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The past few days I’ve been gathering Animal Crossing photos and working on setting up a Flickr for this blog. My photostream’s url is simple and easy to remember — — but the link in the navigation bar at the top of the page goes directly to my AC:WW set.

Originally I was planning on having multiple sets, like maybe one for AC:CF in the future when I have more pictures, galleries of AC:WW and AC:CF maps I’ve collected, pictures of different house styles/shapes, room designs, etc. But I quickly found out that you can only share 200 photos with a free account, so my AC:WW set with 188 photos pretty much wraps that up. :/ I don’t get it, the WordPress limit is so much more, and this site isn’t even necessarily based on uploading and sharing photos… Oh well, maybe I’ll find an alternative, or I guess later on I can delete some of the less interesting pictures to make room for more. But I hope you enjoy the album, it starts off about a year ago with my brand new, barren town, Nook’s Cranny and everything. 🙂

I haven’t made any progress in catching Dafdilly up to the present (it’s in February), been quite busy with classes. It might sound strange but I’m not in a hurry to catch up, either; I’m actually working on some patterns to decorate my town with before spring comes. Here’s a little preview:

It’s candy themed, but not like the CandyLand track I had in January. It’s based off the fairytale/sweets carpet and wall, and looked better in my head, but oh well, I kind of like it. I still have to do the annoying corner pieces and make some more candy patterns to go with it.



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  1. Lovely images! I wish I had started my blog when I started playing Animal Crossing, but that would have been like 5 years ago, o_O

    I really like the idea of this album, it’s a shame Flickr doesn’t let your post more than 200 photos, although it does let you post a short explanation of each one of the photos and I think that’s nice.
    I absolutely love the colors in this picture, it’s very nice to see these moments again, I feel like this is like a summary of all your blog! 🙂

    It really looks amazing, and seeing my character in some of the pictures really put a smile on my face! 😛

    • Me too! 😛 I played a long time ago but did take quite a few years off throughout middle school and high school before getting into it again. Ah, I would have had more time back then too >_<
      Yeah, I've seen lots of Flickrs with many, many pages in their Photostreams and dozens of sets, I guess they're all paid accounts and I didn't realize… I'm glad you like my little set though! 😀 Hehe, it's easy to get a nice colorful photo in Teru's town, with all her flowers 🙂

  2. Cool, you have a Flickr account now! 😀 But a 200 picture limit?? I never knew that! Looking at the tiled pictures in as a set looks very nice though ^_^
    I haven’t really tried many photo-blogging/hosting sites to make much of a suggestion, but I recently started using Tumblr and I quite like the way pictures are uploaded and displayed (which you can decide yourself). I don’t think you can upload in bulk like Flickr though. Here’s the Tumblr page I’ve been using recently: I really like the clean feel as opposed to WordPress and the Flickr Photostream.
    Your patterns are looking good x3 They’re always so exquisitely done. I can’t wait to see the whole thing >_<.
    Hope you're doing well! Neither of us has really been active lately 😛

    • Maybe this is what you meant to begin with, but I just read over the Flickr account info and it doesn’t say your entire account is limited to 200 photos. Rather, your Photostream will only show your most recent 200, while your true image limit will be 300MB per month. What that should mean is that the pages of photos you see in the main part of somebody’s Flickr page (their “Photoosteam”) will only show their most recent 200 photos, while if you want to see more, you will have to open their photo sets, which I presume will have a much higher if not non-existent limit 🙂

      • Ooh, your tumblr looks lovely! I like how much you can customize your blog’s appearance with tumblr, it beats the themes here in my opinion. I think if I had an Animal Crossing-related tumblr it would become more like a regular blog than a gallery, though.
        Yeah, I don’t think they delete your photos if you go over 200, and they will appear again if you pay for your account. And that’s what it sounded like to me, too; I was completely fine with the idea of my photostream not having all the pictures as long as I could have several sets, but as I was uploading more pictures for the AC:WW album I saw that one of my earlier sets (a gallery of Animal Crossing maps) disappeared, so I think the limit applies to sets as well. 😦
        I’m doing well and have some more free time for Animal Crossing lately (hence the sudden gathering of photos for Flickr and working on patterns, I guess :lol:). I hope you’ve been doing good too with your classes and everything, I know you must be quite busy as well! But I hope we can WiFi again one day, whichever of our towns gets back in order first, haha.

        • Wow, then that’s… extremely misleading of Flickr :/
          I’ve taken the wimpy way out of updating my town and started moving flowers to my other gamecard ^^; It’s going to take a while to move them back though, but I hope we can WiFi again soon too x3 I hope we can WiFi on the 3DS soon as well! I still haven’t met you in Mario Kart, though you probably stopped playing 😛 It still amazes me how much easier it is to connect to the internet with the 3DS :mrgreen:

          • Yeah, I haven’t been on my 3DS for a while. 😳 I admit I mostly got it because of AC:3DS, though I thought I could get into some other games too of course. I thought that AC:3DS would get released this summer or something, so I was a bit miffed to find out that it’s not until next year and that in the mean time the 3DS-XL is coming out! >_< Anyway, I'd love to race you sometime! I'm not very good though haha.

            • If I were to be honest, I would have to say the prospect of playing AC:3DS is what sealed the deal for me, too 😛 After all, they have been going on about it since launch, how cunning of them -_-
              You would have gotten yourself a 3DSXL instead then? I wonder if the 3d effect on a larger screen makes it easier or harder on the eyes…

              • Yeah, if I had known all this I would’ve probably gotten myself the 3DS-XL this upcoming Christmas instead of getting the 3DS last Christmas. >_< Oh well.

  3. Your candy path is so cute! Or maybe it’s a cake path? Or both 😉

    • Thanks! ^_^ Yeah, I guess it’s both, a candy/cake mix. 😛 I’m not sure what the brown things are next to the chocolate, are they crackers? Bread? I don’t know, but they’re all over the fairytale wall/carpet and sweets series! 😛

  4. ohhh I love candies!!!!!! yumyyy!!! But your path remembers me a mix of a chocolate table and a cake!!!!! :mrgreen: that’s so cooooool!!!!! 😀 I already returned from a cruise in Norway, and it was so cute! (That’s why I haven’t been here for a long time). And I’M IN HOLIDAYS!!! YIPEEE
    Well I’m hope you are having a good time 😉

    • I’m glad you like it! Oh wow, a cruise in Norway, that sounds awesome! I’m jealous, your summer sounds so fun compared to mine, I have to work and go to classes. xP I hope you’re having a good time too! 🙂

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