Fourth debt payed off

July 14, 2011 at 11:33 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | Leave a comment

So that means I’ll get my first side room tomorrow! I’ll need to rearrange my main room to make room for the hole in the wall and send lots of two-line letters to get new furniture, because I have nothing to put in there. :/ I actually liked a few things from the Able Sisters’ today: a dazed shirt, waitress shirt (I’ll give it to Bell), and my favorite acccessory, a star hairpin. By the way, the hunt for Trildale is on again!

I found this cute little kitten in my town today. Twisk looks like she’s thinking, “oh, what a bother.”

The only character I’ve DS-to-DS’d with is from my dad’s town; I had my original ACWW character visit Dafdilly the other day and buy something from Nookway so that I could get Nookington’s. It was easy to reunite them.

Come on, almost there, you can even see the gate! 🙄 But she fell over two more times.

Aww, they’re reunited.

Now give me something good! >_<

Surpised Joey. Look how small his eyes are!

I like to pay it off all at once.

All right! And now I’m broke 😛


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