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I don’t know what else to call this mish-mash of a post since it covers some of November 4th-November 19th’s regular daily happenings (which I’ll go over first) along with my two most recent WiFi sessions.

Gracie didn’t like my outfit for cool Autumn weather and gave me something even warmer, haha. It’s not a bad look, though the shirt doesn’t look as warm as the hat, which I’ll save for this winter.

Nook started worrying about his clothes… 😛

Always a classic 😆

I let Pudge move since I have his picture and really want Stitches and Bob to move in. He’s really cute though and I liked him. 🙂

So who’s his replacement…?

Haha, I knew right away this Goldie came from Kammile’s town because of the catchphrase! 😛

I was really surprised she moved here! Kammile told me when Goldie moved away (because she was a neighbor I gave to her with one of my extra gamecards) and it was a long time ago; plus she’s WiFied with a lot of people since then. O_o

No more green oak trees as far as I can see…

…so I think it’s about time I change the color of the leaves on my path 😛

Pascal, my favorite NPC 😆

Sally’s time to move…

The dirt color changed a bit on the 14th, which I didn’t realize when I made my November information page, sorry about that. It’s a pretty slight difference, mainly just noticeable if you compare with dirt patterns.

I love the new grass and thought this purple tulip coordinated well with the color change. The leaves are beautiful, too, so vibrant and fiery!

Meeting Punchy, my replacement for Sally. Not one of the lazy neighbors I was hoping for, but he’s awesome. 😀

This past Thursday I visited Kammile’s town StarCity for a bit — unfortunately I couldn’t stay long — and here we are at the gate bundled up in sweaters and hats. 🙂

She’s already started to get ready for Winter with this awesome Christmas tree pattern:

I always enjoy looking around her island, admiring the scenery and all the flowers. 🙂

Ahh, the bouncy sound when you hit a character with an axe is kind of disturbing. o_o

Before I had to go, we had a fishing competition to see who could fill their inventory first. I won this time but Kammile got another chance a few days later. 😛

I invited Teru to come over this morning since I felt bad about only going to her town our past few WiFi sessions. Welcome Rain! 😀

She gave me a wonderful gift: seven flowers from the pink and purple garden in her town! 😀 Now I have a piece of my favorite spot in Bundeena. 🙂 Thank you so much!

We go to my house, which doesn’t change much but it has a bit since she last visited:

My main room

Bell’s room

Melody’s basketball court

While in the house, Kammile came to play! 😀 And then WiFi crashed, lol. But we were just getting started, so it didn’t matter too much. They both came over again and Teru checked out the room she hadn’t seen yet (Twisk’s meadow bedroom).

Then we blew dandelions, which is hard to time correctly for pictures (maybe the best way would be to turn on a timer and designate a specific time :P).

I have a draft on the computer of the fountain I want to put here, but want to make a few adjustments first and didn’t have time to finish it before they came over. 😦 All I had time to do yesterday was re-make my side paths and do some flower re-arranging.

Kammile filled the empty spot with an amazing gift of flowers, though: a gold rose, blue rose, black tulip, and pink cosmo! 😯 I can’t believe I forgot to get a picture at the time, but here’s one I took later:

Thanks Kammile! ^_^

There’s room for all of us on my three-space-wide beach 😛

Then we visited past neighbors from their towns, now living in my town. First was Goldie from StarCity:

Then Lily from Bundeena:

Haha, she still has Teru’s tuxedo that her character Sidney wore for a while (and then sold at a flea market). 😛

While Rain was chatting with Lily, Kammile and I worked together to catch a mole cricket! 😀

Chowing down on a cherry in my picnic area, the patterns I originally made for Kiya’s picnic contest (back when her blog was ACWW America).

Rain picked up my petal dress at Ables’, and like I said, though mangled and shortened to fit the chat system :P, I thought our shirts were fitting together and we all had roses in our mouths. 🙂

Pretty umbrellas too 🙂 My pattern is meant to be a rose, but it looks like a different flower altogether as an umbrella.

We set off some sparklers at the beach:

Rain and her sparkler look good here I think. ^_^

When just 2 sparklers were left, Kammile showed off her mole cricket in the background. 😆

All three of us took turns to visit the museum for a bit. 🙂 Here Rain and I are examining Las Meninas, aka the solemn painting. >_>

We had a fishing competition, this time to see who could first catch 10 fish. Rain caught 10 fish first, Kammile was a close second, and I was a distant third. 😛

We decided to fish until the timer ran out, though, and I still didn’t catch 10 fish by the end. 😆

After giving prizes, it was time for Teru to leave and Kammile to go to bed. Thanks for coming over! 😀 If anyone else wants to WiFi sometime, just let me know. I’m a bit less busy with school at the moment and my town is less messy than it was before.



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  1. Haha, It was really fun wi-fing with you and Teru. 😛
    Too bad Jemma couldn’t come. 😆
    but i was really amazed by your new side path!! 😀
    I think you tried to imitate the pattern you think is good?
    lol, i forgot that pattern but you showed me a website showing
    that pattern while we’re chatting on the chatroom? 😛
    lol,you might not remember. 😆

    Can’t wait to see the fountain! 😀 Are you still gonna make the well? 🙂

    • Glad you had fun! 😀
      Yeah, it was inspired by this pattern:
      Which I’ve seen in lots of towns but have never seen the pixel instructions for or found out who made it. I tried to make my own version without looking at it, so I hope it’s different enough. 🙂
      The well isn’t high on my priorities, it’s just something on my “patterns I want to make one day” list. 😛

      • Oh,Yeah, That’s what i’m talking about!! 😀
        haha,whoa, lots of people have been displaying this.
        I think there is a website that you can copy this because one time,
        I used this on my island for temporary paths… 😐
        I just assumed i saw it on Mayu’s Pattern Page but it’s not there? 😦
        ill continue finding this pattern. 😀

  2. Cool! Another fantastic and long post made by Amy! tan ta tan! 😆
    I love the Bell’s room, with the panda bear! 😛 It’s really sweet! Cool photos! 🙂
    And pretty good umbrellas! I love the photos with they’re together 😛
    Well please look my re-answer to your comment in my blog, it’s important (I think, or not, no, It’s important 😆 )
    Great post!!!!!!! 😀

  3. Sorry! Yes it’s important!!! YES! 😆
    I I moved a little saying yes. no yes no.
    Finally it’s yes please 😛

    • Thanks for your kind words! 🙂
      Oh, sorry, I don’t always reply if I don’t think there’s much more to be said. I’ll let you know when I have the patterns ready, but I promised Kammile I would enter her contest, so I have to finish a few patterns for my own town first. I’ll get some done before your party, though, don’t worry.

      • Oh thanks for your work Amy! Thanks 😛
        Oh ok it’s doesn’t matter (I’n talking about the replies 😛 )
        I have a question to you: It’s Game Cub in the market?
        I hope so, ’cause I want to buy it 😛
        Thanks! 😀

        • I think it is, but I’m not sure how common they are in stores anymore. But it should be available on the internet, I found it on amazon for example:

          • Thanks! I’ll try with Amazon?
            So you now some new hp blogs? 😆
            I hope so!! Please say to any person my blog! I’m desesperated I need hp fans 😆
            I’m good at drama 😆

            • Okay! And I forgot to say that you can play GameCube games on the Wii as long as you have a GameCube controller and memory card.

              • Oh cool! I hope my parents can “give me” the Wii for cHRISTMAS! 😆

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