Nook ‘n’ Go Opens, Second Debt Payed Off

July 5, 2011 at 11:32 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | Leave a comment

In Dafdilly, that is. Still no sign of the Trildale I’m after, but that’s probably because I’m playing in Dafdilly too much. >_> But the title pretty much sums it up!

I caught many valuable fish yesterday, turned my house into a temporary aquarium, and then sold them all this morning.

The master sword was a spotlight item today, as you can see.

A farewell shot of Nook ‘n’ Go because it’s closed for remodeling again(!) tomorrow.

I read in an AC:WW guide that both selling and buying contributes to how quickly your store gets upgraded, so that’s probably why.


While trying to find a sea bass for Peewee, I saw this coconut washed up on the beach!

Since Nook sold a shovel and an axe today, I was able to bury it where a tree used to be, so it will definitely grow. Once it does I’ll be able to catch goliath beetles and such. ^^

Amelia’s better again! She gave me a fairytale wallpaper, which I put up in my house.

Noo, Joey, you can’t leave yet! I think I convinced him.

This conversation was incomprehensible. 😆

I’m so lucky to have caught these without needing to hunt them.

They are now dueling in my museum:

And lastly, a shot of this room before it gets huge 🙂


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