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Hey everyone, sorry for the sudden change and inconvenience, but I have decided to move to my blog to a new URL:

For more information, see my first post there.

Visit to Jemma’s town

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Isn’t this house pretty? I found it randomly when resetting one of my extra gamecards. It’s a Static’s house, and each villager always has the same, specific house shape… I have a Static in my town too, and also have this house style in my town, but he chose one of my town’s other house styles instead. >_< So no pretty pink and blue house with double wooden fans for me.

But that’s just a random picture that was on my camera when I uploaded the pictures from…

…a WiFi meeting with Jemma this morning in her town usa!

I wasn’t expecting any gift exchanges since this was a pretty spur of the moment, short-term notice WiFi, but she gave a surprise gift of several items and a purple rose! Thank you so much, purple roses are beautiful and always a help towards my pursuit of growing my first blue rose.

This balloon present flag is adorable!

I thought Jemma’s outfit was really cute, with her blue pigtails, green eyes, colorful polka dot shirt, rose in her mouth, and dandelion in her hair.

While she was preparing a game for us to play, I tried to get a full picture of the gate. But it’s not very good, you can see a reflection of my camera in the black.

It was like a memory game; she would list off a sequence of fruits, which grew longer and longer each time, and I would show I remembered the sequence by walking a circle around each fruit in order. I got all of the lists right, yay ^_^

I suggested a fishing contest to see who could catch 20 fish first, but with 3 minutes left on the timer and ~10 fish left to go, we were nowhere close. xP So it turned into a contest to see who could catch the most fish before the time ran out. I think those are the classic AC fishing contest rules anyway, though there can be variations, like who can make the most money off their catches, etc.

I was hoping to see a finned fish, but these are good catches too.

Ah, she beat me by 2, good job! πŸ˜€

We did a bug catching contest next and I was able to win that one.

Catching bugs was easier and more exciting than fishing, but they aren’t usually worth as much. This agrias butterfly was the rarest I saw.

*waves to Jemma across the river*

After taking a look at usa’s map and seeing all the awesome neighbors she has, I asked to go visit them.

First we visited Pecan, she’s one of my favorite snooties! πŸ™‚ I want Queenie or Eloise for Dafdilly, but back when I was thinking of maintaining a second town (see my very first post >_<), I wanted Pecan to be the resident snooty there.

Well, I would base my ideal type on more relevant things to a relationship than Tae Kwon Do or making cheesecakes, but whatever works for you, no standards are too high. πŸ˜›

Her house is nice and looks close to the original decorations, maybe she’s a bit newer?

You must love it in usa then, there are many bright fruit trees everywhere, very pretty. πŸ™‚

What? I see stuff in there!

She has Puddles too! And what’s more, both of us had her as our very first neighbor! (Well, you start off with three neighbors, but I consider her the first since she was at the top of the list on my map.) At first I was wondering why she was calling me Puppy β™₯er, if it was a nickname or something, but then I realized it must be her catchphrase. πŸ˜›

Aww, seeing Butch makes me nostalgic a bit. He was one of my first neighbors in my first Animal Crossing town on the GameCube, and I talked to him a lot.

That’s nice πŸ™‚


But he warmed up to me quickly… we just met Apollo!

Ooh, I’ve been to A casa πŸ™‚

Caroline is so bright, vibrant, and colorful — even her shirt is, I love it. She’s packed up but hopefully Jemma convinced her enough to stay, good luck!

After meeting usa’s last resident Drift, who seems cool, I thought I’d better go because…

My low battery warning light had been on for a little while, and I wasn’t sure where my charger was. >_< So I thought it would be best to leave in a normal way rather than the power randomly shutting off and ending communication… but I would have loved to stay longer.

Thanks for having me over, Jemma! I had a great time. πŸ˜€



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The past few days I’ve been gathering Animal Crossing photos and working on setting up a Flickr for this blog. My photostream’s url is simple and easy to remember — — but the link in the navigation bar at the top of the page goes directly to my AC:WW set.

Originally I was planning on having multiple sets, like maybe one for AC:CF in the future when I have more pictures, galleries of AC:WW and AC:CF maps I’ve collected, pictures of different house styles/shapes, room designs, etc. But I quickly found out that you can only share 200 photos with a free account, so my AC:WW set with 188 photos pretty much wraps that up. :/ I don’t get it, the WordPress limit is so much more, and this site isn’t even necessarily based on uploading and sharing photos… Oh well, maybe I’ll find an alternative, or I guess later on I can delete some of the less interesting pictures to make room for more. But I hope you enjoy the album, it starts off about a year ago with my brand new, barren town, Nook’s Cranny and everything. πŸ™‚

I haven’t made any progress in catching Dafdilly up to the present (it’s in February), been quite busy with classes. It might sound strange but I’m not in a hurry to catch up, either; I’m actually working on some patterns to decorate my town with before spring comes. Here’s a little preview:

It’s candy themed, but not like the CandyLand track I had in January. It’s based off the fairytale/sweets carpet and wall, and looked better in my head, but oh well, I kind of like it. I still have to do the annoying corner pieces and make some more candy patterns to go with it.

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