Long visit to Bundeena with Kammile

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I was looking forward to WiFing with Teru again and to see Bundeena in my favorite Autumn colors, so we set up a time for Saturday night my time at 9 PM. I was afraid that things might get mixed up with the time change yesterday (I’m GMT -5 now), but everything worked out. 🙂

Yay, it’s good to be in Bundeena again! 😀 I gave her gift of a few plants: two four-leaf clovers to contribute to the spread of clovers all over her town, a pink cosmo for my favorite spot in her town, and a jacob’s ladder just because I have a lot of those. 😛 Though I’m sure she does too. xP

She let me blow one of the dandelions in her lovely dandelion field. 🙂

Her newest neighbor is Mitzi! I had her in a previous town and she was one of my favorites there, so it’s good to see her again even though she was startled by me, haha.

What a colorful picture! I always love seeing the rainbow pansy garden in front of the shops! 😀

And the black, purple and blue garden by her house is still going strong, I see. ^_^

The same Pierce who moved to Bundeena soon after its founding, snuck out unexpectedly, then moved to Kammile’s town StarCity months later and subsequently to Jemma’s town usa, my dad’s town Red Bank, and Dafdilly, moved back to Bundeena successfully in our last WiFi meeting! 😀 It’s too bad he didn’t choose the same house location he had before, but this beach location is a great one as well.

Yay, he remembered me and our time together in Dafdilly! 😀

I guess I’ll always be Sparkles to him even though my new nickname is Sunshine. 😛

We went to her house next and it was nice seeing her mush room again, possibly my favorite of hers. Though I also love her regal room and treasure room, so I don’t know. xD

While in the house, Kammile came to play! 😀

We went to greet her at the gate and take a group picture in Teru’s cedar forest. I love this self-designed dress of Kammile’s!

Kammile went to check out what’s on sale at Nookington’s, and meanwhile I took pictures of backflips. 😛 They’re not great, but I always love taking pictures while changing clothes; you never know what to expect in the picture because it happens so fast and any time during the backflip could have been captured.

We heard a mole cricket behind Nook’s and with a group effort, Twisk caught her first one! 😀

Rain went to get her own crown and then we all matched, just like before with Saima. 😛

I brought sparklers and we set some off in the pansy garden, but just as we were about to grab more…

WiFi crashed!

We met again in this flowery meadow of her cedar forest and they remembered my mole cricket, now gone, and wanted to help me catch another one! 🙂

While looking around her town for another mole cricket, Kammile and I couldn’t resist stopping to admire this beautiful pink and purple area in her town — my favorite spot. 🙂 I think our outfits here are fitting for it.

Continuing to be distracted from our search, this time by Tortimer’s scandal spot (where this picture was taken). xP

Kammile was the first to hear a mole cricket by Pierce’s house, and I was able to snag it up after more teamwork and a bit of a chase. Thanks guys, that was really nice of you to help me re-catch the mole cricket! 😀

We set off sparklers again, this time at Tortimer’s spot:

Our timing was off the first time, but I think Kammile looks cute here. ^_^

Perfect timing the second time! 😀

Starting to fade, but I like the random bright star in mine.

Not bad timing with our emotions either 😛

Outside Puddles’s house in her huge garden. ^_^ It reminded Kammile of my town because I have some very yellow-heavy areas. 😛

It’s good that so many of Bundeena’s neighbors remember me. 🙂 And it’s really weird that all three of us have Puddles in our towns!

I thought this spot was pretty interesting because of how the river curves to meet the ocean, forming a peninsula with a bridge right beside it. It reminds me of a bay I saw in AC:CF.

I visited Bundeena’s museum for a bit and met her Blathers for the first time, who’s pleased with the museum’s progress.

Our shirts are appropriate for this part of the bug exhibit. 😛 I had fun chasing the cockroach, but Teru didn’t see it, so she was probably confused about what I was doing, haha.

Only 2 paintings left in the art exhibit, good luck in tracking those down! 😀

Because the museum is so huge I thought that more than two people could be inside at once, but that’s not the case. >_< We met up with Kammile again outside and explored the area near the museum with its amazing orchard and view of the waterfall. 🙂

Mathilda was annoyed that I barged in, but ended up giving me a present! That was really nice 😀

This made me laugh, poor Antonio 😆

It was time for Teru to get going and for me to go to bed, so we said our goodbyes outside Cyrano’s house and partied over. 😦

Today I made sure to donate the mole cricket, so now I just need the dung beetle and firefly!

Yay, I have Teru’s 13th Zodiac now! 😀 I can’t wait to see it at its next peak viewing time, November 21st at 6 PM — if I remember. 😛 I was also really happy to see that I got Kammile’s awesome snail constellation!

My town happened to have an empty slot during the WiFi session, so Lily moved in (to replace Curly, who finally moved recently) and she remembered me from a previous visit to Bundeena. 🙂
Thanks for letting me see your town again, Teru! I hope you can come over to Dafdilly once I’ve cleaned up. 🙂 (After my long catch-up recently junk has accumulated on the ground again. -_-)



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  1. Cool! I’m the first to comment here! xP
    I have really wanted to contact with you with WiFi in ACWW! What time and day are OK for you? 🙂
    BTW good post! 😛 Was really funny when Kammile says: ALL YELLOW! 😆
    Xd really good post! 😛

    • I’d like to WiFi with you as well! Unfortunately I’m pretty busy this schoolweek, but maybe this weekend or next week? Sorry for the vagueness, I’ll let you know! 🙂

  2. Upps! Please post a comment on this blog if you like the dogs: perrosconsuficha.wordpress.com it’s of my friend Marta
    (it’s in spanish but it’s OK 🙂 )
    I think it’s a good blog!! 😛
    PS: And please post a comment in my blog if you can! xP

  3. Your daylight saving ended right around the time we WiFi-ed? 😮 Tricky!

    Yay, your favourite spot in my town is exactly where the pink cosmos went! And the Jacob’s Ladder too, because they looked nice together 😀

    Whoa, nelly! You captured some great moments! (Sorry, we don’t hear that much in Australia 😛 Whoa, nelly! :lol:)

    I love your picture of us 3 in the butterfly design! A great memento from before WiFi crashed :mrgreen:
    And all those takes with the sparklers on the beach paid off; Those pictures are awesome! 😀

    I figured you were chasing the cockroach, but according to my screen he was sitting in the top half of the room, and there you were zooming around the bottom 😛

    And yay, 13th Zodiac and Lily! :mrgreen:
    Btw, Lily wouldn’t happen to have my tuxedo, would she? ^^; Not that I want it back xP

    • I don’t hear “woah, nelly” much here either, Pierce says some really funny things sometimes, doesn’t he? 😆 I’m happy with those pictures, too; it’s fairly hard to time emotions and such but we got it right a few times. 😀
      Lol! *goes and checks* She does! 😛

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