Pascal & Dr. Shrunk

August 20, 2011 at 11:30 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | 2 Comments

On Thursday I saw this rainbow in the sky as soon as I stepped outside! That’s never happened for me before because usually I see them gradually appear when I’m already out and about. This rainbow never got any brighter, though; it was already fading. 😦

I found Pascal hanging out on Dafdilly’s coastline, twice by Olivia’s house and twice on my island. It was his first visit and he’s one of my favorite AC:WW characters, so I was really happy to see him! 😀

I always love hearing his “wisdom” 😛

Yay, presents! But I got two sea views and two helms. 😕 I love how he finishes his wisdom with “Contemplate that, maaannn” then gives you something with no explanation and leaves. 😆

Got a few pictures of his dive:

Dr. Shrunk came Friday! I never used to look forward to his visits, but now that I have WiFi and a blog, I want more emotions to use in pictures. 😛

Most of the emotions he offered to teach Twisk — anger, agreement, and scheming — didn’t seem too useful. I went with shock, it’s a fun emotion. ^_^

For Bell he offered blankness, inspiration, sadness, and fatigue. I thought the yawn was cute (not shown here though), so she learned fatigue.

Out of disappointment, love, anger, and thought(?), I definitely thought love was the most fitting emotion for Harmony. 🙂

Approval, joy, love, and disappointment were Melody’s options: all really good ones! The flowery emotion is such a classic and really cute, so of course I picked it.

Trying out my new emotions! 😀 Twisk has three now and the rest of my characters each have two.

Saturday I was busy preparing for a wi-fi party the next day, which will be my next post!



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  1. loved the emotions! 😀 if ur online can u go to my chatroom?

    • Sorry, I have to go to class at the moment! >_<

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