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Wow, it’s been a little while! I thought I would have a lot more time during Fall break, but it turned out to be one of my longer periods of time without any posts. 😛 Sorry about that, but I’ve been working on my blog in other ways, like preparing for a pattern page. I’m still working on creating instruction templates for all the pattern palettes in AC:WW. Here’s an example for palette 1:

And these are the little squares that I will copy and paste onto the grid to make up patterns:

On my last post I left off in the middle of the Acorn Festival, and I guess my Rotten Acorn fortune from Cornimer had some truth to it because I had quite a week. >_<

I knew I must have missed a day of watering when I stepped outside to see all of my red turnips wilted and dead. I don’t even want to figure out how much money I lost. :/ But I just liked having a little red turnip farm, to be honest.

A lot of flowers from my island were gone, but you can’t see all of the loss in this picture. I’m sure some were hybrids.

My blue rose breeding spot took the worst hit, I think, with three precious flowers gone. 😦

And the one time I forgot to check my neighbors, Baabara snuck out on me. She came from Kammile’s town and we were going to try and move her back there, I’m so sorry! 😥 There were so many neighbors in my ninth slot at the time because I didn’t know she was going to move and didn’t clear my slots beforehand. Because of that, it wasn’t even really worth trying to do the trade… 😦 She’s the first neighbor to move out who I was trying to keep (I’m usually pretty good about checking neighbors); I guess it was bound to happen eventually.

This isn’t really as big of a deal, but just to continue with this list of unfortunate events… 😛 The 30,000 bells I planted here didn’t grow into a money tree, but the good news is that I tried again and it worked this time! 🙂 It’s still the same color as the tree beside it, though; I don’t think my theory about money trees being a different color from regular trees in the Fall is true. 😛

Getting a purple tulip and jacob’s ladder that day was a nice reminder that I can grow back my missing hybrids. 🙂

Another good sign that things will improve is that I got a Mini Acorn fortune rather than a Rotten Acorn fortune from Cornimer this time. 😛

On the final day of the Acorn Festival I received the final piece of the Mush series from Cornimer. I also participated in my dad’s town and once before in a previous town, so I have three sets of the Mush series now. 😛 Let me know if you’re missing some pieces, I’d be happy to help out.

A new house! It’s the same as Curt’s. 😛 I wish the neighbors with this house shape would choose the pink house style so I could have double fans.

Sally’s my replacement for Baabara. I like her catchprase, nutmeg. 🙂 I’ve never had her before, so I’ll try to get her picture before she moves (and Tipper’s!).

Skye from Rosewood sent me a private thread asking if I could put my path patterns on Animal Crossing Community, but sadly I can’t because ACC’s palettes 12 and 13 — the ones that contain colors to blend in with grass, snow, and dirt — are different from AC:WW’s. But then she invited me over to her town and I brought some path patterns, two pieces of blue furniture I had laying around (she’s collecting that series), and flowers to help with her breeding spots. 🙂

My first step into Rosewood. 😀 Nice outfit, I like it!

WiFi crashed after the first time we arranged her flowers, so we were careful to save this time. xD

These breeding spots look improved to me, good luck with growing hybrids! 😀 I also planted a few next to Ables’.

I displayed vertical and horizontal bricks-on-dirt patterns and two patterns of my gold cobblestone path (so that the leaves don’t look too repetitive).

Just a picture of us outside her shops 🙂

It’s kind of hard to help with laying down paths since guests can’t lay patterns on the ground, so I thought I could help by making a gridded map of Rosewood with Sarouk’s town map generator because they’re great for planning paths and other landscaping ideas. While I was looking around her town to pick out the right acres from the site, I saw some nice spots, like this group of multi-colored trees and acorns:

Ooh, Bluebear is one of the many peppy villagers I love. 😀

Argh, why can’t I find such great house styles for my second AC:WW town? These are exactly the types I’m looking for because they look like cottages to me. 😛 I listed my favorite cottage-style houses in this post: she has the orange and grey one (which is one of my favorites, I wish I’d gotten a picture of that house style in her town >_<), the red one, and this turquoise one. I wonder what the fourth house style is? And she has circle grass, so in the winter there will be star snow! 😀

Doing some measuring with holes in the only acre that gave me trouble (because it had no rock). But I was able to pick out a fair amount of the acres (ocean acres and ones with ponds or pavement) just by looking at her in-game map:

It’s a great map: I love the river, bridge placements, and positions of the major buildings!

