First fireworks show in Dafdilly

August 6, 2011 at 11:41 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | 5 Comments

Rowan moved last night… I forgot to check before midnight to see if anyone was packed up. I would have let him go anyway, but I like to get a parting picture before anyone leaves. 😦 Here’s his goodbye letter instead:

A new neighbor moved in to replace him pretty much immediately! I guess it’s because my 9th slot was filled after visiting my dad’s town.

Thanks! Pretty nice for a cranky 🙂

Red Bank is my dad’s town. He’s even wearing one of my dad’s Tennessee patterns. 😆 I think this design was meant for an umbrella, though.

His house. I’m not used to seeing this house style, only Patty’s had it before.

Amelia randomly gave me her picture! I wasn’t trying to get it since I have hers from a previous town. Now I’ll have two! 😛

Demanding, isn’t he? 😛 I actually wasn’t annoyed to see Lyle this morning, but relieved! He didn’t show up last week and I was afraid he never would again since I didn’t buy insurance from him. I did today to be safe; I like scheduling when Redd comes.

Twisk chugging coffee at the Roost 😛

Seriously Tortimer? You’re in every town!

I loved the firework show! I planned on making significant progress on my mortgage today, but I was so distracted that I only made a few bags of 99,000 bells. My favorite fireworks were the huge ones, but they seemed pretty rare.

Some more colors:

But the small ones were nice too, especially when there were several shooting up at once. 🙂

They also sometimes made nice color combos:

I love summer in ACWW: fireworks, tans…

…a wide variety of bugs and fish…

…and mosquitos. -_-

But that’s just one negative thing among many positives. 🙂

I didn’t forget to see K.K. Slider! He performed Café K.K. for Twisk, K.K. Fusion for Bell, K.K. Lullaby for Harmony, and K.K. Soul for Melody.

Each enjoying their respective, separate performances. 🙂 (It’d be cool if more than one person/animal could come to these things!)

And lastly, K.K.’s toothy grin 😛

He does this sometimes when he sings, and I really wanted to get a picture of it. 😆



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  1. You got some nice pictures! 😉 while mine is blurry -_- stupid webcam 😆

  2. Hi Amy,sorry for borrowing saving your pic in my computer and posting it online
    without permission 😆
    i just did something crazy with it,come take a look at my latest post 😆

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