Visit to Jemma’s town

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Isn’t this house pretty? I found it randomly when resetting one of my extra gamecards. It’s a Static’s house, and each villager always has the same, specific house shape… I have a Static in my town too, and also have this house style in my town, but he chose one of my town’s other house styles instead. >_< So no pretty pink and blue house with double wooden fans for me.

But that’s just a random picture that was on my camera when I uploaded the pictures from…

…a WiFi meeting with Jemma this morning in her town usa!

I wasn’t expecting any gift exchanges since this was a pretty spur of the moment, short-term notice WiFi, but she gave a surprise gift of several items and a purple rose! Thank you so much, purple roses are beautiful and always a help towards my pursuit of growing my first blue rose.

This balloon present flag is adorable!

I thought Jemma’s outfit was really cute, with her blue pigtails, green eyes, colorful polka dot shirt, rose in her mouth, and dandelion in her hair.

While she was preparing a game for us to play, I tried to get a full picture of the gate. But it’s not very good, you can see a reflection of my camera in the black.

It was like a memory game; she would list off a sequence of fruits, which grew longer and longer each time, and I would show I remembered the sequence by walking a circle around each fruit in order. I got all of the lists right, yay ^_^

I suggested a fishing contest to see who could catch 20 fish first, but with 3 minutes left on the timer and ~10 fish left to go, we were nowhere close. xP So it turned into a contest to see who could catch the most fish before the time ran out. I think those are the classic AC fishing contest rules anyway, though there can be variations, like who can make the most money off their catches, etc.

I was hoping to see a finned fish, but these are good catches too.

Ah, she beat me by 2, good job! 😀

We did a bug catching contest next and I was able to win that one.

Catching bugs was easier and more exciting than fishing, but they aren’t usually worth as much. This agrias butterfly was the rarest I saw.

*waves to Jemma across the river*

After taking a look at usa’s map and seeing all the awesome neighbors she has, I asked to go visit them.

First we visited Pecan, she’s one of my favorite snooties! 🙂 I want Queenie or Eloise for Dafdilly, but back when I was thinking of maintaining a second town (see my very first post >_<), I wanted Pecan to be the resident snooty there.

Well, I would base my ideal type on more relevant things to a relationship than Tae Kwon Do or making cheesecakes, but whatever works for you, no standards are too high. 😛

Her house is nice and looks close to the original decorations, maybe she’s a bit newer?

You must love it in usa then, there are many bright fruit trees everywhere, very pretty. 🙂

What? I see stuff in there!

She has Puddles too! And what’s more, both of us had her as our very first neighbor! (Well, you start off with three neighbors, but I consider her the first since she was at the top of the list on my map.) At first I was wondering why she was calling me Puppy ♥er, if it was a nickname or something, but then I realized it must be her catchphrase. 😛

Aww, seeing Butch makes me nostalgic a bit. He was one of my first neighbors in my first Animal Crossing town on the GameCube, and I talked to him a lot.

That’s nice 🙂


But he warmed up to me quickly… we just met Apollo!

Ooh, I’ve been to A casa 🙂

Caroline is so bright, vibrant, and colorful — even her shirt is, I love it. She’s packed up but hopefully Jemma convinced her enough to stay, good luck!

After meeting usa’s last resident Drift, who seems cool, I thought I’d better go because…

My low battery warning light had been on for a little while, and I wasn’t sure where my charger was. >_< So I thought it would be best to leave in a normal way rather than the power randomly shutting off and ending communication… but I would have loved to stay longer.

Thanks for having me over, Jemma! I had a great time. 😀


Dead spot testing success

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So this is the first update on my town in a long time, since I took a break from Animal Crossing for a few months starting in January (and only recently started getting into it again by working on the patterns page). I set the DS clock to the same date in January whenever I turned on my game so that my flowers wouldn’t die, and now I have a lot of catching up to do.

It was a good oppurtunity to finish a project I wanted to do a while ago (but ran into problems with my gridded map), testing for “dead spots” in my town. That probably won’t mean anything to some of you, so for those who don’t know, here are the rules for tree growth from Liquefy’s excellent AC:WW guide:

1) Trees will not grow immediately next to water, cliffs, other trees, rocks, buildings, plazas, signs, and bridges.

2) There are certain “spots” or paths where the game will not allow trees to grow, so that there is room for the villagers to move around when they are outside.

3) Each acre can have, at maximum, 24 trees. Furthermore, each quarter-acre (divide each acre into four equal parts where each quarter-acre contains 8 x 8 = 64 “spots”) can have, at maximum, six trees.

It is not necessary to water saplings. Walking on or running over saplings does nothing. The only thing that matters when growing trees is location.

All trees take four days to grow to maturity.

Get rid of trees by chopping them with your Axe, then digging up the stumps with your Shovel. Use a Shovel to dig up saplings.

