Meeting Resetti + Bell’s Birthday

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Yesterday morning I was trying to do too many things at once and I accidently dropped my DS, freezing my game. Of course, Resetti always assumes the worst, that you reset on purpose, so his lectures are anoying if you did it on accident. He isn’t bad the first time, and I didn’t lose much progress, but I still need to be more careful. I’d hate to mess up my game since Dafdilly is basically my dream town (well, one of them — still trying to find the right town for Trildale on my other Wild World cartridge :P).

When I start up my game, I like to walk around town watering flowers and looking for fossils, new hybrids, and the money rock (while keeping an eye out for Gulliver). Then I get the fossils identified by Blathers and have a cup of coffee at the Roost. 🙂

Ooh, a new house, which means someone’s moved in to replace Patty. Rod had the exact same house style and shape.

The house belongs to Roald! So now I’ll have two jocks in Dafdilly. -_- He seems cool, though; I love his house interior when he unpacks, and it might be funny to hear a chubby penguin rant about muscles and working out.

Mine, too. 😉

So much for there being no wrong answers on the path to self-discovery. 😛 Gotta love the snooty characters!

I’m getting pretty good at recognizing the dorado’s shadow.

How lucky! This is the one piece of furniture I’d been resisting the urge to order with my original character, who’s still preserved in my dad’s town. (I told myself that I wouldn’t use my original character’s money or catalog until I payed off my mortgage.) It looks much better in my fruit kitchen than the white kitchen appliances.

Today I tried out the brown roof, but I don’t really like it. The cool medium brown clashes with the warm wooden brown, in my opinion. Fortunately, it will be red tomorrow instead.

Olivia’s well again. ^_^

A good day for hybrids! I got my first blue pansy; I’m surprised it took this long since I’ve had white pansies arranged near the gate since my first night in Dafdilly.

Peewee’s wearing my petal dress. xD I want to make more petal outfits, based on real flowers like roses or marigolds.

Kapp’n hit on Twisk at the Roost. -_-

Today’s Bell’s birthday! ^_^ Just a random date I picked since she isn’t my main character, but still. 😛

A birthday cake? For me? You shouldn’t have! *nom nom nom*

There was a Point Special today at Nookington’s, so I bought out the store and ordered from my catalog. It payed off in more ways than one; my rooms look better now and I got the Nook ‘n’ Go model!

I rearranged Harmony’s room a bit and added a holly bonsai, which looks kind of awkward at the moment. Her room will look better when I have more white/gold things to put in it, like regal furniture, a claw-foot tub, and some trophies.

My improved fruit kitchen. The idea here is that you walk in, turn on the lamp and check the time, then either go to the right side to watch TV and listen to music or to the left side to sit at the main dining area and make coffee/toast. I like it better now, but it won’t be perfect to me until I get the apple TV and more fruit furniture/cafe items (I’ve had to resort to using the flower chairs).

I also bought new beds for my characters. Twisk looks ready for her hammock. 😆 I’ll replace it with the mush bed when I get one, haha.

Tomorrow’s the start of a new month! Wonder if I’ll see any new bugs/fish? Also, I tried to take a video of K.K.’s perfomance of Forest Life on Saturday, but it was horrible. I take pictures pretty far away from the DS to get clear pictures, and I did the same with the video, but it didn’t work as well and I don’t know how to crop a video! So that’s a shame, since I’d like to learn how to take good videos of my DS and it seems difficult to do with my camera. Anyone have tips for this? 😐


Meeting Gracie

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Back to…

Just took this picture because of the rainbow in the background. 😛

Gracie drove into Dafdilly on Wednesday, so it was a busy three days since Redd came Monday and Dr. Shrunk came Tuesday. (The week ended quietly with two Pete days, probably, but I can’t be sure because I never seem to be outside/playing when he flies by.)

She didn’t like my style. 😦 I don’t think she likes anything other than her own shirts.

With Twisk I answered honestly to her questions and she said this:


I pay you 5,000 bells and this is what you give me?! Oh well, I guess it matches my hair…

With Bell, Harmony, and Melody I tried to get the fashionista badge. I used to be good at guessing the right answers, but I guess I’m rusty. 😆

It’s all good, though. I got a watermelon shirt, groovy shirt, and giraffe shirt.

