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Last Wednesday Kammile requested to come over to Dafdilly to get a haircut for her new official character Mallow. I opened my gates as soon as possible, around 10:30 PM my time, but started to get nervous as the minutes ticked by. She arrived at 10:59 so we sprinted to Nookington’s and fortunately made it inside just before the bells rang closing time. 😛

This is her new haircut, she looks like the old Kammile. ^_^ We were curious about what would happen since Nook usually kicks his customers out after 11 PM, but I guess he’s more polite when there are guests in town.

After a little while she invited me to come to her town, so we were off to Alp Wood. 😀

She’s been working hard and I got my first look at the new roads around the busiest section of town. 🙂

We had a bed bumping fight, talked some, and finished looking around. Thanks for having me over, Kammile! 😀

Later on I noticed this letter and immediately checked Bell’s mailbox, but it was full of old letters. >_> Hopefully new mail will arrive now that I’ve cleaned it out, thanks Kammile! It was a huge surprise, I don’t remember you sending any letters. 😛

A few days later I went to Sugar’s (check out her new blog!) town Anicotti and was amazed to see all the new landscaping and decorations in her town!

Like this adorable frog pond, which became really popular from Mayu’s pattern page.

As I was admiring the garden square beside the frog pond, Kammile came to play! 😀

A group picture at the town hall, where Crazy Redd rudely plonked his tent on top of the path. I do love how Saima often covers up the large patio areas with patterns, it’s such a good idea to me because I don’t like the pavement. 😛

Sugar’s house is a cute size right now and I love the path, which I think is also from Mayu’s pattern page? The pastel colors are so nice. 🙂

And I was extremely impressed at how developed this palm forest is already! I just loved seeing your town, Saima, it’s wonderful! 😀

The next stop after that was Alp Wood, Kammile’s town. 😀

Things started to get violent and each of us equipped a weapon. xP

It wasn’t all fighting and games, we had a long peaceful chat as well. 😛 Kammile had school the next day and it was getting late, so we said our goodbyes. Thanks for the fun, guys!

But it wasn’t over quite yet for Saima and I, she came over to Dafdilly (still behind -_-) for a bit because she wanted to see my fountain and possibly pick it up at my Ables’. Her character Sugar didn’t have enough free pattern slots at the time, but since then she’s made a new character named Salt so we can do it soon if she still wants the patterns. 🙂

She also got a new haircut while she was over, which brought back memories of my time during the Acorn Festival. 😛
Wow, three towns in one day! I had fun, thanks Saima and Kammile. 😀 And I’m sorry my town was still stuck in November. >_< I finally started catching up this past weekend, though.

I used to dislike the time of year after Fall colors fade and before snow covers the ground, and because of that, planned on cutting down all my trees during this period of time to begin dead spot testing. But I actually really liked the subdued pinks, purples, and browns.

Part of the reason it took me a little while to start catching up to real time after completing the fountain was because I wanted to make new paths to match the pinks and purples in the trees and grass.

I was pleasantly surprised by how this wood pattern turned out because I’m really bad at doing a wood-style texture. 😛 But mistakes and things that look awkward on an enlarged grid aren’t as noticeable when the pattern is on the ground.

Then I added flowers to the sides to match the main path better.

I also had some flower re-arranging to do by the gate and on my island:

Most of my yellow and orange flowers are being stored in my dad’s town now, I don’t know what to do with them. 😛 Once that was done, it was finally time to start catching up: watering flowers, checking neighbors and the shops, saving and setting the DS clock one day forward, repeat. Not a fun process, but I took my time and it wasn’t too bad.

During the Fishing Tourney (which I didn’t participate in) I finally gave Tortimer the massage chair I got from Saharah ages ago and kept forgetting to give him during events. 😛 I know I have tons of scallops on my beach, but I promised myself I would go through the turnip trade the long way to get the golden axe.

Meeting Pippy, who moved in after my WiFis with Kammile and Saima, replacing Curt, I believe?

I found Kaitlin wandering around in Dafdilly after storing some flowers in my dad’s town, but Katie wasn’t in Red Bank. Why does this keep happening? 😕

Aww, Lily from Bundeena’s time to move. 😦 I enjoyed having her but I’m always hopeful that one of my favorite villagers will move in after letting a neighbor go. Keeping Margie might also be reducing the chance that I get Melba, but I hope I get her one day. :/

This new purple grass came on the 26th, along with uniform purple and tan leaf colors and the possibility of snow. I suppose Autumn is officially over at this point.

I changed my roof from sky blue to regular blue for Winter and also for a nice change because it’s been the same since I first got my mansion.

