Fishing Day

July 4, 2011 at 11:26 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | 7 Comments

I still haven’t found the right Trildale town yet, but I spent some time playing as Twisk in Dafdilly — fishing, mostly. I caught all the fish available in July except for the dace and the hammerhead shark.

The first thing I noticed when I stepped outside was that it was raining.

Then I saw my newly expanded house and sky blue roof.

Third, I noticed the first hybrid grown in Dafdilly! I’m happy I got one so fast. Black tulips aren’t my favorite hybrid, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

I checked up on my neighbors…

It’s kind of refreshing to hear a townie who likes the rain since most of them complain about it. I need to replace those Tim from Treehut patterns! >.<

How awkward. I said she was a little on the full side, but she must have liked my answer because she walked away humming.

Poor Amelia. I wish I could get her medicine but Nook’s Cranny is closed for remodeling.

I really was! ^^ I usually have so much trouble catching bees.

And of course, since it was raining, I tried to catch a coelacanth. I made some other big catches, too: a shark, plus some dorados, arowanas, and arapaimas. I love how Blathers is sometimes educational with the fossils and insects, but with the fish he just advises the best way of cooking it.

I saw Phyllis at The Roost later.

I wonder why she would say this?

Wise words of advice from Phyllis.

Well, that’s convenient for you, isn’t it?

Is she referring to Pete here? Maybe I’m reading too much into it because I always try to find hints of the Phyllis-Pete-Pelly love triangle in Wild World. The hints are much more blatant in City Folk.

That’s it for today, hopefully my dream town Trildale will show itself soon on my other WW gamecard.



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  1. Awesome pictures!! I tried finding your blog the other day but I couldn’t (went to the old one). I can’t wait to look through your new posts (and those houses!) ^^

    Wow, you’ve caught everything for the month apart from those two?? I’ve hardly caught any important summer fish xP I really need a piranha for my museum before my chance passes for yet another year ^^;

    Btw, how do you take such crisp photos? Can I ask what shutter speed you’re using on your camera and which brightness setting your DS is on, if you know? 😛

    • Thanks! I just use the close-up feature of my camera, with the tulip icon. And yeah, I decided to make the name of my blog less specific in case I get into any other Animal Crossing games. The chance is slim, though; I’m quite satisfied with Wild World!

      I was determined to catch a coelacanth yesterday, but it took a lot of time so I caught all those others in the meantime. My bug collection so far is more lacking…

      • Oh, and my DS is on the brightest setting. I don’t think that’s the best setting for taking photos of it, though, sometimes for me it causes a glare.

      • Wow, your determination paid off! 😛 My determination to catch the piranha only results in pants (or wherever this girl’s pockets are) full of crucian carp and tin cans xP

        Ohh I see. No, on the contrary I think having a brighter screen means you can use a faster shutter speed on your camera (because the faster the speed is, the less time the camera has to absorb the light it needs). The faster the shutter speed, the less blurry your picture is. I’ve just never tested it cos I ALWAYS forget to change my DS brightness setting before I play ACWW (it’s on lowest), so I needed somebody with wonderfully clear DS screenshots to ask =D

  2. That makes sense. I don’t know why, but whenever I use my mom’s camera (which is technically better than mine), it’s much blurrier and harder to make fine distinctions. (an exaggerated example) I figured it was because of the brightness setting, but the problem persists even when it’s lower. My own camera shows the DS’s colors better, but the gridlines are often very apparent. You can probably tell which camera was used in every picture because of these differences. :p

    • That example reminds me of photos that are taken before the camera has had time to adjust to a sudden increase in light (for example if the camera was pointing somewhere darker, before being aimed at the DS). On most cameras you can press the button down halfway before pressing it fully. Waiting at the halfway point gives the camera time to adjust to the screen brightness and “see” the colours. If that’s what you’re already doing, then I have no idea why your mum’s camera gets glare xD

      • Thanks for the great advice 🙂 It can probably take decent screenshots, too, with the right method… But I’ve been using my camera instead more often lately, and only use mom’s when my batteries are recharging.

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