During the few minutes Bell was outside to receive her watermelon shirt, she saw two scorpions! Caught one, got bitten by the other. 😛

The next day I grew my first purple tulip! I really like them. And it was stormy, so I didn’t have to water my flowers. 🙂

This is what a purple roof looks like; I wasn’t expecting to like it, but I kind of do.

Patty moved away last night. I love the peppy villagers, but she’s not one of my favorite ones. (Sorry I got you mid-blink in our parting shot, Patty! :P)

Today it was sunny long enough for me to water all my flowers, then it started to rain. -_- An hour later it was clear again and this rainbow appeared. 🙂

I think this is about as bright as they get before they start to fade.

I tried out the hot pink roof today. 😛

Also, check out the awesome portrait of Twisk ACWW America made for me!

This is Harmony’s room so far:

I’m only using that goofy pattern until my cloud flooring comes in the mail.

Olivia’s been sick the past three days, but I’ve been a good neighbor, bringing her medicine everyday. I think she’ll be better tomorrow.

Aww, as long as my neighbors like my designs, it doesn’t matter what Gracie thinks. 🙂

Where it all began

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I’ve been wanting to check up on my original Animal Crossing town on AC:GC (called Ordale) for a while now. I finally did this morning and decided to share these pictures of my first town. 🙂 I’ll post them in the order they were taken rather than arranging them in an order that makes sense. That way you can get a feel for how lost I was wandering around my old town.

Unlike AC:WW, the title screen doesn’t show your own town, but randomly generated towns and characters.

Ahh Jane! She used to scare me a little. Why does she have Olivia’s catchprase? Olivia (the first Animal Crossing villager I met) probably moved out of Ordale ages ago. 😦

The first thing I see when I step outside is clutter on the ground and the gaudy exterior of my house. My tastes have changed a bit since then. 😆

The left side of my main room, in which I used harvest furniture — probably because it was the only complete series I had. 😛 When I played AC:GC, it was more lazy and relaxing in that I didn’t have any big goals like completing my catalog or whatever like I do now.

The other side. This tiny chair in front of the TV makes no sense realistically. 😆 I should give my younger self a break, though; I was, what, 9 when this game came out?

I’m not sure what the deal is with my upstairs. It looks like I had a plan for it with the carpet and wallpaper, then it turned into a random storage room.

The outside of my dad’s house. He’s from Tennessee, lol.

He has a space theme going on in his main room, and the noises of the gyroids really add to the atmosphere.

I like his upstairs a lot better. It seems cozy and livable, like a room you might see in a real house — except for the random suit of armor. 😛 (To be fair, storage was really limited in this game!)

My dad payed off his debt before I did, so he got the gold statue. If I had known that you get a statue when you pay off the last debt, I would have worked harder on it. 😦 (Why did he name his character Bob?)

My sad silver statue with hardly any flowers. 😦

Nookington’s looks nice with red and yellow flowers. 🙂

Tom Nook. Glad they changed his greeting dialogue in Wild World. -_-

Sorry Otis, I don’t remember you at all.

Make up your minds about my weight! 😛

The waterfall. 🙂 More flowers would make this a better spot.

Ordale’s map

But … you said you remembered me! 😥

Geez, sorry 😮

This would be a nice spot without the weeds.

Checking out the Able Sisters. After playing Wild World for so long, it’s weird not having it next to Nook’s!

I made the plaid pattern; my dad make the T pattern and the bikini pattern. The band uniform and brown suit were from the game’s guide book. Not sure about the others…

I think I remember her. (How can you forget a name like Nosegay?)

Posing next to the strange painting and the amazing(?) painting, which is really by Paul Cezanne…

Hey, the fossil exhibit looks complete!

Hardly any bugs in here. 😦 I wasn’t very good at catching bugs until Wild World.

haha, I remember my orchard!

Aziz is still here!

I’ve been playing Wild World, too bad you’re not in it. 😦

I don’t remember having Poncho in Ordale… I actually want him in one of my WW towns. The jock personality is my least favorite type, but he’s cute.

These are two “new” (who knows how long they’ve been there without me meeting them) neighbors:

Yep, this is the message I expected. 😛

Turning in…

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