Where it all began

July 27, 2011 at 9:02 PM | Posted in AC:GC journal | 15 Comments

I’ve been wanting to check up on my original Animal Crossing town on AC:GC (called Ordale) for a while now. I finally did this morning and decided to share these pictures of my first town. 🙂 I’ll post them in the order they were taken rather than arranging them in an order that makes sense. That way you can get a feel for how lost I was wandering around my old town.

Unlike AC:WW, the title screen doesn’t show your own town, but randomly generated towns and characters.

Ahh Jane! She used to scare me a little. Why does she have Olivia’s catchprase? Olivia (the first Animal Crossing villager I met) probably moved out of Ordale ages ago. 😦

The first thing I see when I step outside is clutter on the ground and the gaudy exterior of my house. My tastes have changed a bit since then. 😆

The left side of my main room, in which I used harvest furniture — probably because it was the only complete series I had. 😛 When I played AC:GC, it was more lazy and relaxing in that I didn’t have any big goals like completing my catalog or whatever like I do now.

The other side. This tiny chair in front of the TV makes no sense realistically. 😆 I should give my younger self a break, though; I was, what, 9 when this game came out?

I’m not sure what the deal is with my upstairs. It looks like I had a plan for it with the carpet and wallpaper, then it turned into a random storage room.

The outside of my dad’s house. He’s from Tennessee, lol.

He has a space theme going on in his main room, and the noises of the gyroids really add to the atmosphere.

I like his upstairs a lot better. It seems cozy and livable, like a room you might see in a real house — except for the random suit of armor. 😛 (To be fair, storage was really limited in this game!)

My dad payed off his debt before I did, so he got the gold statue. If I had known that you get a statue when you pay off the last debt, I would have worked harder on it. 😦 (Why did he name his character Bob?)

My sad silver statue with hardly any flowers. 😦

Nookington’s looks nice with red and yellow flowers. 🙂

Tom Nook. Glad they changed his greeting dialogue in Wild World. -_-

Sorry Otis, I don’t remember you at all.

Make up your minds about my weight! 😛

The waterfall. 🙂 More flowers would make this a better spot.

Ordale’s map

But … you said you remembered me! 😥

Geez, sorry 😮

This would be a nice spot without the weeds.

Checking out the Able Sisters. After playing Wild World for so long, it’s weird not having it next to Nook’s!

I made the plaid pattern; my dad make the T pattern and the bikini pattern. The band uniform and brown suit were from the game’s guide book. Not sure about the others…

I think I remember her. (How can you forget a name like Nosegay?)

Posing next to the strange painting and the amazing(?) painting, which is really by Paul Cezanne…

Hey, the fossil exhibit looks complete!

Hardly any bugs in here. 😦 I wasn’t very good at catching bugs until Wild World.

haha, I remember my orchard!

Aziz is still here!

I’ve been playing Wild World, too bad you’re not in it. 😦

I don’t remember having Poncho in Ordale… I actually want him in one of my WW towns. The jock personality is my least favorite type, but he’s cute.

These are two “new” (who knows how long they’ve been there without me meeting them) neighbors:

Yep, this is the message I expected. 😛

Turning in…



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  1. Oh i must say…you got the gamecube version?!?! >.< i wish i have that!

    • Yep, it’s what I started with! I love the fact that Wild World is portable, and also all the improvements that were made in the game, so I haven’t played the gamecube version for a long time (80 months, according to Nosegay :P).

      • lol,Nosegay?

  2. Wowww, it’s like you left yourself a time capsule! Like the ones you make in elementary school, only more advanced xD

    Ooh, someone who also dislikes the Jock personality! 😀 I totally agree – they insult you left, right and centre, and then break into your house to do ab crunches =.=

    Wait, so after 6-or-so years… you still have some old neigbhours?? 😮

    • It really was like that, seeing all the things I vaguely remembered, like my orchard (I was so proud of it haha). I also thought it was weird that there were so many neighbors who remembered me (even if I didn’t remember them) since the game’s motto is that it plays even when you don’t. I assume that the influx of villagers slows down when you aren’t playing, so that if you do play again there won’t be all new villagers.

      Yeah, there are a few things that really bug me about the jock villagers. 1) Sometimes they run up to you and ask if you abandoned their training regime, and all of the answers make them mad! 2) When I send them letters, even really simple ones like “How are you?”, they sometimes respond with “I didn’t get your fancy-shmancy letter” or “My mailbox is full of junk! What a pain!” It really annoys me since I don’t have that problem with any of the other personality types. The only jocks I really, really like are Kid Cat, Poncho, and Pierce.

      • Haha, maybe there’s some sort of glitch surrounding the jock villagers 😛 Oh but I did think Kid Cat was quite nice though. I forgot he was a jock 😛

  3. this post is interesting! I never saw gamecube pictures! When it all started… Great post Amy! What do you mean dad and you? Would characters not live in the same house?
    I wouldn’t have trashed the town statues, fountains… for Wild World… Oh well

    • Wild World is the only game in which you share a house with other characters, presumably because of the limited capacity of the DS cartridge. Even though you get your own house in AC:GC and AC:CF, the houses are actually smaller than they are in Wild World. I love ACWW’s mansions. 😛

  4. Waw! Very interesting post! I love it! Good job Amy!!!:lol:

  5. What is your WordPress theme? 😛 I love it! XD

    • It’s called Rounded. 🙂 The information about it is at the very bottom of the page (so you’d have to scroll through my many pictures, sorry :P)

      • Anyway XD thanks Amy 😆 !

  6. Haha,and also if you roll a snowball up to a cliff and lose hold of it,it rolls back at you 😆

    • It would be cooler if you could see it fall off and splat on the other side. 😛

      • lol i think you’ll be splat because of that snowball,especially if it’s a gigantic snowball 😯

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