Octavian moved in as my replacement for Lily, which I’m fine with since I’ve never had him before. He’s pretty cool I guess. 😛

Going in the “first” records: Dafdilly’s first snowfall! 😀

Snake’s time to move…

I haven’t been too lucky with neighbors lately. >_< Well, nice to meet you anyway, Bill. 🙂

Hugh moved in to replace Goldie from StarCity next (want to try and get her back, Kammile? :)). He isn’t one of the lazy neighbors I wanted either (Bob or Stitches), but his facial expressions are so awesome and unique, aren’t they? 😛

The snow is approaching… 😀

Celebrating December 10th’s snowstorm that would leave my town covered in snow the following day 🙂

Even though I was expecting it, seeing snow all over my town was still such a thrill! 😀

Snow was piled on the gate…

On the houses…

And another first: my first snowman! Not perfect, though. 😦

Couldn’t wait to try making a snow angel! I had to pick up my path, there was no place to run. 😛

Festive trees have started showing up at Nook’s and I have both the big one here and the little one now. I thought it was cool how two teddy bears were on sale on the same day, wish I had the papa bear.

Just one more time-travelled day forward, and finally, I’m back to real time. Phew, it was a refreshing end to my catch-up to not have to do any more watering because of the snowfall. And it’s a relief to be caught up, hopefully it stays that way. 🙂

Aww, my first snowman is starting to melt. 😦

Since he seemed to want company, I built today’s snowman right next to him. 😛 I was surprised he was perfect because I thought the head was too big, but apparently the head being just smaller than the body is AC:WW’s ideal proportion for snowmen.

I’ve been planning on doing a candy theme this Winter for a while, so I’ll get started on that soon (but I’ll take my time a bit more, the snow isn’t going anywhere anytime soon :P). I hope to have a WiFi party or two (I was thinking one could be a general party and the other an AC:WW version of CandyLand) sometime this month or in January if anyone is interested.



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  1. Yay, a new post! A great one too! You know, I think my town looks better in pics than in actual DS screen, :p lol. I love your new path, really, it’s beautiful! My character Salt is ready anytime to wifi, PT me on ACC a good time. I usually wifi 8:00am to 11:00am everyday ACC time.

    • Thanks Saima! I think it looks better in person. 🙂 Sure, how about tomorrow? ACC time is the same as my time, so hearing your WiFi hours, it makes sense that you’ve only seen my town in the morning. 😛

  2. Waw! This is a really good post! Love AlpWood and the pattern of the frogs (Mayu’s one) 😛 Good job!
    PS: I’m back! The mini holidays end so……. back to school! 😛 I’m not in Italy now 😦 😆
    Well god job xD 😆

    • Thanks! Those frog patterns are by a different blogger named Jaimee, but they really took off from being on Mayu’s pattern page. I hope you enjoyed your trip!

      • Yes I love Italy and the intalian pizza 😆
        Do you like the art and the drawings, right? And do you like hp and you are waiting foraward to pottermore, if I’m not wrong! 😛
        So you can visit the official blog of Pottermore or more easy my blog 😆
        The drwaing are og Hagrid I love Hagrid It’s a very nice person! 🙂

  3. Aaaaah! 🙂 You have NO idea how happy it makes me when my favorite bloggers post! Especially if the posts are long!! Aaaah, squee~~ I could hug you right now xD
    This has GOT to be the one of the top best blogs out there, like, seriously.
    thank youuu! You are such a great pattern maker!! I-I-oh…. //faint 😆

    • Wow, what a response! I appreciate that a lot, thank you! 😀

      • You’re welcome!! 😀
        Yeah~ everyone has been wanting to see pictures 😆
        My camera has macro mode but i need a memory card first @_@
        so i’m just going to make pictures with my dsi but the quality isn’t all that great. 😥
        So yep- Making that pattern was a complete waste of time!!
        I HATE Tokyopop with a passion! 👿
        So I’ll be starting over! It didn’t really take THAT long to pixel… just 10 minutes.. waaah I wasted 10 minutes of my life and the shirt didn’t even look that great!
        Nyeh.. I deleted Tokyopop and forgot to take a picture of the shirt.. such. a. failure!! >_<
        Thank you for adding me to your blogroll!~

        • Oh okay, I look forward to seeing them but take your time. 🙂 Good luck in finding a town you really like! I recommend not settling for anything less than your dream town, you won’t ever want to reset again if you find it. Good luck!
          No problem, any reason why you haven’t approved the comments on your blog?

  4. Hey, I’ll take some of the yelllow flowers if you’ll let me…

    • Sure 🙂

      • Can you PT me on ACC?

