Jingle comes to Ordale

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Indeed, happy holidays everyone! 😀

My AC:GC Mom had holiday greetings as well in this sweet letter. 🙂

Yep, it was snowing heavily last night and it looked beautiful!

I have several log cabin-style houses in Ordale and they look nice and cozy in the snow with the lights on.

Both oaks and cedars can have holiday lights in AC:GC, so your whole town looks festive, not just the northern part.

The music adds to the atmosphere as well:

Isn’t it lovely? ^_^

Found him, the man of the night — er, reindeer of the night — Jingle! 😀

He agrees with Freckles. 😛

Before Jingle can give a present you have to find him in random acres throughout town about five times:

The second time I found Jingle, he didn’t seem very enthusiastic. 😛

He asks three questions before finally giving a present, and what he gives depends on the answers you give. Big things=Jingle furniture, Foldable things=Jingle shirt, Woven things=Jingle carpet, Printed things=Jingle wall. I picked big things since the Jingle shirt wasn’t as important to me as completing the series.

Yes, and I will continue to do until you give me a present. xP This time he asked if I prefer printed things or woven things, and I said woven (carpet).

His final question was a face-off between Jingle furniture and the Jingle carpet since I said I preferred those over the others. I went with the carpet first because I think it’s the most important piece to establish the feel of the series; if I don’t get all the furniture, I can always mix and match red and green furniture from my catalog.

Jingle’s pleased to see me this time, and I could tell he was ready with a present — he even gave a “ho ho ho!” 😛

My first (and only legitimate) gift: the Jingle carpet 😀

Now for some trickery… 😈

After receiving the first gift from Jingle, change your clothes so he doesn’t recognize you and talk to him again, answering his question about what Jingle item you want. Then push him to the very edge of the acre (so that you can still see his antlers or bag from the other acre) and switch acres, going back to the one with Jingle quickly. Talk to him again, receive the item, switch clothes, and repeat the process. 🙂

You get the idea. 😛

He’s so sweet I almost felt bad for tricking him, but it’s the only realistic way to get the whole series, so I didn’t really. 😛

Starting to get suspicious?

Aw, looks like the jig is up.

He took it well, I guess this probably happens to him a lot. 😛

I thought I would be able to continue by using my dad’s character Bob, but…

I found Jingle and talked to him several more times and this is all he would say:

It doesn’t seem fair that only one person can get the Jingle items each year. 😕

I only got the Jingle carpet, wall, sofa, bed, lamp, piano, clock, and chair (some of these twice), but the Harvest furniture had to go anyway. xD


WiFi + more fishing

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First of all, I’d like to share some wonderful drawings Saima drew:

I love the way she drew Twisk! The flowers beside her and the watering can are a nice touch, she definitely spends a lot of time watering. 😛

This one is of Twisk, Sugar, and Kammile. She did such a great job! The way she drew Kammile’s character gives a carefree vibe that I definitely feel when I WiFi with her. Thanks so much for drawing these, Saima! You’re extremely talented. 😀

On Monday I WiFied with Skye (also known as MonkeyDoodle) for the first time in a while. It wasn’t Rosewood I visited this time, but Genovia, a town on her other gamecard. 🙂

She suggested we play hide-and-seek, so this was my hiding place. 😛 I don’t often hide inside because the loading time for entering and exiting buildings/rooms can be really bad during WiFi.

I heard the sound of crunching snow nearby a few times and all of a sudden my character was being pushed sideways. Skye might not have realized that she was pushing me, but of course it was definitely apparent that she found me once I was out in the open. 😛

She wanted some of the yellow flowers that had been cluttering up Dafdilly (now cluttering Red Bank), and in return gave me a gyroid. Thank you!

