New neighbor in Dafdilly

July 15, 2011 at 4:00 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | 5 Comments

My house after its latest expansion (first side room) and roof color change (pink). 🙂 I want to try out all the roof colors!

A new snooty moved in to replace Blaire, and took Blaire’s old spot!

It’s Olivia, the first Animal Crossing villager I ever met. She’s always been one of my favorites for that reason, and also because her eyes are so big and expressive. I’d rather have new favorites in my new towns than old favorites, though, so I’ll probably let her leave eventually. :/ I’d really like Queenie to live in Dafdilly someday.

See what I mean about her eyes? 😆

This is her house after she unpacked at midnight, but she moved things around for some reason. The ivory piano should be in the middle.

😀 I could tell it was going to be something good by the fish shadow. That green tile is there because I was planning where a path would go on my “island,” connecting the two bridges.

Katie sent me a lily-pad table for reuniting her with her mother, which is good since I’ve never had one before, but I was hoping for a lovely phone (wanted one since AC:GC).

Edit: For about a day I thought I had found the right town for Trildale (I even made a blog post about it, then deleted it — sorry about the confusion!), but the fact that it was missing one of my favorite house styles was really bothering me. I didn’t want to feel that nagging regret whenever I played in the town, so it’s back to resetting. I’m willing to reset for weeks if that’s what it takes to find the perfect town for Trildale. I will never reset Dafdilly, though; I’m 100% happy with it. 🙂



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  1. ,do you wi-fi? because i would LOVE to wi-fi with you! Your town’s awesome! xD
    and i’m my gates tomorrow i hope you answer me asap! lol 😆

    • I would love to wi-fi, too! It would be awesome to visit other towns. I do have wi-fi, but it uses WPA instead of WEP, so it’s not compatible with my DS lite. If I ever get it changed to WEP, or even just temporarily turn off the security settings, I’ll let you know! I don’t even know my characters’ friend codes, haha.

      • LOL,ok,i’ll wait 😀 thanks for replying anyway!

  2. WAIT,You got 2 Gamecards? 😯

    • Yeah, I bought a second cartridge because I wanted a new town, but didn’t want to delete my original town that I’d had since 2005. But I ended up resetting my original town anyway. 😛 So now I’m going to have two new towns — once I find a good town on my other gamecard, that is. >.< It'll be nice to have two because each town is going to have different styles of decorations.

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