Jemma’s spring party

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I haven’t played AC:WW daily since my WiFi party back on January 15th; instead of a birthday party, it turned out to be more of a going away party, lol. 😛 My town is still stuck in January, but it’s turning to spring in all other Animal Crossing towns, and this morning Jemma hosted a spring party in her town usa! (See her posts here and here, and Usagi’s posts here and here.)

My wintry attire wouldn’t do for the party, I thought, so I changed to something more springlike.

But it turned out to be unnecessary because the first thing I did when I arrived (late, sorry, my alarm didn’t go off as planned >_<) was change into one of Jemma's costumes. I'm Little Red Riding Hood, I guess, and Usagi’s character Nigra is an angel.

Jemma’s town is decorated beautifully for spring, especially the entrance!

And flower paths, flowers everywhere! 😀 I think Usagi was wondering what I was doing standing in the middle of the path for a while, trying to get a decent picture (I’m rusty xD).

All the green is such a refreshing change from my town!

Now for the games…

First was an obstacle course race, in which we dug up a series of holes, zig-zagged around palm trees, picked up two seashells, and brought the seashells back to the other side, still zig-zagging around the trees. I went first but don’t remember what my time was. 😛

Usagi’s turn!

I thought for sure Usagi was faster, so I was surprised to hear I won. 😛

Usagi already scheming for the next game xP

…and she got her revenge! 😛 Usagi won the second game, a race to get through a maze of holes.

Then pitfalls were buried in the holes, transforming the maze into a minefield. I fell into one pitfall, while Usagi was sort of sucked into two of them. o_o So I finished first, continuing our back-and-forth winning/losing pattern.

Jemma and I got distracted chasing butterflies xP

And Usagi fell asleep 😛

Jemma and I hid behind the mansion while Usagi was asleep, and after my nearby comment, Usagi obviously found us easily. 😛

Net fight! 😈 There were quite a few of those, haha.

Jemma had a surprise for each of us inside her house…

The surprise isn’t here, but I stopped to admire this classy main room.

Upstairs Jemma has set up this wonderful Spring Cafe! 😀 There’s a cafe of that name in my city, haha.

Even better than The Roost 😉

After our coffee break, it’s back to the party games. I saw these cute patterns earlier but didn’t realize they had a purpose; they’re actually ‘bases’ and the object of the game is to capture other players’ bases (moving two spaces each turn towards a base) and protecting your own with pitfalls. Fun, creative game!

We all captured each others’ bases though, so it was a tie. 😛

Now for another refreshment break, a picnic 😀

This was really sweet, Jemma set up an area for the three of us to plant fruit trees that she will leave in her town forever. 🙂 I sure hope they grow! >_<

After that it was time to go, but we took group pictures by the gate before partying over. Thanks for hosting such a fun party, Jemma! :mrgreen:



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  1. Woot, you already posted it! Haha, it was a funny post, and you took some great pictures!
    I’m glad you had fun in the party, I was pretty nervous of how it would turn out especially creating the games, I always hate cutting down trees from my town, even worst when Pelly tells you that your town needs more green 😆
    I’m glad you came to my party, I had a great time with you!
    PS: I’ll treat your little baby tree very good and you can come visit it whenever you want 🙂

    • Yeah, having to clear areas for the games and getting everything back to normal afterwards can be a pain, but WiFi parties are usually worth it. Yours was really fun and I loved all the games, thanks for letting me come!

      • WiFi parties are totally worth it! I’ll be doing another one, but who knows when that’ll be 😛
        Actually, thank you for coming!

        • Eeep! Forgot the dash!
          Thank you for coming!

  2. Yeah was a great party I think, woah your photos are fantastic 🙂 what type of camera do you have? 😀 I love the flower pattern, it’s really original jemma 😉
    I hope I can go the next time btw do you know the party I was planing for my birthday in December I’m preparing all the games for that party 😉 so yeah at the end the party it’s gonna be some day 😆
    Great post Amy and It’s fine to see you again 😉
    PD: Awww you where a Little Red Ridding Hood dress yikes I hope I can have one someday 🙂 And usagi and angel huhu cool 😉

    • My camera’s called Kodak Easyshare C743, it’s nothing special lol. 😛 I didn’t think my pictures were as good as they’ve been in the past actually, maybe the lighting in the room wasn’t good.
      Oh cool, I hope you have a fun AC:WW party!

