My mansion + first wi-fi session!

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I payed off the loan needed for my last expansion yesterday! Thanks to all the bugs I had ready to sell from the night before, the fact that I cleaned out all my characters’ dressers (filled with fossils mostly), and of course, more fishing and bug catching. 😛 There’s still the last loan to pay off, but I’ll take my time more on that one. >_<

Yesterday might’ve been the best day of Blathers’s life, I donated over 40 fossils at once! (There were lots of “Hooo!”s :P)


A mere 73,600 bells? 😯 I passed on it since I needed the bells for my mortgage. Plus, my original character has it in her catalog.

I bought the common painting though, which is my third legitimate painting in a row! 😀 It’s based off The Gleaners by Jean-François Millet.

I let Puddles move out recently, but I really like her and I was starting to wonder if I made the right choice. So that’s why I was thrilled when I saw she had moved to my dad’s town! I can get her to move back with some careful DS to DSing, or I can try to lock her there so that she’ll always be around, even if she isn’t in one of my main towns. My dad never plays his game anymore, he doesn’t care. 😛

(By the way, that’s my original ACWW character I keep talking about. Her name is my real name, Amy, and she lives in Red Bank now.)

I visited to see if she remembered me, but I couldn’t tell by this greeting. 😕 It doesn’t sound like she does…

But she called me by my nickname (which she gave to me, in fact), so she remembers! 🙂

She sent me a letter! ^_^

Once again, I let Bell make the payment since she made a lot of the money! Twisk will definitely make the final payment, though.

Roald moved out last night. He’s not bad, but I’d rather have Kid Cat! 😛 This time I didn’t get a parting picture because my camera was out of batteries, not because I forgot.

This is what my mansion looks like on the outside. Now that I have it, I’m officially giving myself permission to use my original character’s catalog. I didn’t preserve her for nothing!

How I have my rooms decorated right now:

Main room: living area

Left side room: Harmony’s bedroom

Back room: Bell’s bedroom

Right side room: Melody’s bedroom

Upstairs: fruit kitchen

A few of my neighbors noticed my expansion:

Today was my first ever wi-fi experience! 😀 Teru’s character Rain visited Dafdilly for a little while, then we went to her town, Bundeena. I didn’t slow down enough to take many pictures, let alone good pictures, but I’ll post what I have anyway. 😛

I felt a thrill of excitement when I heard the beeping noise and saw this screen! xD Welcome! 🙂

In Olivia’s house, one of the only decent house interiors left in my town. -_- They keep throwing things out!

We set off some fireworks, the character faces are so cute when they do this!

Showing her my hopeful breeding spot for blue roses. 😛

Once we finished walking around Dafdilly visiting my neighbors, we decided to go to her town. After being a fan of her blog ACWW Happiness for so long, it was amazing to actually be in her town and not just looking at pictures of it!

It must be refreshing in the summertime to walk into this beautiful snowy white room.

I love this room, it really does feel like you’re in a chamber filled with ancient treasures. She has a great picture of it in her gallery.

Then there was this creative town model room!

The mush room looks so cozy with all the warm colored items she added in.

😆 Punchy’s awesome!

Pretty flowers and houses and an apple tree ^_^

I love this flower field, with all the pink and purple and splashes of gold.

Well, I’ve met a different Roald! I tried on that design later. 😛

I was looking forward to meeting Anabelle and Cyrano because I’ve heard a lot about them from her blog. Anabelle’s greeting was very nice!

I guess I knocked too loudly? 😮

There are lots of warm colored flowers in Bundeena, and they go so well with the red and gold house styles.

Cute yawn. 😛 I love that shirt!

Colorful pansies in front of the shops!

The last thing I wanted to do before she had to leave was visit her Puddles! She has a nice beach house and front garden, but didn’t greet me too warmly.o_O

Then it was time to go. Thank you for having me over and for your nice gift, Teru! I enjoyed seeing your town in person! 😀

Edit: I’ll add a few pictures from when I got back! The first thing I did was check for new constellations.

My new (and first :oops:) constellation, called Courting Hydra! I think it came from Bundeena. She has some nice constellations, I especially like the 13th Zodiac. I should make my own sometime. >_>

This is what my neighbors say about Rain:

Flower girl isn’t bad! They call Harmony a poor kid and pizza face. >_< I wonder how these descriptions are determined, or if they’re just randomly generated.



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  1. WOOT! I bet the wi-fi session was fun 😆 i wish i could wi-fi with you now! xD

    • oh and CONGRATS WITH YOUR MANSION! xD i’ll try using your technique to hopefully get a mansion sooner or later 😛

      • Slow and steady is best! I was just impatient. -_-

  2. Wow, I didn’t realise your house was so newly decorated! It looks fantastic 😀 Congrats too on your new mansion ^^ I’ve never paid off my last mortgage… >_>

    Thanks so much for taking all the photos for today! I had so much fun I really wish I took some, but I had to play right beside the open window for the 3G and it was just too bright. That was the only reason 😦 Next time I’ll WiFi with you at night ^^

    Anyway thanks for today, it was great seeing your town! (And what a town!)

    Tsk, my Puddles is so rude.

    • Thank you! 😀
      I’m glad you also had a good time! Yeah, it’s a shame that when we wi-fi, one of our towns will likely be dark (and less colorful).
      I added a few new pictures from when I got back. 🙂

      • Yeah, nighttime sucks away all the colour (but somehow lately I still end up playing a lot at night…). But what I mean is the sunlight was too bright in general so the camera only saw its own reflection.

        Aww, you didn’t get 13th Zodiac 😦 The Courtihg Hydra is actually “courting” a Hydra constellation I got from somebody else. It looked lonely 😛

        I think mostly neighbours’ impressions of characters is based off what they wear. If there’s a flower (or two :P) then girls become “flower girl”. Back when Raih dressed as a princess they called her bourgeois 😛

        • Sorry for the typos -__-; If you see typos like this it means I typed it on my little tablet -.-

          • I knew what you meant! 😛 I just noticed there’s a “typo” in the screenshot I have of Curt in this entry. He said ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’. I’ve never seen a mistake like that in ACWW before!

        • Maybe I’ll get it another time! 🙂 And that’s a really good observation, it explains why the descriptions can change. My dad’s character used to be called a fashionista (maybe because he always wore one of his self-designed patterns), but recently he was called a carnival freak instead.

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