Crazy Redd Comes to Enliven a Remodeling Day

July 12, 2011 at 11:15 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | Leave a comment

His stock today wasn’t great, though.

I bought the turntable and the common painting, which was a…

This dialogue always makes me feel guilty, he looks so disappointed. 😦

Rowan’s unpacked now:

I think his decoration suits him, but no doubt it will be ruined and filled with fish soon enough. He’s already grandly displayed the sea bass I caught for him next to his raven pole.

I dug up this lullaboid gyroid today. 🙂 I really like lullaboids; the noises they make sound like a piano, so I’m sure they would go nicely with various K.K. songs, and I think they would look great in a regal or snowman room.

My mission today was to catch a peacock butterfly and an agrias butterfly, the last two July bugs I needed in my museum.

The only flower I have that attracts peacock butterflies is a black tulip, so I was worried about whether I could catch this one. My plan was to place my black tulip near the beach so that as I fished, walking back and forth across the shore, I would notice if a peacock butterfly appeared there. The plan worked, and quickly, which I didn’t suspect at all.

It was the agrias butterfly that was a real pain to find!

I searched for this one by checking each of the flower patches I planted to grow hybrids, then walking around town catching bugs so that new bugs would appear, and occasionally entering and leaving a building. I’d caught every other type of butterfly multiple times before I finally saw this agrias butterfly, at which point I gasped out loud. 😆

Since I’ve donated all the bugs and fish I can catch in July, I checked with Blathers to see how he thought the museum was going.

He says it’s grown considerably even though I’ve only donated one fossil. >_> I’m actually keeping them in Twisk’s dresser so that once I have them all, I can drop them outside and have all my characters touch them before they’re donated. It’s probably stupid, but one of my long-term Animal Crossing goals is to complete all my characters’ catalogs.

Later on I tried making a petal dress pattern:

The one on the left was my first attempt, but it doesn’t look so good as a dress… I like the way the second one looks, though, and it’s not bad as an umbrella either.

Amelia started wearing my petal dress, but they look more like feathers on her. 😛

I’m excited to get Nookington’s tomorrow, no more remodeling days like today in Dafdilly. ^_^


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