New year + party planning

January 14, 2012 at 2:15 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | 21 Comments

There have been a few comings and goings since my last AC:WW photo post, like Filbert here, who moved in to replace Aurora from Anicotti.

Then Octavian moved out, and look who moved in…!

Static! :mrgreen: One of my dream neighbors! I’ve already locked Puddles and Margie together, and When I get a fourth dream neighbor, I’ll lock him or her with Static. I wonder if it’s possible to lock in all 8 neighbors? Then no one would ever try to move out, which is pretty crazy. 😯

Ooh, a royal crown at Ables’! Yes, I bought it 😛

Long overdue, but better late than never: the beginning of Dafdilly’s first new year countdown!

Less than half an hour to go 😀

Yay, I love party poppers so much!

Let’s see how everyone’s doing on this new year’s eve…

Puddles is feeling tired:

Margie is feeling irritable:

Maelle is feeling deep:

Monique is feeling self-centered:

Bill is feeling pumped:

Filbert is feeling musical:

Pippy is feeling sick:

And Tortimer is feeling… excited:

And Static is too busy unpacking to join in the celebrations.

Wishy must have been celebrating the new year, though; there were lots of shooting stars that night! One even appeared just as the countdown hit 4 seconds. 😮 I brought out all of my characters to make a wish. It was almost instantaneous with Harmony, just a few seconds after stepping outside! I’ve gotten a decent picture of a shooting star before, but none this time:

We’re so close!

Yay, happy new year! 😀

Then the fireworks show began:

I also figured I should take videos of the countdown and fireworks since I did so for AC:GC. For the first video, you can start from 1:10 to skip most of the countdown.

I need to get a tripod or something, my hands are too shaky. 😛

The next day the cedar trees were lit with holiday lights. 😀 Brr, my house looks cold with the snowy cliffs and cedars in the background.

The weeks passed by: I had my dead spot testing attempt, which failed (I’ll try again another time), and I also spent a lot of time working on patterns for the WiFi party I’m having on my birthday, but I’d like to keep those a surprise.

Of course I had to make it to Puddles’s birthday yesterday despite being busy, she’s my last remaining original neighbor. 😀

Happy birthday, Puddles! It’s good to see Static already making new friends. 😛

I gave her a night sky tee to match her wallpaper and she seemed pleased, though I don’t think neighbors ever do anything with their birthday presents.

Birthday fun ^_^

My own birthday is tomorrow, and like I’ve said, I plan to have some of my closest past WiFi friends over for a party. I wish more than three could come. 😦
I’ll go over information and plans for the party to hopefully make it go more smoothly. Writing instructions with AC:WW’s chat system can be a pain. >_<

Time: 6 AM (click for my time). Yes, it’s very early so that those whose time zones are way ahead of mine can hopefully still come. Then I can spend the rest of the day doing more normal birthday activities. xP
Host: Twisk of Dafdilly (2967-0580-6954)
Bring: as little as possible. 😛 This is so that you will have enough room for gifts and items obtained from games. You don’t even need to bring tools because I’ll have three sets in the upper righthand corner of town (see map), but you can if you want. Leave out the axe, watering can, slingshot, and timer, though. You can also use empty letters as storage.

On this map, important locations are bordered with colored lines and labelled with numbers. Below the map, I’ll use these same colors and numbers to address each location and its corresponding activity, if that makes sense. >_>

1) Holding areas
These are 6×3 areas on the left side of the river and near the lake (see map). Each guest may choose one and use it to store items throughout the party. If you have too much in your inventory before beginning the treasure hunt, for example, you can temporarily store those items here.

2) Race course
Location: The race course is on the far left side of town, beginning near the north wall and ending at the beach (see map).
Instructions: I will show where the beginning of the track is and then walk to the beach. Starting a timer will be the signal for beginning the race. To make things interesting, each player will wear a King Tut mask and there will be pitfalls.
Prizes: First place: 30,000 bells; second place: 20,000 bells, third place: 10,000 bells

3) Treasure hunt
Location: On the left side of the river, not on the island or on the right side of the river (see map).
Instructions: I think this is simple enough. 😛 Just search for buried items and dig them up! You’ll need a shovel, so let me know if you don’t have one and I can provide one for you.
Prizes: You can keep what you dig up, of course! All of the items have value of some sort, whether they’re Gulliver items or cool spotlight items or un-orderable items. But if you already have a few of them and/or don’t want them, feel free to trade when it’s over.

4) Party poppers
Location: To the left of the town hall (see map).
Instructions: This isn’t a game, but we can set off some party poppers at some point. It would be awesome if one of us got a great picture of setting off the party poppers in unison. Since timing party poppers by saying saying “Now!” or counting using AC:WW’s chat system rarely works, I thought setting a timer could be helpful. I could say a time, and as soon as the timer shows that time we can all set off the party poppers together. 🙂

5) CandyLand
This is what I’ve done the most preparation for, so I really hope we can complete the game. But there are the other games, too… should the treasure hunt, race, and party poppers be done first to get them out of the way, or should we do CandyLand first to make sure we have time to play it before anyone has to leave? Feedback is appreciated!
Location: The first candy square is red and is located below the gate pond. The path goes downward, crosses the island, and ends at the door of the town hall with a purple square (see map).
Instructions: You guys have played CandyLand before, right? >_> If not, you may want to read about it a bit on Wikipedia. But it’s a very simple game, so I’ll try to explain it too. 🙂 I probably won’t play, I will be “drawing cards” and keeping track of where everyone is in case WiFi crashes (hopefully it doesn’t). There are red squares, purple squares, yellow squares, blue squares, orange squares, and green squares — in that order — forming a path. For each player’s turn, I will draw a card that is one of those colors, and you will go to the next (closest) square of that color. There are also double color cards, i.e. double red, in which case you go to the second red square you come across. The first player to make it to the end wins. Even though the track ends on a purple square, you don’t need to draw a purple card to win — just a card that will take you beyond the purple square.
Prizes: The prizes are either a royal crown, crown, or throne. Each player will pick a prize when finished. There will also be the option of 495,000 bells if you don’t want any of those items; it’s more than you will get for selling any one of them.

