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September 6, 2011 at 11:53 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | 18 Comments

I played some AC:WW during the long car drive to visit family on Saturday; some time was spent in Dafdilly and some time was spent trying to find the right town for Trildale (still no luck). The pictures I have from that day are of a different quality than usual since I was taking them in a moving car with sunlight streaming in. 😛

I wasn’t prepared for flea market day on Saturday, but I did go see what my neighbors (well, only the ones inside at the time) had on sale. Joey wouldn’t sell me the only thing I was interested in, his gyroid. 😦 Twisk looks angry. 😛

I love Baabara’s taste in interior decorating, but I think I have all these things in my catalog anyway, so there’s no need to disturb her lovely room. 🙂

I’ve been making an effort to shoot down presents lately and on Saturday I finally saw the golden package fly over Dafdilly! I wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t happen to glance at the sky since the car noises drowned out the signature whooshing sound. I was on the other side of town and barely shot it down on this side.

You can see a bit of evidence of my work towards getting the golden slingshot with the present on the ground there. 😛 I’m experimenting with leaving them on the ground for decorative purposes.

At least I managed to get a decent picture of the wahoo moment. 😆 But there’s still a few foggy reflections actually.

Sunday was a quiet day of watering flowers and buying turnips from Joan, and Crazy Redd came as usual on Monday.

He didn’t have anything I was interested in, though, and I forgot to give him the red vase. >_<

Poor Pelly part 4:

Ahh, she almost said it!

Angry Pelly 😮

Such a change of mood. 😛

At last! Even though I won’t be using the golden watering can much (I’d rather work towards getting blue roses than gold roses), this still feels like a big hurdle for my town. 😀

A fitting message from Twisk since she does the watering every day. 😛

It wasn’t necessary, but of course I got one with each of my characters. 🙄 Don’t hesitate to ask for one if you want; I even have some golden watering cans saved from my previous town.

I thought Pierce looked nice in this design, but he wanted something new, so…

Haha! I’ve never heard any of my neighbors reference the backflips before. 😆 That made me smile.

This was another surprise: Curt gave me his picture! 🙂

Not if I put it in my dresser. 😛 I have no room on my tables at the moment, sorry Curt!

Monday was a pretty busy day; this lovely bonsai was a spotlight item as well.

And I saw Phyllis at the Roost.

Poking fun at the fact your character can’t reply to everything. 😛

Friendlier Brewster ^_^

Drinking coffee with Phyllis. I wish Twisk’s eyes weren’t halfway open. -_- Oh well, I will get a good picture of this one day!

Today, on the other hand, was relatively quiet despite Gracie coming.

Not the best outfits from her and only two Gracie shirts. Harmony got pretty ripped off since she gave 5000 bells, but receiving a caveman tunic was actually helpful since Pierce happened to be looking for one! I can understand why Gracie gave Bell that outfit; she only had 800 bells at the time. 😆

The only other thing of note today was that it was stormy on-and-off both in Dafdilly and in real life. I love when the weather matches up like that. 🙂



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  1. I miss Baabara,take care of her! 🙂
    Why does Pete like Phyllis?,I think her make up is too much 😆 and she’s not even
    nice and sweet at all. 😦
    Good Luck to Pelly…Pete will like him eventually! 😀

    • Aww, I will! 😛 Yeah, it’s an unfortunate situation for all three of them… I can’t help but feel bad for Pelly a bit.

    • 😳 Pete will like *her* eventually,i’m really confused because i’m doing my homework! 😳

      • I didn’t even notice! xP

  2. Congratulations on your golden tools!! The most and least beneficial upgrades in the set 😆

    Pfft, that changing sequence is so Pierce 🙄 😛 I’ve never seen it before either though! o_o

    And that reminds me, I’ve hardly scratched the surface of the Red Turnip Trade. I was satisfied with getting my golden axe when I did and promptly forgot about the rest.

    • Thanks! I agree with that asessment, and the golden axe is really useful too since you don’t have to stock up on regular axes anymore. I have to wait for Tortimer to show up before I can get it (hopefully I won’t forget >_<) — the next time will be a bug-off, I think?
      Tom Nook's and Pascal's pictures will be nice additions to your picture collection! ^_^ I want to get Pelly's and Phyllis's one day as well, but that will probably take a while. 😯

      • At the rate I’m going I’ll never get those two ladies’ pictures 😛

        I’m pretty scatterbrained… I only rediscovered this flea market day the turban I have still sitting in the cupboard -_- Considering I got it over a year ago…

        • Maybe Pelly’s, hers isn’t quite as costly to get! xP haha, that’s great! 😆 I guess the next time Saharah comes you could try and use it to get the red vase!

  3. Great! Your golden tools!!! I’m really working hard for my golden slingshot and my golden net 😛
    But I have a question that’s worrying me a lot: If you miss to shoot down your golden slingshot, does it appear again or you have to shoot down another 15 presents?? I hope it’s the first option 😛
    Well congrats again for 3 things, 2 golden tools and… you won my contest! First prize! I really loved your entry 😉

    • Thanks! 😀 And I’m sorry I can’t give a definitive answer since it’s never happened to me before, but I’ve heard of both results to that question: that you will have to earn it all over again or that it will be the next balloon present that flies by. I just checked an AC:WW guide that I have saved (so hopefully it’s more reliable than random things I heard on ACC :P), and it said that “the next balloon(s) will continue to carry a Golden Slingshot until you manage to shoot the balloon down.” Hopefully that’s the case. Good luck! 😀

      • Thank you Amy! I feel special hearing that you searched that answer for me! I’m really sorry about taking that pic, I really did forget to ask you, it was something like this:
        😯 My camera’s dead well I’ll ask Amy if I can put it on my blog (i put it on my blog) Now, I feel like I’m forgetting something…
        Well I already gave you credit for it and I hope I don’t forget again XD Silly me!

        • No problem! Borrowing pictures is no big deal to me as I do this blog for fun (it’s not serious business :lol:). I’d only be upset if someone copied my whole blog or something. xP

          • Same with me all tough I did get mad at Emma when she copied mine (I don’t wanna bring this up again) but It was mostly cause she copied BIG things, lots of them and she was my friend out of the computer 😛
            Amy if you wanna borrow a pic from my blog just do copy and paste XP

            • Same to you, if you want to use any of my pictures for any more guides. 😛 I don’t know how many would be useful, but I think I have a few pictures of different house expansions and the major buildings.

              • Just for curiosity (i think this question is gonna be my next poll) What Nook shop was your favorite? ‘Cause I like Nookingtoons but I liked so much Nookway and Nook ‘n’ go, and then Nook’s cranny was a classic 😛

  4. Another reply in that thread would’ve been too long and narrow. xP

    My favorite is probably Nookington’s because it looks so posh and the selection is the best. 🙂 I love how many flowers are sold each day in Nookington’s (I usually buy them all everyday :P) and I get frustrated with how few flowers there are in the previous stores. My second favorite is Nook’s Cranny; the name is the wittiest and it’s so small and charming and has a door chime like the Able Sisters. The decorations in Nook’s Cranny are nice, too, and not commercial like the expansions. The ones in between are fairly meh to me compared to those two, especially Nook’n’Go, but I like Nookway a fair amount.

    • I like Nookingtoons for the same reason and Nook’s cranny for the same too but I wouldn’t agree (in my opinion) about the 2 in the middle I just like the feeling about being in a supermarket that’s what I loved about those 2 but if I had to chose one it would surely be Nookingtoons :mrgreen:

      • haha yeah, I guess I usually go through the expansions so fast that I don’t really have time to appreciate each one; plus, I’m usually eager for Nookington’s. 😛

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