A WiFi birthday party

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(Edit: Check out Teru’s and Jemma’s posts on this WiFi party as well!)

Today was my birthday, Twisk’s as well. Puddles came to deliver my present, which I was really happy about since she’s my last original neighbor and one of my dream neighbors I’ve locked in Dafdilly. 🙂

I didn’t, though, but okay 😛

Another cake! I already have two on the table in my main room, would three cakes be overboard? 😛

But it was just your birthday the other day! 😆

I also made preparations to host a WiFi party in my town this morning. Teru’s character Rain was the first to arrive:

Yay, I’m glad you’re here! ^_^

The first words she said after entering from the gate:

Thank you! 😀
I thought it would be cool to have a snowman right by the gate, but I totally messed it up after realizing you can’t prop up snowballs into snowmen on the pavement. >_<

Then we exchanged presents! I gave her a lovely phone, which I forgot to leave out for her to touch in our last WiFi meeting, and two of my favorite shirts, the silk bloom shirt and dreamy shirt. And I received a wonderful gift, the last painting I need for my museum’s exhibit! Thanks!! 😀

While waiting for others to arrive, I showed her around. 🙂

I don’t know if these holding areas (in case anyone needed to temporarily drop items) were worth it; they took 8 pattern slots and there was a lot more I wanted to make, like cupcakes and gumdrops.

Lollipop island! xD Well, the lollipops could have been a lot better if there were more shades of each color (i.e. dark purple, medium purple, light purple). All I could really do was a white highlight. But they’re colorful and I had fun matching flowers with them!

I’m much happier with how these ice cream cones turned out; the cone contains browns that are used for winter dirt, so I couldn’t have a dirt background, and the colors I used for the ice cream are the same that are used for snow, but I think it turned out looking okay regardless.

In the board game CandyLand, the object of the game is to make it to the end at Candy Castle, so in this case, I guess the town hall serves as Candy Castle. xP It explains the royal-themed prizes for winning, too: either a royal crown, crown, throne, or lots of bells.

Sleeping Rain ^_^

I finished showing Rain around and was going to suggest that we go ahead and do a two-player race when Skye (also known as MonkeyDoodle) showed up, saving me from leaving my position as judge:

Welcome Skye, thanks for coming!

I gave her a pink rose and peachy shirt, and her present for me is that treasure box by the rock. Inside was a blue dot parasol to go with the rest of my blue apparel. 😛 Thank you!

Starting the King Tut/minefield race!

Rain was first by a longshot since Skye fell into a pitfall; cautiousness won over speediness, a thought that occurred to me as I was planting the pitfalls. 😛

Next was a treasure hunt! I buried Gulliver items, snowman furniture, spotlight items, and an assortment of other things. I hope everyone found some good stuff!

Yay, Jemma’s here! 😀 Thank you so much for coming, it wouldn’t have been the same with just three people!
I gave her a snow shirt and Kiki’s picture since she was one of her favorites and moved away. 😦

Jemma hunted for the remaining treasure and then we began CandyLand! I don’t have any pictures at all from this, I was very busy “drawing cards” using a random number generator. Numbers were assigned with color cards and double color cards, so with every result from the generator I had to check which color card matched up with it and type that in with AC:WW’s keyboard, while trying to keep track where everyone was. Maybe others can fill in with pictures! 🙂

Anyway, Skye got to the finish first and chose a crown as her prize; then Rain, who chose the royal crown; and Jemma close behind, who chose the throne over bells. Then we celebrated with party poppers!

We got pretty good at setting them off close together using the timer. 🙂

Jemma had a few poppers left when we decided to stop, so she got close-up shots from all of us 😆

We did another race since Jemma missed the first one, only this time there were no pitfalls since I dug them up during the treasure hunt, so it was just a King Tut race. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but you can see one of the King Tuts getting up from falling in the background. 😛 Rain didn’t fall, so naturally she won again. ^^ Everyone got equal prizes since it was just luck — no skill in avoiding pitfalls.

Finally we tried out the wrestling game, in which the three guests faced off in a 3×3 square surrounded by pitfalls (a game I first saw here, I think). I couldn’t see well because there was a tree in the way, but all of a sudden I saw both Skye and Jemma struggling in pitfalls with Rain in the middle of the square, the last one standing. 😆 While I worked to sort out the prizes with all the various money bags in my pockets, everyone fell into even more pitfalls over and over, whether accidentally or purposefully I’m not sure. 😛

Jemma had to go after that, and it was getting very late for Teru, so I partied over after chatting with her and Skye for a while:

Thank you so much for coming, all of you, I hope you at least had a decent time! 😛

A new neighbor moved in today to replace Bill, placing his house right next to the CandyLand track.

