Emma’s party

March 31, 2012 at 11:50 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | 19 Comments

This post is rather late, sorry about that! I had to focus on a particular school assignment for a few weeks. >_< Anyway, Emma of HP and More, who runs a Harry Potter blog but also plays AC:WW and is involved in our Animal Crossing community, hosted a WiFi party in her town on Saturday, March the 24th (the timestamps in these pics are wrong, haha). Also check out Kammile’s post on the day here.

I was first to arrive, and Emma (character name Coco) welcomed me to her town 🙂

This party is a late celebration for Emma’s birthday, so she requested that I bring a cake (I have several extras). Happy belated birthday, Emma! 😀

It’s my first time in A casa, so I checked the map:

Emma and I were heading to The Roost for some coffee when Jemma’s character Rina arrived! 😀

We met outside the museum, and shortly after…

Kammile’s new character (she recently restarted) Claire showed up! 😀

Yay, full town :mrgreen: There was a time when Kammile and I practically WiFied together every week, but we hadn’t in months before this, so it was great seeing her again!

Now that we’re all here, it’s time to prepare for the first game… check out the awesome Harry Potter patterns!

Emma showed me my starting position by these pumpkin patterns.

It seemed to be a sort of maze around the pitfalls, and I didn’t fall in any, so I think I did well. 😛

This was really cool, a snowy path surrounded by cedar trees!

Ooh, it’s called Santa’s path for a reason, she has presents for us 😀

She says the presents are Harry Potter related, and I definitely know what this is a reference to — those enchanted chess sets. I also got a doctor’s mirror, thanks Emma!

Emma provided us with rocker clothes! Kammile and I kind of match, and Jemma looks awesome with her mohawk 😆

Then Emma gave each of us a tour of her house. Since only two people can be inside a building at once, Kammile went first while Jemma and I chilled in the jacuzzi.

Scheming rocker Jemma xP

Next it was my turn:

This is the Dreams Cafe, I really do love it! The clouds, flowers, white and gold furniture, leaf chairs and mushroom lamp, it’s all so beautiful and dreamy ❤

Such a cute collection of clothes! Too bad the speech bubbles are in the way >_<

And this is the strange objects room! As Kammile said, all of Emma’s rooms have a whimsical and surrealistic feel, like Alice in Wonderland.

I check out the last room upstairs (a bedroom?) and play with the jack-in-the-box, then it’s Jemma’s turn to explore the house and back to the games.

Emma hid for a quick game of hide-and-seek and was found by Kammile:


Eep, they all have axes except me! There are a few tools I never bring to other towns, like the axe, slingshot, and watering can.

Kammile…? 😮

Using my awesome axe-breaking powers.

We stop to admire these Ministry of Magic patterns, appropriately in front of the regal town hall building.

This looks set up to be a peaceful picnic, but it’s really the location of the party’s last organized competition — to see who can collect the most apples 😈

Standing by my pile of seven apples:

I only won by one over Jemma, it was close!

Emma wanted a group picture by the waterfall. To answer the question, I guess Kammile and I 😛 (I like hers better!)

Jemma and I fused, sharing one eye. xD Kammile had the idea to try and fuse all of us together, but we couldn’t even get three. 😦

For the final ten minutes or so of the party, Emma let us explore her town and visit her neighbors.

Ooh, she has my favorite house style 🙂

Also got a decent full picture of Emma’s pink mansion ^^

There are cute, colorful patterns and shells at the beach — looks like maybe for a game we didn’t get around to doing?

I loved the cloud path around Emma’s town and took lots of pictures of it xP

Since I usually set up straight, direct paths, it was really cool seeing this winding riverside path.

A pretty mix of clouds, flowers, and trees by the shops:

Bumped into Emma 😛

Both Emma and Jemma had to go soon after that, but we took a few group pictures by the Harry Potter patterns before partying over. All of us look thoughtful and serious except for smiling Emma. ^^ Thanks for hosting such an awesome party, Emma, and I had a great time with all of you! 😀

Kammile and I had some more time to spare and she wanted to come to my town afterwards:

Yes, my town is still in January and decked out in those candy patterns from my WiFi birthday party. >_< But Kammile couldn't make it to that, so I'm glad she got to come and explore, dig up the remaining treasure, and set off some party poppers. 🙂 We mostly just chatted, though, and I didn't take many pictures. Thanks for the lovely time, Kammile! 😀

I do think I’m going to try and get back into playing in my own AC:WW town soon, but we’ll see, it’s probably going to be a really slow process. I want to start by finishing that dead spot testing project I abandoned a while ago, then slowly work my way up to the present — not rushing, so I can still savor the last of winter and beginning of spring.