Skye said she likes to spend time on this peninsula, and I can see why, it’s a calming place. 🙂

This is a really neat grass pattern, she’s planning on using it for a flowerbed. 😀

Visiting some of Genovia’s villagers…

Those eyes o_o

Aw, it’s Baabara! I’ve always loved her interior decorating. 🙂

Skye’s first hybrid: an orange rose! Congratulations! 😀

Later on she came over to Dafdilly for the first time, welcome!

She went straight to my house, and was gone by the time I responded to her comment about my ever-blinking mail-box — I could hardly keep up. 😛

But I heard her say something about house styles, so I assumed she had reached Monique’s house:

She likes the house, but not Monique. xP

Hi Skye! 😛

Next stop was the shops, and she went to pick up my fountain patterns at Able Sisters.

I’m trapped 😆

Before she was like my pink sister, and now we could be twins! I had Twisk wear the ponytail a lot last summer. 🙂

She correctly identified the owner of each room. 🙂

Bed bumping is always fun. 😀 Harmony’s bed is the only one big enough in my house.

The papa panda caught her eye, so I brought it outside so that she could touch it and add it to her catalog.

Soon afterwards she had to go eat dinner. Thanks, Skye, it was about time we WiFied again! 😀

Later on, I was working on making the day’s snowman and was in the process of rolling the second snowball towards first one, but it wasn’t there anymore! I had to laugh when I saw the gigantic snowball a little way off, seemingly rolling away on its own, and knew it must be a dung beetle — the first and only one I’ve seen so far:

This means the only bug I have left to catch is the firefly! 😀 I started Dafdilly on July 3rd, so I barely missed out on it. >_<

I knew immediately she was from Red Bank because of my dad’s Tennessee Volunteers design. 😛

Maelle replaced Hugh, who snuck out on me. 😦 I guess I would have let him go anyway.

But look what else was in my mailbox…

My second trophy! 😀 Now all I think I need is the Flower Fest trophy.

Catching the dung beetle, and realizing that I only need one more bug, motivated me to go fishing for the Winter fish I haven’t caught yet. I caught all three of the fish I needed before I even filled up my inventory, and this Stringfish was the first one. 😀

I probably should’ve caught a yellow perch before now, it’s been around for a little while… >_>

And right after that (you can see it was in the same place as I caught the yellow perch) I caught a pond smelt, the last of the three currently-available fish I needed, so I donated them all to Blathers and now just need to catch a cherry salmon and loach. 😀

I’ve actually caught a cherry salmon before, but forgot to donate one to the museum last Fall before they disappeared. They’ll be around again in the Spring, though, and I need to wait until then to catch the loach anyway. 🙂 So one more bug, two more fish: that’s pretty exciting and also a relief that I won’t have to do any frantic end-of-month fishing or bug-catching anytime soon.

Argh, again?! I wish I could’ve gotten the Katie & Kaitlin event with Skye instead because Red Bank is way behind in time, so I don’t think Kaitlin will be there. I’m visiting family tomorrow, so maybe as I’m catching up in Red Bank during the long car-drive Kaitlin will appear.

If not, I guess I’ll have a crying kitten in my town for a while. >_< Appropriate face is appropriate.

I’ve done the best I can. 😛

Poor Blathers, still struggling to overcome his fear of bugs:

Aw, Aurora from Anicotti is packed up already. She should be gone in a few minutes at midnight. 😦 But I hope one of my favorites moves in.

December’s Fishing Tourney

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I don’t. >_> But I do love receiving these seasonal letters from “mom.” 😛

I had a little snowman family going on: baby snowman, mama snowman, and papa snowman.

My goodbye picture with Punchy, who decided to move away. He’s wearing one of my fountain patterns. -_-

On Friday, my first day of Winter break, Saima’s character Salt came to play. 😀

As a repayment for the time when Saima had Katie in her town and I didn’t have Kaitlin in mine (probably because my town was behind), I gave her three Katie & Kaitlin items.

While picking up the furniture I dropped for her, she accidentally picked up a present. Actually, guests are free to pick up one or two presents if they want a surprise — it could be anything from a toilet to a backyard pool. 😛 But there probably won’t be anything too rare.