Here’s the finished gridded map:

Isn’t it cool how all of the major buildings are on one side of the river and most of the villagers’ houses are on the other side?

I think this is how I would lay patterns if it were my town, but everyone has different ways of planning paths (and many have great all-natural towns with no patterns!), so feel free to do your own thing. 🙂 The orange squares are for the main road and the yellow squares are for side paths.

Before Skye had to leave, she told me that there was a surprise for me in the recycling bin. Ooh, a surprise xD

Wow, all golden tools! 😯 Thank you! 😀

I think I’ll give them to my character Amy in Red Bank since Twisk is reasonably close to earning them herself (9 more fish, 3 more bugs :D).

We say our goodbyes and I’m still in shock. 😆 Thank you for having me over! I’ll invite you to my town when I’m finished cleaning up and re-decorating. 🙂

I felt bad about Baabara sneaking out when I had told Kammile that I would try my best in moving her back to StarCity, so I offered to give her a Baabara from an extra gamecard. When she let me know that Bud moved out on Friday, I started resetting over and over, hoping to find a town with Baabara, but she refused to appear. >_< Fortunately Kammile told me that she would also be happy with Gabi, who'd just snuck out of her town, or Peanut, one of her favorites from her original town, Sidney. It was Peanut who appeared first, so I completed Nook’s chores in that town and time-travelled day by day until she moved out — all the way into December!
While resetting for Baabara (or Gabi or Peanut), I named all the towns Nimrodel in case I found my second dream town, which is the name I’m leaning towards now instead of Trildale.

To complete the trade, Kammile and Violet swapped friend codes and she came over to Nimrodel. There wasn’t much to do, but it was cool being in a temporary town because we could run around all we wanted (we chased each other at one point :P), take flowers, chop down trees, drop stuff on the ground, and look for dandelions and four leaf clovers (didn’t find any of the latter :().

The humble beginning we all started with: a cardboard box, candle, and radio. xD

It’s unfortunate that Peanut finally moved out just days before snow would cover the ground, but we created fake snow with the dandelions littering the ground. 😛

What a cute Pelly dress!

She displayed the Pelly dress and a pattern gift for me, a brick path with a circular grassy garden in the middle. Thank you Kammile! 😀 I’ll definitely have Twisk or someone pick this pattern up before I delete Nimrodel because I think I copied the instructions you emailed me incorrectly. 😛

We visit Peanut’s vacant spot, she must’ve had a gardening hobby at one point.

Three Pellys, one Phyllis! I don’t blame them for staring. 😛

Kammile invited me to visit her town even though it’s under construction, which was so nice of her. 🙂

It didn’t look under construction to me; in fact, these are my favorite decorations I’ve seen in her town!

We went straight to her house and spent most of our time there because she’s keeping her Halloween party decorations under wraps.

I love her pink manor and its front decorations! 😀

Aww, two of her favorite neighbors’ pictures on the living room table. 🙂 Hopefully both will move back!

I’d zoomed in to take a different picture, but when I walked towards the back room, I got such a strange view of the festive tree’s star. xD

She had to change a few things in the back room, so I waited outside by doing backflips on her bench and checking out her lovely back garden.

This is her back room after the changes: a café! It has such a great atmosphere. 🙂 I think adding a checkout counter and vines to the brick wall would be nice.

