Katie & Kaitlin and lots of moving

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It’s officially Fall in AC:WW because I’ve seen a few Autumn-only shirts at the Able Sisters. I think it will still be a while before the leaves and grass start to change, though. I’m looking forward to it; I especially think it’s pretty when they’re all different colors: red, orange, yellow, gold, greenish-yellow, etc. I also think the grass will change to a nicer green soon, then it will start turning reddish–orange and brown.

On Sunday I found Kaitlin wandering around Dafdilly, looking for her daughter Katie, who got lost in my dad’s town, Red Bank. This is the second time I’ve gotten the Katie & Kaitlin event between Dafdilly and my dad’s town; I’ve never actually had to WiFi to reunite the pair of them. (But I guess I haven’t been WiFing very long.)

Finding Katie in Red Bank. Teddy looks concerned. 😛 This is my original ACWW character, Amy, who lived in my very first AC:WW town (which is no more, but I preserved Amy by moving her to my dad’s town).

I quickly and excitedly reunited the pair of them through DS-to-DSing because I really want a lovely phone and an apple tv. Amy received a letter from Katie with a papa panda (already had one), but Twisk hasn’t gotten a letter from Kaitlin; is that normal?

While Amy was out and about in Red Bank, I saw that Pierce had moved in and had a funny feeling that it might be Teru’s, and it was! xD Pierce has been quite the traveller lately; he lived in Teru’s town Bundeena originally and for a long time, then briefly in Kammile’s town StarCity and Jemma’s town usa. I’m tempted to try to move him to Dafdilly just to add another town to his…repertoire? (Don’t know the right word to use. :P)

My neighbors call Teru’s character Rain a flower girl, but Pierce has been saying she’s a fish philospher. 😛 I think it’s because it’s been ~50 days since he’s seen Rain, so his memory of her is out of date with reality. Hopefully they will be reunited soon! 😀

He also remembered Jemma. 🙂

He even showed me a letter Jemma sent him! 😛

I talked to him for a while, but he didn’t say anything about Kammile. He said this dialogue multiple times with different town tunes, though, so maybe one of them was StarCity’s. 🙂

Crazy Redd came Monday but didn’t have anything I’ve been looking for, like the cabin chair. :sigh: Does anyone have the cabin chair (not armchair) in their catalog? If so, I would love to do a trade! 🙂

Kiki packed up to leave Tuesday and was gone on Wednesday. I’ve always really liked Kiki because she reminds me of my own black cat who is very dear to me, but that’s actually part of the reason I let her go… I don’t want to go too into it, but my cat is getting old. 😦

Saharah was in Dafdilly Tuesday, and I remembered to give her my two turbans I received from Wendell.

Of course, it’s just for you! (I don’t want it. xP)

Ooh, a massage chair. 🙂

I talked to her again and received this familiar dialogue. xD I figured that after she gave me the massage chair I wouldn’t be able to do deliveries for her. Poor Saharah, always losing her map. 😆

Where else would I bring it?

After Twisk finished making deliveries, I woke up Bell to give Saharah my second turban.

Aah, I can see why Redd would want this. 😛 I think this is the last fork in the red turnip trade and it’s pretty straightforward from here. I give this red vase to Crazy Redd in return for a safe, which I give to Tom Nook to receive his picture. The next time Tortimer is available, I give him the massage chair and he gives me a scallop, which goes to Pascal in return for either his picture or a golden axe! 😀

On Wednesday, when I checked on Amy in Red Bank, I saw that Puddles had moved away (originally from Dafdilly). I didn’t want to lose her, so I DS-to-DSed between Dafdilly and my dad’s town, hoping that Kiki would move to Red Bank (in case I regret letting her go later) and Puddles would move back to Dafdilly.

Well, half of the plan didn’t work. Olivia moved to Red Bank, not Kiki, but I’m fine with that. Though I guess this means my Kiki is gone forever. 😦

We were both surprised to see each other! 😛

While Twisk was in my dad’s town, of course I wanted her to meet Teru’s Pierce! xP

When I got back to my own town, I saw Puddles had moved in! 😀 She’s still calling me by the nickname she gave me my first night in Dafdilly.

It’s good to have you back, Puddles! I doubt I’ll let you leave again, so I hope you like it here! Her outfit seems to be Red Bank’s uniform. 😛

She moved in right where Kiki just moved out; I hadn’t even gotten around to removing the path yet. 😛 Her house style is the same as last time (wish she had the pink house style instead, it would fit her well), but in a different location, obviously (Curt’s house is where she used to live).

