Grand Opening of Nookway

July 7, 2011 at 11:41 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | 4 Comments

I didn’t play much in Dafdilly yesterday, partly because I spent time looking for the perfect town on my other gamecard, and partly because Nook’s was closed for remodeling and I was disgusted with all the items on the ground that I couldn’t sell. It was thunderstorming, though, and I do love stormy nights in Wild World.

I started playing late again today, but did more things. I’m surprised I haven’t seen a special visitor in Dafdilly yet. I must have missed Pete a few times, and maybe even Gulliver. Nook didn’t sell a slingshot until today, though, so I wouldn’t have been able to shoot either of them down anyway.

My house after its second expansion, with a lilac roof. I thought it would be a lighter purple. In the background you can see my second hybrid, an orange pansy.

Patty noticed! I love how neighbors notice and comment on your house expansions like this.

For the first time he isn’t expanding again the next day. I need to have a character from my dad’s town visit and buy something first. I was happy to buy a watering can, slingshot, and fairytale floor to replace my green carpet.

Later on, Rod and Puddles gave me their pictures! Here’s what they look like:

I really want Joey’s picture, I hope the lazy glitch hasn’t been activated. 😦

This is what I’ve done with the new space in my house so far:

It’s inspired by Melba’s house. 🙂 I’ll probably change it to something summery when I have more options. I recieved most of this furniture as presents from neighbors, not from Nook. Sending one-line letters with presents attached gives you fruit/clothes in return (which I need to do badly), two-line letters give you furniture (which I’ve been doing), and three/four-line letters give you wallpaper and flooring.



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  1. Woah, you got a shot of the lightning! I’ve been trying to do that for ages, lol 😛

    Congrats on your house expansion 😀 The inside is looking good. Haha, I just realised I only have 3 seats in my entire main room for my guests to sit on. I feel ashamed xP

    • haha, I feel like I have way too many couches and chairs in that room! The cabin couch doesn’t look very comfortable so I’ll replace it when something better comes up.

  2. your place looks great so far, actually i find the cabin couch quite comfortable, just need the last cabin item ( the one in the middle of melbas room ) to complete my main room ( cabin)
    Melba is my fave neighbour, i check her house everyday just to check shes not moving!

    • ( hopefuly will post pics soon! )

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