  5. Good Job on making a perfect snowman! 😀
    I built a tiny cute one today.. ‘-‘
    You know when you can now push a snowball to any direction and it’ll
    look like your character’s hands pushing it, That’s the time a snowman can
    be built. even though the semi-small snow ball is… well, semi-small. 😆
    So… The result was… uhhh… You can take a look whenever we’ll wi-fi but
    i think they only last 3 days? but… i’ll look forward to the neighbor transfer. 😛
    and you can come to my town if you wanna. ^^ Which means… i’ll better cut
    down trees… and oh my, NOOKINGTONS!! 😀

    • Haha, that’s cute, the first one I made is really tiny now.
      Oh, I didn’t know that. It’s annoying to control the snowballs before it gets to the size that you can steer, especially if it’s in the middle of a forest. >_<
      Awesome, let me know when you have a free spot. 🙂

  6. Oh my God… if I ever said your past patterns were amazing, the awesomeness of these new flower paths exceeds the extent of my vocabulary o_o They’re stunning! And oh-so-convincing! 😯 Strips of flowers you don’t need to water and can run through– Score! xD They’ve really transformed (as far as I can see) your whole town! I hope you’ll keep them for Spring or do something similar ^_^ Wow…
    This is just an idea, but maybe Red Bank not having Katie is something to do with your Dafdilly date being different? I don’t really see any connection between the two, but it reminds me of the TT-backward-no-Lost-Kitten thing. Unless you meant you’ve had this problem for a long time, before November.
    I even contemplated changing my roof to blue for Winter after seeing a blue-roofed house elsewhere with snow on it that looked so nice! I think you changed to regular blue at just the right time, haha 😀
    Your two snowmen look very nice on that strip of dirt among your red roses ^^ Nice job getting the perfect snowman on the second go! On the other hand, I didn’t know you could build snowmen on the dirt, haha 😆

    • Wow, thanks so much Teru! I wish there really were pink pansies like on my path border. 😛 I couldn’t figure out how to do the vertical fence, but like I said in the post, things that look awkward on an enlarged grid often don’t look too bad when the pattern’s on the ground. I’m glad you like it. 😀
      I think you’re right about that, so I’ll try to keep the dates in both Red Bank and Dafdilly the same as real time from now on — or at least as much as I can, sometimes it’s hard to check on Red Bank everyday. 😛 Because I’d love to get the papa bear!
      That’s funny, I changed my roof to blue because I also saw someone else’s picture where I thought the color looked good with snow. 😛 I’m lucky it showed up at Nookington’s right when I wanted it. ^_^
      Thanks! I like red roses on the snow for some reason. 🙂 I don’t think snowballs get bigger by being rolled on dirt (not sure), but you can prop up the snowballs into a snowman on the dirt.
      By the way, your Lily lives on in Red Bank! Just like Pierce did a while ago. 😛

      • I loove red roses on snow ^_^ Purple and blue ones look nice too when they’re together.
        Rolling snowballs over dirt doesn’t make them bigger… It makes them smaller! xD I do that all the time when I’ve overdone my snowballs for perfect snowmen 😛

        • I wish I knew that yesterday. 😛 I’d rolled one snowball as big as it could get and was working on making the other snowball just a bit smaller, but I started zoning out as I was rolling it around on the snow and it became the same huge size as the other one. My snowman wasn’t happy. 😛

  7. I can’t wait to visit your town again, Twisk! Really want to see that path in-game!

    • I opened my gates earlier, but I guess we missed each other. I’m sorry! I slept in longer than I thought (no classes today). >_<

  8. Photo post uploaded 🙂

  9. I wanted to comment again on how awesome your pattern is. 🙂
    It inspired me and i think i’m going to change my island’s Theme or maybe
    my “busy” side of Alp Wood. (The urban themed one. 😛 )

    TOTALLY, It’s AMAZING, It’s a triple mix/mash post on December 25.
    I wish i could make it a good post like yours. 😳

    Well, Hope that pattern page comes up, I’ve only done the Horizontal Flower and
    Fence, No, I didn’t copy yours, I used palette 6 for me. 🙂
    Brown Fence and White,Blue and Red/Orange Flowers, At night, It looks like
    the red/orange flowers are covered with snow but it’s actually just the blue and
    white flowers! xD

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it and I’m interested in seeing how your version turns out. 🙂

      • i think you should use pallete 6 for this winter too.
        Pink and Purple doesn’t look like it matches Winter.
        Autumn or Spring maybe? 😛
        I love palette 5 too with the pink,purple, gold and brown combination.
        it’s endless!! xD

        • I actually liked how these patterns looked in the snow, but I intended them to be for the late-Fall purple and pink colors.

  10. Hey Amy! 😛
    In my town it’s snowing! Yay! 😛 I really love Christmas and winter and cold days…..WAW! 😛
    My post it’s update with some news (interesting news: Bellatrix + Voldemort? A couple?) 😕 yes 😛 Interesting 😆
    SNOW….. SNOW…. SNOW 😆

  11. A perfect snowman! 😀
    I wish I was better on making snowmans…
    But sometimes I get one perfect. 🙂

  12. I have been making perfect snowmen since the snow! Before I used to make the head much smaller than the body, (as we do in real life :p) But apparenly it has to be as big as the head, but not quite. Once you’ve figured this trick out, making perfect snow dudes is as easy as pie!

  13. Woah. 🙂

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