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  1. Your axe breaking powers are awsome! 😆
    (Have you added me to your 3ds? 🙂 )

    • Haha thanks 😆 Ohh, I’ll go do that right now!
      Edit: Turns out I already had you added somehow 😛

      • This is weird. It still says “Ensure your friend also adds your friend code.” Do we need to be online at the same time to register each other? 😐

        • Hmm.. can you see my mii?

          • Yaaay! 😀 Now I see you! 😀

  2. haha, I enjoyed this post! xD specially this part “Using my awesome axe-breaking powers”, That was hilarious! 😆
    and i think your pic from the waterfall was greater than mine, It only covered Jemma’s Face though 😆 and my picture taken when my hands were jiggly.. 😛
    And surprise! Sorry i couldn’t get you any birthday gift, so i just made this. :mrgreen: and sorry for the messy erasures.. i tried to make it as fast as i could but i did put a little bit effort in it. 😆
    This can be also a little doodle for our 1 year of friendship (Is it 12 months already? .. i don’t care.. 2011 just passed :lol:) and i totally forgot that i have to take pics of that 1 year friendship doodle of jemma and teru.. Teru seems to be gone for a while, she hasn’t replied to the comment i commented on her blog. 😥

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, sometimes I really don’t know what to say for these captions lol. 😆
      I like that yours has no speech bubbles, and as you said, Jemma’s smile is visible. ^^
      Wow, thanks so much! 😮 You’re so good at drawing! I love it, saved to my computer. :mrgreen: Awww! I don’t think it has been quite a year yet, we met in the summer of last year, not spring I think… but it’s getting close to that! 😛

      • LOL, That was a fast reply! xD

        • Haha good post Xd I’m glad I can use the photos for my post probably I’m going to publish to on Saturday or Sunday hehe 🙂 I’m excited for kammile’s party Xd well see you Amy and happy belated b-day for both hehe 🙂

          • Btw mmmm oh yes lol ooh I don’t remember what I was going to say… Well I told you that later when I can remember what it is…. Grrr I hate when I don’t remember important things xD

            • Ohhhh yes lol great new background that was the thing I forgot about that re-looking the awesome photos :mrgreen:

              • Thanks, glad you like it. 🙂 I look forward to seeing your post! Btw, I emailed you all the decent pics I took at your party (~60, whereas there are more like 40 in this post). Yeah, hope we will see each other at Kammile’s~ (so many WiFi parties lately :P)

  3. Great post Amy! Thank you so much for sending to me the photos, all of these look great.
    I also love the background, and I think cherry blossoms look fantastic on it, btw I already got some in my town! Yipee, haha!
    You really did have axe-breaking powers at Emma’s party and at mine! 😆
    Oh, and Emma, can we wifi someday this week so you can return to me the stools? Thanks!

    • Thanks! 😀 I love the cherry blossom festival, sad I’m missing it right now… but all the more reason to catch up!

    • Sorry Jemma but I’m in the mountines 😆 be pacient I’ll return u the objects on sunday or monday if you can!!!!:)

      • Sure, no hurries!

  4. Nice Background! ^_^

    I saw you on ACC a while ago.. i taught you were online, if you are.. can you go to my chatroom? 🙂

  5. HAHA, your axe-breaking powers are amazing! :mrgreen: As well as your camera skills. That shot is priceless 😆

    That is one HP-crazy girl 😛 It looks like a fun town though. I love the cloud patterns. Whoever designed them originally did such a convincing job I really wish the characters would hop from one to another.

    • I was pleased with that picture too! Just got really lucky. 😛
      I agree with the convincing-ness of the cloud patterns, when I first saw them on Mayu’s blog I was amazed at how real they looked. The shadow probably has a lot to do with that ^_^

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