I would have loved to stay longer.

Thanks for having me over, Jemma! I had a great time. πŸ˜€

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