  3. Great pictures! 🙂 I’ll make a post of the party soon.
    I should have used my 3ds. I get better pictures then. The pics I got could have been better. :b Which fruit did you plant? Nice backround on your blog! 😀

    • So the 3DS’s screen makes for better pics? I’ve thought about playing AC:WW on my 3DS to see if the screen will change the quality of pictures, but haven’t yet — and for WiFi at least I would still need to use my regular DS because I don’t want a new FC.
      I’m pretty sure the fruit I planted was a cherry. I look forward to seeing your pictures! And thanks 😀

  4. What type of present/object do you will have for acww?
    Can I count with you for my part (acww, it’s gonna be the next weekend not the other okay, please say yes hehe 😳 )

    • I don’t need anything in particular. 😳 Sure, I can try to come if I’m not busy.

      • Yeah but just say something please 😀

        • Haha, you’re putting me on the spot a little here, and I’d feel bad saying anything rare or something that you don’t have. I don’t really have a list of items that I want, or the time to go picking them out from an item list guide right now. >_< But I'll let you know if I think of something, and of course will appreciate anything you might pick out. 🙂

          • …. oh sorry…. :S

            • Oh, don’t worry, I was just explaining why I’m drawing a blank right now. I will say that I like clothes since I don’t often have much of a variety in my closet in AC:WW. I look forward to your party! 😀

  5. *party :mrgreen:

  6. Wow, great post! I wish I could take better photos of Animal Crossing, but the colors don’t come out the same and since the screen isn’t as bright, the middle of the photo is always brighter and hte edges always darker.
    Yeah, it doesn’t really matter what camera you have exactly… my sister also had a Kodak Easyshare and I have a blue Finepix z10fd and the picture quality is the same.

    • Photo quality is a unique aspect of blogging about AC:WW and I truly think everyone’s style of photos have their own charm, whether they have gridlines, are too dark, too bright, blurry, etc. These things add personality to the photos more than AC:CF screenshots, but of course it’s also less convenient. xP And I agree about the camera thing. My family’s camera is technically a lot better than mine, but when I use it (and it does have a macro function), the photos turn out a lot worse. 😕 I don’t think megapixels matter, but maybe special focus settings would.

  7. Wow, welcome back! I feel bad, I didn’t even have a formally announced break and still I’ve gone even longer than you without posting -_-
    Anyway… it seems like a fun day you had in Jemma’s town!! You all set up such creative games for WiFi parties! And aww, that fruit tree idea is sweet. I hope they grew x3
    My game is also back near the end of January D: Sigh… Call me weak, but I got [yet] another game around that time that I cannot keep away from… -_- It’s called Tales of the Abyss, and the story and characters are so engrossing that I’m just in love with it ^^;

    • Thanks, I’ve missed you and felt bad for not keeping touch the past few months through comments and such. I don’t know if I count as being back yet since I haven’t been playing daily again (sort of a similar situation here, I have an obsession with something else atm >_>), but I hope to start catching up soon and getting back into it because I love springtime in AC:WW. 😀 It’s pretty funny that both of our towns are still stuck in January! 😛

      • I know, I wasn’t sure about “welcome back” either because even though you made a post, I didn’t want to put pressure on you to keep it up since you’re probably still hectically busy (if that’s not a word, it is now). But hey, it is a new post, so hooray and welcome back 😛
        Thankfully, AC3DS seems a while off. Otherwise I’d be worried if I could even get my town back up-to-date at this stage o_o

  8. Are you doing to me a exam or something like that ((just asking a question, if you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s okay, it doesn’t matter 😆 ) remember It’s just a question don’t get angry with me I’m just asking 😀

    • Nope, but school can keep one pretty busy even without exams.