We had fun listening to K.K. Lullaby in her bathroom because the ending is so creepy. 😮

Yay party poppers! 😀 I blew it both on the timing and on taking the picture, though. -_-

Kammile found out that your eye gets smaller when wearing this mask, so it was really cool seeing it for myself on one of my own characters. I wonder what Twisk would look like with it on since she has such big eyes. 😛

Of course I had to go visit Peanut before leaving since she was the whole purpose of these WiFi sessions. 😛 And she remembered me! 🙂 I’m glad the trade worked, hopefully we can do it again with Baabara or Gabi and it won’t be as difficult to find them. xP Thanks for letting me see your town even though it’s under construction, Kammile! It looks amazing so far!

Today I finally got around to changing some of my rooms:

Melody’s room will be an indoor basketball court, but until I make a polished wooden floor, it will be an outdoor one. 😛

And now that I have all the mush furniture in Dafdilly (and brought some extras over from Red Bank, my dad’s town), Twisk can have her own bedroom! 😀

Her room might could use some tweaking later on as new ideas come to me, but I like it so far. There’s no music in this room, just the sounds of birds and trickling water.

I used the forest wall with the daisy meadow because Twisk’s name comes from a character in a book series who was a fairy (with blue hair, though sometimes red and sometimes lavender :P). It’s an okay series — not my favorite — but I do love the names. There’s a minor location called Dafdilly Bay, which I obviously used for this town, and I thought Twisk’s name was unique and fun and I liked the character in the books. My favorite location name from the series is the Forest of Tantrevalles (where Twisk and the rest of her shee lives), which is unfortunately way too long for any Animal Crossing town. 😛 Here’s a excerpt describing the home of Twisk, Madling Meadow in the Forest of Tantrevalles:

Early in the morning, with the sun low behind the trees and dew still wet on the grass, Graithe the woodcutter took Aillas to Madling Meadow. He indicated a low mound on which grew a small gnarled oak. “That is Thripsey Shee. To mortal eyes it looks like very little, but long ago, when I was young and rash, I stole here through the woods of a Midsummer’s Eve, when the fairies do not trouble to dissemble; and where you see now hummocks of turf and an old tree, I saw pavilions of silk and a million fairy lamps and towers rising one on the other. I felt that I must run out and join them, but I knew that if I danced so much as one step on fairy sward, I must dance without surcease the rest of my life, so I put my hands over my ears and went staggering away like a man bereft.”

— “Suldrun’s Garden” by Jack Vance

I might not have silk pavilions or towers, but I thought mush furniture would be the most fitting. 😛 And now you know where the inspiration for Twisk’s character and room comes from. 🙂



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  1. Hee hee, I had fun, If you can get online today, I think we can wi-fi a little bit again. 😛
    My flower paradise is complete but i have to take the flowers again for my upcoming park! ^^ (There’s still LOTS of flowers!) I’ll be planning flower beds(?) to put my flowers in, I’m not too sure about the flower bed part but ill just make a flower according to order. like rose garden there, tulip garden here. 😆
    Instead o putting it randomly..
    We got the same problem?! Flower loss?! Dead Turnips?!
    What is going on?? 😆

    • Oh and what happened to your pics?
      Sometimes wavy or just blurry, Is it because your hands are shaky?
      You should take multiple pics and pick the best one.
      Like Mayu does it. 😀

      • I do that in regular play, but in WiFi sessions things are too fast-paced to do that sometimes. And if you are referring specifically to the blurriest pictures — the ones of party poppers and dandelion blowing — those are hard for me because I have to have one hand on the A button of my DS (so I could time it just right with you) and one hand on my camera button, and I have to press both buttons at practically the same time, so my hands aren’t as steady. I hope that explains your question and sorry for the blurry pictures. 🙂 (If we had more dandelions and party poppers, I’m sure I could’ve gotten a non-blurry pic eventually :P)

        • Haha, Sorry about the party poppers, I only had 2, I sacrificed my Party popper collection. 😆