At first I thought he was Teru’s Antonio because of the Chic pattern he’s wearing, made by her character Breeze. But he’s a new Antonio, I just have that pattern displayed at my Ables’. 😛

Now time to deliver Teru’s birthday present for me to Blathers… 😀

I wish he’d talk about the paintings a little like he does with the other exhibits. Can the real names not be used because of copyrights or something??

Yay, my painting exhibit is now complete!


The painting that completed my exhibit, thanks again Teru! :mrgreen:



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    I let my friend borrow my ds overnight yesterday and then i totally forgot that it’s your birthday yesterday.. Is there any belated birthday party? 😆
    I’m glad you had fun. 😀

    • It’s okay, I know these things are hard to remember. I tried to send reminders in the least annoying way possible. 😆 Theoretically, maybe I could do a part two with people who didn’t come the first time, but I don’t have replacements for the pitfalls, party poppers, and non-orderable prizes, so I don’t think I can. 😦 But we should WiFi again soon regardless, it’s been too long and I’ve missed you! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! 🙂 I hope the next time I can go…. please 😆 Well I gonna wait xP Btw love this post! ’cause you put a lot of images about candy’s! I love candy! Your town it’s really a candyland town! I like the pattern of the ice cream! Btw Teru gives you a cool present! The last pic for your museum 🙂

    • Haha yeah, a lot of waiting, I don’t have any immediate plans to have another party, this one was a lot of work to prepare for. 😛 But thank you, Emma!

  3. Haha, I wish my Mom would let me wi-fi so I could attend your part two 😉
    (By the way I’m Kiya… just using another name right now… my dogs name.)
    Ok, I’ve got to know… WHAT CAMERA ARE YOU USING TO TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR DS?! They’re awesome photos and I can’t even get close to taking good photos anymore 😦

    • I wish so, too! I use a kodak c743, but if you want perfection, ask Teru what camera she uses! Her pictures are so clear and bright with few gridlines!
      I was very curious when I glanced at this comment in moderation. xP That’s cute, commenting under your dog’s name!

  4. Happy Birthday Amy! May I ask you a question? I really want to make one of those candy land path and I want to know if you could tell me how. I restarted my town because unfortunately, I felt like it. I was at the dentist doing this and I guess I was acting strange at the time. 😛

  5. Happy belated Birthday, Amy! Hope you had fun!


    OH. MY. GOSH.


    They’re so AMAZING! You’re SO talented…sniff, just looking at your blog makes me want to pick up my DS, and play ACWW again (btw, I sounded such a brat in my post. It was’t what I meant to write. I’m really sorry. I’m not really good at conveying my feelings into words..you know.)

    And those candy canes, ice creams, and lollypops are beautiful! Must have taken a lot of pattern slots though. Did you have to pick up all your paths and flowers?
    Perhaps you could do a ludo board too? You could use four players, and dress them up in solid colour patterns, and you could roll the dice in R/L! It would be too much work I guess, haha.

    Oh, and you could do a zen garden, with a 4 tile yin yang stone thingy in the middle,
    and small pools with koi, and pots full of ivy, willow, that sort of thing! You could line it with black and white cosmos!

    And maybe a football court made with patterns? You could use a snowball as a football! It doesn’t break if you kick it around in open ground 🙂 The nets would be hard to make, though.

    Lol, too many ideas! You don’t have to do any of them though, I know you”ve got way better ideas! (not being sarcastic, I mean it! 😀 )

    • Thanks so much Saima! 😀 I’m glad you like the patterns! They did take a lot of pattern slots, all 32 of them. >_< For dead spot testing, I cut down all my trees, moved all my flowers, and picked up all my patterns. Before the party, I had re-plant the trees and move the flowers back from the temporary town I was storing them. But I didn't have time to move all of them back, so Dafdilly isn’t as flowery as I like it to be (which was probably just as well for having the party).
      Woww, such great ideas! I do have so many patterns I want to make, the possibilities are endless! One idea I think is particularly good is the use of a snowball as a recreational ball; I would have never thought of that, and it’s about as close as we’re going to get to one (why did they take them away after AC:GC? >_<). I hope I can get to your ideas and the ideas I have written down in a Notepad 😆 — it seems I tend to mainly just update my paths for the seasons.

  6. This is coming late, but happy birthday! 😀
    Did you get any new games for 3DS? 🙂

    • Thanks 😀 Yep, I have Mario Kart 3DS now!

