First special visitor in Dafdilly

July 11, 2011 at 10:25 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | Leave a comment

It was Dr. Shrunk!

I can express shyness now. 🙂

New neighbor. ^_^ It would be cool to have both Rowan and Rolf in the same town.

This is his house:

Also, I added a new page with information about Dafdilly that appears as a blue tab at the top of the page. You can see where he lives in the town map there.


I had my original ACWW character, who now lives in my dad’s town, visit Dafdilly and buy something from Nookway. I can’t wait to get a new hairstyle!

I got Vesta’s picture 🙂

I thought the umbrella would shield me from bees 😦

Finally? I thought I’d been upgrading pretty fast… As you can see, I’ve been hoarding every tool Nook sells, but I finally picked them up later and distributed them amongst Bell, Harmony, and Melody.

Sable is starting to warm up to me:

I put up all new patterns since I was tired of seeing Treehut patterns everywhere; hopefully they’ll catch on instead. They’re nothing special — I wasn’t feeling very creative — but I tried to make them fun and colorful since that’s how I’d like Dafdilly to be one day: full of pastel hybrid gardens and a matching pastel brick path to go with the house types in my town.


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