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I’ve had Animal Crossing: Wild World since Christmas 2005. Even though I’ve gone long periods of time without playing it, I always seem to return to it again at some point. It’s summer now (the best season for Animal Crossing imo), and I can’t resist the pull I feel towards getting back into this wonderful game. However, I’ve decided that I want a fresh start and two new towns: towns so perfect that I will never want to restart again. The hard work I put into my previous two towns isn’t going to be completely lost, however. I’m moving my main character and my unorderable items to my dad’s town (which he never plays anymore), so my catalog will still be intact and available. In order to keep the fresh start *feel* in my new towns, I don’t plan on using my old character’s catalog, unorderable items, or money until after I finish paying off my mortgage.

Like I’ve said, I have two AC:WW game cards, and I’m restarting both of the towns stored on them. I’m going to name one town Dafdilly, with the main character being Twisk, and the other Trildale, with the main character being Violet. I haven’t decided on the other 6 characters’ names yet; since I plan on using all of my characters, I want to be happy with their names.

My main criteria for choosing the town I want to keep are the houses and the layout. Specifically, I want one town to have colorful, whimsical houses and the other to have cottage-style houses.

Houses that I consider colorful and whimsical (in order of preference):

Houses that I think look like cottages (in order of preference):

The layouts I like best have interesting, curvy rivers that don’t leave narrow strips of land on the side(s). I would also like at least one of the towns to have only straight bridges, so that I don’t feel limited if I want to lay patterns on the bridges later on. Ideally, the town with colorful houses would have circle grass because it’s fun (polka dots spring-fall, stars in the winter!), and the town with cottage houses would have triangle grass because it’s the most realistic. However, I like them all so the grass shape isn’t too important. Neither are the number of ponds (even though I love ponds, especially when there’s one next to my house), the town fruit, the first three villagers, or the gate color. If I get some of these little things the way I like them, it will just be an added bonus. :]

Edit (2012): I found a town I was happy with for Dafdilly (the colorful/whimsical house styles) in just three days, but “Trildale” (the cottage style houses) is taking much longer. Eventually I sort of gave up on it. Not completely, though… if I have some free time, I might reset some while doing something else, like listening to music or watching a movie. It’s so second-nature to jam on the B button and answer Kapp’n’s questions, lol, it doesn’t require my full attention. I also bring it to do on long car drives for when we visit family and what-not. However, when resetting I don’t enter the name Trildale anymore, so if I finally find a town (it’s really proving a lot more difficult than Dafdilly o_o) it won’t be under that name.

Restarting | Next in Dafdilly Records »
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