      • Cool! I ❤ Mario Kart Wii, so I'm guessing the 3DS version is also fun. I so far have 3 games for the 3DS, Zelda: Ocarina of Time (I had never played any of the games before, so it is a new experience) Nintendogs & Cats (not as good as the classic DS versions) and Super Mario 3DS, (HARD!). I've never tried to play Mario Kart for the 3DS, only the Wii, but it sounds super fun, from what I've heard, and quite hard, too. Post your 3DS code on ACC, and then we'll be able to swap notes on SwapNote!

        • Yep, Mario Kart is pretty fun so far! The 3D really amazed me when I first played it, how the track in the distance really does look like it’s receding, and the way ink squirts at the screen! But it hasn’t been difficult because I’ve been playing in 50cc. 😛
          I’ve only gotten to world three in Super Mario 3Ds; Mario isn’t the sort of game I get addicted to and can’t put down, I just sort of pick it up occasionally and play it when I feel like it, savoring the new levels. 🙂
          Okay, here’s my FC for you and Usagi:
          But you can give me yours in a private thread if you don’t want it known publicly.

          • Mine is: 2020-0096-9806 for the 3DS.

          • Wow! I haven’t even gotten past world one! I’m a lot better on the regular DS version.

            • Hey! Is it Ok if I add you two codes? The only friends I have in my 3DS is my little sister and my BFF (My BFF doesnt have Wi-Fi). If you guys are interested in getting my code too, it is 4253-3678-2563. Thanks

              • Sure, I’ll add you sometime 🙂 Might be kind of useless until AC:3DS comes out, though, I don’t have the urge to play my two 3DS games too much with all the other stuff I have to do.

              • I added you, and sure, you can add me.

  7. I forgot I would be out for the whole week after your party so I wouldn’t be able to post anything >.< Well, that aside… Here’s a belated b’day present I also wanted to give you 😛
    Haha I still laugh when I look at your snowman by the gate. Don’t worry, you know I’ve done worse 😛 Nice photos of the party poppers! And of Rain sleeping -.-
    I forgot the ice cream and the snow would have to have used the same palette. They looked pretty good!
    Thanks for preparing such a great party!! Playing a board game through your whole town was so cool ^_^ And the races are always fun, haha. Here’s a nice moment when we all met up during CandyLand 😀 (Feel free to use that if you want to ^^) I hope the rest of your day was just as fun!!
    Oh and I got your note. Mario Kart, woohoo! 😀 I can play any time I’m in bed o_o (opposite to ACWW :P) Well, when I’m not alseep, lol.
    Aaand for a final bit of link spam… here’s the winter map, and the 20MB Photoshop file for you to play around with :mrgreen: It’s probably confusing to use because I didn’t make it in a very organised way, but you can take any elements out and use them elsewhere.
    Hope I can post about your party soon ^__^

    • Yay, thanks a lot Teru! 😀 I’m really sorry for the revisions you’ve had to do with the map because of mistakes with my gridded ones. >_< And thank you for the photoshop file, I look forward to figuring out how to work the layers to plan flowers and trees on it!
      Haha yeah, I think I remember in one of your posts that the first snowman of that winter had a tiny body and huge head. 😛 But mine's still worse in a way because it's right by the gate on the day of a WiFi party. xP
      Wow, what a great picture! Everyone close together on the track, easily fitting in the same picture, and on the colorful lollipop island, too! :mrgreen: I'm sure you have lots of other good pictures, I look forward to seeing them! I'm glad you liked the party and I hope we can race in Mario Kart sometime 😛

  8. I saw the “new post” (and i know it’s deleted 😆 ) about your ACC and how you can’t logged in, If you we’re banned, There should’ve been something that says “You are currently banned from ACC” or something. 😛

    So, It might be hacked. 😥

    • Yeah, I deleted it because I can log into ACC again. Nothing changed to make it work again, my internet settings are the same and my password is the same. For some reason it worked hours later. I sent an email to support, so maybe they did something, or it was just a bug.

      • Thank Goodness… Yay! see you ACC then. 😀

  9. Oh, how do you make the chocolate path thing, the candycane part, and the ice cream? what’s the pattern for it?

    • Those are a fair amount of patterns (the candy canes alone take up 8) and I don’t have time to make instructions for them at the moment, sorry. But I’ll have a pattern page up eventually with every pattern I’ve ever made for my town.

  10. I LOVE THE CANDY. AND THE ICE CREAM. Lol, can I marry your town? xD

    • Hahah thank you! 😛

  11. […] Amy’s post about the party […]

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