          I understand, I also do that sometimes, I mean your hand gets shaky because you don’t have any support when taking pics!
          So, I put my leg on my chair (lol, not slicing my feet into half! lol!)
          I just put above my chair and lean camera onto it. 🙂
          Gives me support and keeps the camera steady, I don’t know if you’ll understand…
          Well, i just hope you’ll understand. 😛
          My english is kinda bad today. 😆 It’s because i’m a hurry. 😆

          • Don’t be sorry, I hadn’t set off a party popper in ages so it was awesome! 😀 And you’re probably saving some for your Halloween party, right? I also think sparklers and roman candles would be particularly fitting for a Halloween party because they’ll look like wands (for those who dress up as witches) and glow extra brightly in the dark.

  2. Yeah so, I’ve got a couple things to say 😀
    First, I think your pattern template rocks. I think it rocks so much, that I’m going to ask your permission to steal your blank template when it is finished.
    Second, I still think Trildale is a good name for your second town. In my opinion (though honestly, my opinion doesn’t really matter) Nimrodel makes me think “nimrod” when I see it…. Just a thought :mrgreen:

    • Sure!
      Ah, really? 😆 That’s crossed my mind too, but overall I think it’s really beautiful. It comes from the name of a river in The Lord of the Rings, and I think J.R.R. Tolkien comes up with such great names for his universe. But if that’s a common thought when people hear Nimrodel… I’m definitely going to think about it some more. 😛 Thank you so much for being honest about that!

  3. Ahhhh!!! Pattern page? OMG! Yay! I’m sure you’re great designing patterns! Sounds like you had great fun with Kammile! 😀 And another gridded map!
    I always love your posts Amy! Your blog can really become a big hit! Just keep working on it!!! 😛

    • Thanks for such a nice comment, Jemma! 😀

  4. I got Baabara, and can wifi with Kammile if she wants her back?

    • Also, got an orange rose the day after our wifi, and it’s my first self-grown hybrid!


      • You two could arrange that if you want, but it would have to be after Baabara moves out for it to work. 🙂 Wow, out of all the animals in my ninth slot at the time, it was Baabara who moved. >_<

        Awesome, congratulations on your first hybrid!! 😀 I hope there will be more to come! Sadly I don't even remember my first hybrid, but in this town it was a black tulip.

        I hope we can WiFi again soon, I'll let you know when I'm finished cleaning up. My town has been a bit messed up ever since the Acorn Festival. 😆

        • Yikes! I’m trying to make a blogspot AC blog, but am having a hard time with blogspot crashing.Oh well, I’ll do it tomorrow.

          • Wow, really? That’s great, I can’t wait to see it and good luck with it!

            • Actually, I just decided it will be wordpress! I love it! what is your theme?

              • Is this MonkeyDoodle? If so, that’s great, I can help more with WordPress than with Blogspot. 🙂
                My theme is called Pool, but you can browse more here.

  5. Yikes!

  6. Yes!! You gonna do a Pattern page! Cool! 😛
    Your blog is more and more popular and nice every day! 😉
    Good job! I love your blog!!!!! It’s fantastic!!!!! 🙂
    The visits of my blog are down, ‘cose I don’t now any Hp blog, a simple hp blog not like LeakyCauldron or Mugglenet! 😛
    Oh! Yes! I don’t remember! xD I have a new page in my blog about Hp recipes xD Yes very cool! XD If you like the cakes and Hp, thats your page! 😛

    • Yes…one day xD And thanks!
      I don’t think you see many small, one-person run Harry Potter news blogs because it’s hard to compete with fansites like Mugglenet and The Leaky Cauldron, which have whole teams working for them and connections with Warner Bros. I found this list of Harry Potter blogs just now through google, but I recognize a lot of the names on that list, so they don’t seem like small blogs… :/ I’ve always liked the LJ community HP Common Room because it’s discussion based.