6) Wrestling
I doubt we’ll get to this activity, to be honest, but just in case I greatly overestimate how long everything else takes…
Location: On the right side of the river, near the waterfall (see map).
Instructions: Surrounded on all sides by pitfalls, there will be a 3×3 square to “wrestle”: trying to push your opponent out of the square. This game is for two people. How it would work would be first a face-off between two guests, then the third guest would take on the winner of that match to determine the overall winner.
Prizes: First place: 30,000 bells; second place: 20,000 bells; third place: 10,000 bells

I hope everything’s pretty clear and that this will help to avoid confusion and make the party as fun as possible (with less reliance on using AC:WW’s keyboard to give instructions). Let me know if you have any questions! 😀



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  1. I want to visit your town ^_^. I just can’t connect to Wi-Fi at the moment. Unfortunately D:

    • Okay, let me know when you have a connection again 🙂
      I haven’t been able to WiFi much myself lately, but hopefully soon everything will be back in order.

  2. If someone cancels, or if someone has to leave, can I come for your birthday? I’ve honestly never done a 4 person Wi-Fi before, but it’s okay if you say no, I don’t take things too harsh. P.S. Do you know Grazuki on ACC at all? PT me if you do.

    • Sure, I’ll PT you. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, this party is turning out to be no less than a village festival! We even get a venue map, lol 😀 I’d have never even dreamt of CandyLand or holding areas during WiFi! xP
    I certainly won’t forget to come. But even until the last moment, my presence hinges on whether I can get time to myself in front of the family computer (such a hassle, but the first and last time I ever tried installing the USB connector on my own computer, it locked it up so badly I had to do a system restore :P). So maybe if you have a 4th friend wanting to come, I should leave some of the games to them? Because I’d hate it if I messed everything up by sleeping midway through a game o_o
    Now onto other stuff 😀 I think I actually had 8 neighbours locked together at one stage. Remember when you gave me Pierce and we were waiting forever for someone to move? At the time I thought I at least had somebody unlocked so they should move eventually, but nothing happened until exactly the night after I decided to unlock Lily, who was apparently tied to Roald (who left). It was also very noticeable nobody got sick during that time. Well anyway, congratulations on getting Static! :mrgreen:
    I liked your little descriptions of your townies as you visited them on NYE; I thought they were pretty spot-on 🙂 (And the sick Pippy, haha :P) And you had a meteor shower right at the start of the new year? 😮 I’m jealous xP

    • Woah, I love your new gravatar! At first the clarity of it made me think it was an emulator screenshot, but then I saw it’s self-made.
      Oh okay, I understand, thanks for letting me know. I hope you get that computer time! 😀
      It would be really something to have all eight of your favorite neighbors locked in town. Not having anyone pack up every two days would really give a feeling of stability to town. 🙂

      • Haha thanks 😀 I got tired of that blurry image and the ponytails were hard to see. Btw you must have progressed far in your emulator game to make that gravatar o_o Or could you import saves files? It’s got the daisy meadow and Jacob’s ladder 😮
        I’m sitting in front of the comp right now with my DS, but the lioness is not far from her den, lol 😛

        • Yeah, you can import save files and use cheats. I don’t like playing Animal Crossing roms, the computer controls really bother me. :/
          It might just be you and me, I think everyone’s forgotten. 😛

          • ^Then, not to seem intruding, should I come now?^

            • Too-late response, but thank you — and everyone else! — for coming 😀

  4. Hope you have a nice birthday, Amy! Wish I had waited till after your birthday party to restart, it would have been fun 😦 If I was invited, that is! 😆 Anyway, the candyland thing sounds amazing! Hope it goes well! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, hopefully no crashes! 😀

    • Good post! I hope you had a nice birthday too! The game of candy land sounds good hope the next time I can go to your town! 😉
      I’m excited to see the photos of the party btw please add my code friend or another time, it’s in my blog in the page of Acww fans! Happy birthday party! 😛

      • Thanks Emma! ^_^ Yeah, I’ll add you. 🙂

    • Aww thanks Saima! 😀 I wished so, too, and was planning on letting you know about the party around when you restarted (though I did float the idea around to see if people were interested in late December, way too early notice xP). I really appreciate the last sentiment, and I’m happy to say there were no crashes! 😀

  5. Happy birthday!!! haha this post is killing me!~ I want wifi soo badd what you did with your town seems like so much fun! BTW, the header is BEAUTIFUL! and so is the background I love what you did 🙂 Hope you get all of your bday presents! HBD! I wish you the best n_n

    • Thanks a lot Tammie, you’re so kind! :mrgreen:

  6. Thanks for the prizes, Amy!

    • You’re welcome! ^^

  7. Happy late birthday… I was on a six hour roadtrip that day…. I wish I could have come… 😦

    • Thanks 🙂 I hope the road trip was enjoyable!

      • Well… It wasn’t that enjoyable… My car was… let’s just say tight because of our belongings…

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