The purpose for Salt coming over instead of Sugar was because he had enough free pattern slots to pick up my fountain patterns.

Salt also got a new haircut! 😀 Then we partied over to go to Saima’s town Anicotti, but I never saw her gates open and found out later that it was because her neighborhood had a power outage just as she was opening her gates! 😮 I’m sorry about that, Saima! But thanks for coming over. 🙂

Shortly after Salt’s visit, Aurora from Anicotti moved in — a fitting neighbor to have in the wintertime. 😛 I loove that shirt!

Another perfect snowman. ^_^ I got my first snowman gift in the mail, a snowman bed.

After cleaning out my secondary character’s mailboxes recently, the rest of Kammile’s letters came in, so fortunately nothing was lost. Thanks so much, Kammile!

Later that night, Kammile invited me to her town Alp Wood. 😀

This section of town with all the major buildings is fittingly paved with urban roads. 🙂

She has new paths on her island:

It’s a brick path bordered by fenced-in flowers, looks beautiful! 😀

A pretty hybrid garden 🙂

Taking a picture with this adorably tiny snowman since it’s his last day. xP

I tried to get a full picture of Mallow’s cute-shaped house and this would’ve been the best one if the speech bubble wasn’t there. 😛

A decent one without any speech bubbles, but it has some of those ghostly outlines in the sky that I try to avoid in these types of pictures.

Every Kody I’ve met (when resetting and such) likes to collect shells, so maybe each villager has a set starting hobby? I think Rosie’s starting hobby is collecting clothes, for example.

Resting in Daisy’s library 🙂

We each got a picture of the other’s “talk face” — Mallow’s is cute, isn’t it? ^_^

Yay, she has Nookington’s now! 😀

After that, Mallow came over to Dafdilly for a bit.

When Mallow stood behind the snowman, I assumed she was trying to get it to look like it had a crown on its head, like Teru has creatively done before, so I did the same thing with my blue hat. 😛

We had a little fruit picnic by the waterfall. 🙂

Look at how tiny the cherry gets! Well, it’s actually probably closer to a realistic size. The huge cherries wouldn’t fit in our character’s mouths. 😛

While we were talking she put on this really nice Santa dress. 😀

After showing her the changes I started to make to my main room for the holidays, she had to leave and I had to go to bed. 😛 Thanks for the fun WiFi, Kammile!

Today I finished changing my rooms for Winter. I thought it would be cute to have toys under the tree. ^_^

Haha, I love jack-in-the-boxes. 😛

I still have a dining area, but I had to take away a few chairs (only 2 people can be in a house anyway -_-) to make room for the tree. They were changed to red and green econo chairs to fit the colors throughout the room better.

The cozy reading area by the fire has been tweaked slightly as well.

My character’s rooms were mixed up a bit, not because I didn’t like the old ones, just for a change. This is Twisk’s new garden.

Bell loves toys — her old room had a few here and there — and now it’s a full-scale playroom. 😛

I left a little space for the clackercart to move around because I found out from Teru that it actually clackers! 😛

Harmony’s room is the same, but I changed the wallpaper and carpet to the ones from the snowman theme. I’m not a big fan of the snowman furniture, but the carpet is gorgeous!

My sporty character Melody now has a ski lodge as her room.

I would have forgotten about the Fishing Tourney if I didn’t happen to turn on my game near the end of it. 😛

I’m pretty sure this sea bass I caught was the winning fish because I checked right before the Fishing Tourney ended and it was still the highest record. I was prepared to give a tuna, so I’m glad I didn’t have to.

My first tuna 😀

And my first football fish. I haven’t been fishing much lately, so it’s good this Fishing Tourney came along to get me catching these Winter fish!

Make sure to check on Blathers some, he has episodes going on right now. He wants to overcome his fear of bugs, but I don’t have much hope for him. It’s just in your nature, Blathers. 😦

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