      • Oww! By the way, thanks 🙂 … If anyone says that HP has a blog may close my blog, because I have no comments or visits and all I have, are not people who have a blog or who love Hp Hp! 😦
        (No offense, I love your comments)
        Well … blogging life is tough! 😆

    I love AC:CF’s colors! 😀
    Most of them has the grass/ground color along with other useful
    palettes! You can easily make a Fountain at Palette 13! :mrgreen:

    What i really like is the PRO designs! You can change the sleeves,back
    shirt and everything from your clothes!

    I have AC:CF now! 😀 but i still don’t have a wii. >_>

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed that there are more options for blending in patterns with the ground in AC:CF just by looking through the patterns on this site and from seeing some of Wendell’s patterns for AC:CF. One of them’s a stepping stone pattern on dirt, and the stones are actually grey! You can’t do that in AC:WW. 😆 I tried to make a stepping stone pattern to replace my previous brick side paths, and the stones had to be brown. 😛
      The pro designs do sound awesome; I’d probably never wear regular clothes in AC:CF since you can customize what you wear so much more with a pro pattern! I’ve seen people add angel wings to the back of clothes, which is a really cool idea to take advantage of the new feature.
      Anyway, though I noticed that there seem to be more options, I’ve never seen a list of AC:CF’s palettes before, so thanks for that! 😀

      • Whoa! I love the Mystery Circle Pattern Wendell made! 😀
        It’s mysterious! 😆

        Man, I can’t wait for AC:CF!
        A big dilemma for AC:WW… My camera’s broken. 😦
        It seems to have a crack on the screen, I might take a long break from
        posting AC:WW posts. (Maybe forever until i get a new camera. 😦 )

        At least i think it’s a crack.. 😦
        When i open my camera it has some lines that’s unusual and
        it gets bigger by the minute! 😥

        I’m afraid if i wake up, My Camera’s already broken!!! >_<

        • Oh no, that’s sad news! 😦 If it’s just a crack in the screen, then it should still be usable, right? That’s what I hope, anyway 😦

          • the problem is.. there’s some lines when you open it that made me think it has a crack. 😦
            It’s annoying and it gets bigger by the minute! 😥

  8. Hey Amy! I’m thinking….. do you love harry potter or just you like harry potter? 😛
    If you love harry potter I think than you can do a HP blog! Would be fantastic for me! 😛 But I now it’s really crazy and imposible! 😦
    Well it’s just an idea 😦 🙂

    • I do love Harry Potter, but I’m only interested in the books, so a broad Harry Potter blog on the entire fandom wouldn’t be my cup of tea. I also think I have enough on my plate with school and this blog. 😛 But if I could throw a similar idea your way, I think it would be great if you also had an AC:WW blog since you’re so active in the AC:WW blogging community! 🙂

      • Well thanks anyway! 🙂
        I can not have a blog to AC: WW I guess because my parents would not let me because it would say that is too much, since I have to study!

        Well we can make a deal, your comment much on my blog and get involved in things Harry Potter and I discussed a lot in your blog and get involved in things in AC: WW, you think? 😛

        I hope you like the deal! xD

        PS: Just one question, your blog is down? Because the mine if …. much!

        • haha ok, I think I already comment a lot on your blog, though 😛
          Sorry, I don’t know what you mean with the PS.

          • Oww anything 🙂

  9. Ooh, that was very enlightening, hearing about the origins of Twisk and Dafdilly 😀 That room is perfect for her ^^ (and it’s a perfect room in its own right too :P) I can almost smell the freshness ^_^

    And I’m gonna start calling you Amy the AC Landscape Architect 😛 You sure do those town makeovers seriously, with maps and everything 😀 (Don’t worry I’ll only call you that in my head xP)

    • I was looking forward to October just so that I could finally put together Twisk’s room! I think hers and Harmony’s are closest to my tastes, but realistically I guess I would choose to live in Harmony’s. 😛
      Aww thanks, I appreciate that a lot! 😆

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