The skeleton was on sale as a spotlight item that day, which was pretty cool because I don’t think I’ve ever had one before! Good for Halloween coming up. 🙂

Today was pretty uneventful, but I did get another purple rose to add to my hopeful blue rose breeding spot. 🙂

Poor Pelly, part 2:

I don’t know what to tell you, Pelly. 😦

Hasn’t it been two weeks yet? I wish I’d been keeping track better. Oh well, it will at least be a surprise when I get my golden can. 😛


Last fireworks show

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Since Teru’s town Bundeena has so many flowers, she was having trouble chasing down the banded dragonfly for her museum. I thought I could help by letting her try to catch one in my dad’s abandoned town instead, since he doesn’t have many flowers and you can run freely there. It was a success! 😀 Her character Sidney came because she has the golden net (which is a bit bigger); it was cool having both of our oldest characters meet. 😛 (I’ve mentioned it a few times, but my first AC:WW character, Amy, resides in my dad’s town now.) As a gift, Teru gave me two paintings I needed (and also really like) for my museum! 😯 Thank you!! 😀

I DS-to-Dsed between my dad’s town and Dafdilly to bring over the paintings, and when I got back, there was a new neighbor! But from Kammile’s town, StarCity. O_o How confusing. 😆 My theory is that Bundeena had StarCity’s Baabara in its ninth slot, which transferred to my dad’s town when Sidney came there. Then, when Twisk went to my dad’s town, Baabara went to Dafdilly’s ninth slot. Phew…

Nice catchprase, Kammile. 😛
I had a bit of déjà vu when I saw Baabara’s house; it’s in the same location as Amelia’s was, plus the same house shape and house style that she had! 😯 (You can see what Amelia’s looked like in this post.)

This one is by Vincent Van Gogh, simply titled Sunflowers. 🙂

I’m soo happy to have this one now, based off A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat! 😀

Now I only have one more to go, the worthy painting! It’s based off another famous one, Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacroix.

Yay, I think I’m friends with Brewster now! Can’t wait to hear what else he says.

He used to say there was only enough sugar for himself, but now he’s thinking about buying me some! xD About time! 😛

I love when the stars are just beginning to peep out of the bright sunset. 🙂

Aww, it’s the last fireworks show, but I tried to make the most of it and get as many sparklers and roman candles as I could. 😛 Now I just need to find a place to put them. -_-

Haha, I don’t really get these. >_>

My pictures from the fireworks show:

My neighbors are sad it’s the last one, too. 😦

Explodinating? xD

Get with the program!

I wanna see that! 😛

I made sure to see K.K. Slider’s performance as well, in which he played Two Days Ago, To the Edge, The K. Funk, and Steep Hill. 🙂

Say cheese! xP

I tried to make one of those panoramic images from stitched together pictures, but it didn’t turn out so good. 😆


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I got three of these letters Sunday, I guess because of the King Tut race. 😛

I don’t think I have any pictures from Monday for some reason. Crazy Redd came, but nothing was on sale that I didn’t already have. 😦

I shot down Pete for the first time on Tuesday, but he was boring for the most part.

He wasn’t too happy about it. 😛

I could ask you the same thing. (Come here with Phyllis often? xP)

Unlike City Folk (in which he says he likes her perfume O.o), Pete doesn’t say much about Phyllis. This was the only reference to her, I think:

. . . ? 😆

I’ve been forgetting to go to the Roost lately, no wonder I’m not friends with Brewster yet. 😦 This was the pigeon milk blend. 😛

Tom Nook had a pretty interesting episode, but beware, it’s really long:

Aww, well why don’t you make up with her, Nook? (Pretty sure he’s talking about Sable here.)

Yay, a day when not many of these flowers are wilted. ^_^

Look what I found on sale in my dad’s town! (Yes, I take advantage of his shops and special visitors. :P)

Usually I link to the real-life corresponding painting, but I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what this one is. 😛 Only three more to go! 😀

I haven’t posted about my neighbors in a while, so here’s a hobby update. 😛

Peewee – gardening
Joey – collecting yellow furniture
Olivia – gardening
Kiki – collecting shells
Agent S – sick
Curt – collecting fossils
Curly – collecting fossils
Lobo – walking

Kiki’s new nickname for me. Unfortunately she didn’t give me the option to change it. -_- I hope it doesn’t catch on, I even like sparkles better than this. 😛

Thanks for the reminder. >_<

I have to admit, Peewee’s grown on me. He even came up with Dafdilly’s town tune! I still want him to move, though. 😛 (He hasn’t tried to move even once!)

A purple rose to add to my hopeful blue rose breeding spot! 😀

With this set-up I’ve tried to maximize the number of spaces breeded flowers can appear. I hope I get a blue rose someday!

Gracie drove in Thursday…

How she insulted me this time. -_-

But I got fashionista badges with all of my characters! 😯 Very different from last time. 😛

The outfits she gave me. 😛 It’s fun seeing the random combinations of outfits the game comes up with! All four were Gracie shirts, so not bad, but I can’t say they’re my favorites of hers.

Starting to re-grow the area I cleared for the fruit-eating contest. 🙂

Olivia packed up to leave yesterday. 😦 I do really like her, but I want a new neighbor (it’s been a while)! Hopefully it’s someone I’m looking for, like Queenie.

Poor Pelly. 😦

And then she realized what she was talking to me about! 😛

Today I shot down Gulliver! 😀 Why does he have to re-introduce himself every time? 😆

I got a picture of Gulliver handing me…

CHOCOLATES! 😀 I’ve been wanting this for so long! There’s no sweets series in Wild World like in City Folk, so I have to make do with just a few items like the birthday cake and chocolates; and the rest of the room is inspired by a fairytale cottage, like Melba’s house. 🙂 And yes, Twisk dyed her hair green for a day. 😛

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