      • ……… yeah well you don’t know what I’m talking about :S , it’s okay hehe amy it’s just a question xP good luck with your exams I have the notes of some of the exams of the last week and they are good yihii 😀

  9. Sigh…looking at the pics in your blog makes me feel kinda homesick for AC. Waah! Those pretty spring days with bright hybrids and pretty clothes and festivals…I miss them!

    Maybe I’ll pick up ac one day and start afresh 🙂

    • Haha, that’s how I felt before when I was seeing pics on Jemma’s, Kiya’s, and Usagi’s blogs recently. Still haven’t gotten back into AC (but I’m free to go to other towns), just haven’t been in the mood at all, and been busy as well. :/ But spring makes me wish I was in the mood because my town in the springtime would be really nice, I think. ^_^

  10. Amy do you want to come to my party yes or no??????? I need the confirmation!!! I f you come it’s gonna be next saturday 10 am my time (the same as jemma) bring a shovel and a roch accesory and a lot of fun of course haha and remember if you come it’s my first party so it’s not gonna be an awesome party 😆 hehe answer me quickly!!!!!! 😀 Thanks xD btw I hope you can comment more in my blog if you have exams or a lot of homework it’s okay, just in some free computer moment 🙂 Hope you can come to the party it’s gonna be fun 😛

  11. * sorry a rock accessory not a roch haha 😳

    • when I say rock I meant rock music ehehehe like some glasses and this is annoying but you know it’s like my beleated B-DAY Party so… do you have a cake…? 😳 I don’t have any cake 😆
      Please say yes you can go to my partyyyyyyyy!!!! an answer me 🙂

      • I think that’s like 5 AM my time? I’ll try to come, but if I’m sleeping on accident or something I’m sorry. 😛 Sure, I can bring a cake, I have extras. That’s an interesting theme, makes me wish there were more accessories like leather jackets and such lol.

        • thanks and try to come ’cause, without you the party wouldn’t be fun! 😀

          • Sorry for posting a lot of comments about my party but can you see my last post (it’s about the party) 😀 Thank you!

  12. Hi Amy! Do you wanna come to my party?
    Well, It’s NOT gonna be this week, There’s still preparations and cutting of trees on my path and i have to buy a little bit more flowers, So, My town isn’t really looking party-like yet, If i decide the date and time, i will alert you. 😀
    Note: It MIGHT be this week… if Nook sells more axes and i earn more money for designing.. UNDECIDED DATE AND TIME.

    • Ooh sure, lots of parties lately ^^

  13. Hey Amy, whats your name and friendcode on your 3DS? 🙂 My fc is: 0903-3415-9870. Name: Usagi. Reply as soon as you can! 😀

    • My name is (predictably) Amy and my FC is 3222-6062-4806. I haven’t played on there in ages, though, but I’ll make sure to do so soon and add you 😀

      • I added you! 😀

  14. AMY can you answer me my email? Thank you!!! 😛

  15. Hey, Amy! I hope you don’t consider this as SPAM, it’s just a short question:
    I saw you and Usaagi have a 3DS, I’m considering getting one, but prices are really high and I don’t really know if it’s worth it, so could you tell me if I should wait, buy it now, don’t buy it…?

    Thank you! And if I do get it, I think I’d be writing a review about it and AC:3DS.
    That’s the major reason I wanna buy the 3DS, because some awesome games are coming out for it! 😛

    • A lot depends on how many games you’re interested in for the 3DS. I admit, I’m probably not getting my money’s worth out of my 3DS right now because I only have a few games (and they’re games that I don’t feel the need to play often, like Mario lol). If there are lots of games you’re really itching to play, I say go for it, but if not, I’d wait until the AC:3DS release date is closer in case the price drops or something. Other than games, the system itself is really impressive with the 3D and WiFi capablities etc., so the price isn’t a rip-off (although I wish the battery life was better). Sorry if this is a horrible answer >_<

      • Thank you! This was exactly the answer I was looking for, seriously, I’m not just saying! 🙂

        A lot of reviews have mentioned the battery dying in like 2 hours in full 3D mode, I thought that was horrible, but since it’s the only con people really complain about I think it’s worth it, although maybe I’ll wait until prizes lower a little bit.

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