One way to guarantee the growth of a tree is to chop down an existing tree, remove its stump, then plant fruit/a coconut/a sapling/money in the exact same spot. This is a good way to start producing coconut palms or foreign fruit trees. (Note that while using this method to start a Bell Tree will guarantee
that the tree grows to maturity, it does not guarantee that the Bell Tree will successfully produce “fruit.”)

The part I bolded, #2, is what I wanted to find out — the dead spots where trees will never grow in my town. It’s just frustrating to be planning a layout of trees and have saplings die when they should grow.

So after picking up all my flowers and storing them in dressers, I began by marking squares red where I’m sure no trees will grow because they’re too close to obstacles (water, cliffs, rocks, buildings, etc.). A good rule of thumb for making sure a tree isn’t too close to anything is if you can dig a hole where you want to plant the tree, and walk a complete circle around it. (So you actually can plant trees next to pavement plazas.)

Then I planted around 12 trees in each acre every day, spaced far enough apart, and recorded which ones grew and which ones died. This is the final result. The darker red squares are the ones I eliminated before starting, the lighter red squares are the dead sopts I found, and I left the spaces white where trees grew:

Isn’t that interesting? I was expecting a random spread of dead spots, not these invisible treeless paths around town — presumably tracks along which my neighbors wander everyday. 😮

Time passed in my town as I was testing for dead spots, so there have been some neighbors changes:

First Pippy packed up and moved, I admit I was quite glad. 😛

Another peppy, Tabby, moved in to replace her. She’s not one of my favorite peppies but I like her. I have a real female orange tabby! 😛

Second to move was Monique.

To replace Monique was not another snooty, but a jock — my favorite jock! Kid Cat is one of the neighbors I wanted to lock in Dafdilly, so I was thrilled to see he moved in! :mrgreen:

Then Antonio was the next to go…

And he was replaced by Samson, so I still have two jocks in my town.

I used to have Margie locked (with Puddles), but decided to unlock her because I would rather have my favorite neighbor Melba. I moved Margie to my dad’s old town Red Bank, though, so she’s still around.

I couldn’t believe it, right after that Melba moved in! So lucky! 😯

I was also lucky to pick up a few rare items that I didn’t have:

Like this garden gnome, I’ve always wanted one.

Well, I guess this isn’t rare, but I don’t think I’ve ever had one and I think it’s pretty cool! 😛

I rarely ever see anything I don’t already have at Redd’s (even though there are lots of Redd-exclusive items I still need), but I just bought this weird raccoon figurine.

My town’s in February now, which means Bright Nights:

I like all the house styles in my town (they’re the exact 4 I decided I wanted while resetting), but I wish new neighbors moving in would pick the pink house style more often. It’s my favorite, and the dark green one, which is my least favorite, seems the most popular. 😦

All the lights are basically the same, but I picked Kid Cat’s lights as the best everyday in the hope that it would boost our friendship level, lol. (I want his picture.) Tortimer noticed.

When I played today, Bright Nights had just ended and Kid Cat was pleased to be the winner. 🙂 Now that I’ve finished dead spot testing I’ll probably move my flowers back, plant trees, and make patterns, getting my town back to how I like it.

Party in Lilypond

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Haha, I feel like with every new WiFi party post, the fact that I haven’t posted on my own towns in a long time becomes more conspicuous. (Well, at least I’ve been pretty good about posting on my WiFi visits, right? >_>) I’m really sorry guys, that I don’t have as much time to dedicate to Animal Crossing and this blog as I would like to. But like I said in my last notice, when I have spare time I’ve been working on my patterns page. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, practically since I started this blog, so I wanted to dedicate some time to working on that alone. Once I’m done putting up some more spring-suited patterns (I’ll put up the winter and fall ones later), though, I do want to start working on getting my town caught up. Because yes, it’s still in winter, as you can see:

This was at least a few weeks ago, I think. Claire from An Ville came over for a new haircut and we also chatted and had a fishing contest. I didn’t take many pictures but it was a good time. 🙂

Today I went to a party hosted by Anna (some of you may remember her better from my blog as Skye or from ACC as MonkeyDoodle) in Lilypond! 😀

(I’m sorry in advance for the poor quality photos, especially compared to the pictures from the party in An Ville, but for some reason my camera has a lot of trouble capturing AC:WW in the evening. :()

The first thing she did when I stepped through the gate was give me a present, sweet!

It’s a halo! Thanks a lot :mrgreen: And hey there, anime-eye Anna. 😛 The glitch occurred when she was changing accessories and I happened to get a picture.

Aww yay, I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone use a pattern from my patterns page! This is meant to go with the fenced-in pansy border, and that’s why the bricks are rather plain, but it still looks fine by itself and the pansy patterns are probably too complicated to copy.

The first party activity was a game of tic-tac-toe!

Mine are the oranges, and hers are either gyroids or treasure boxes. As you can see, the first game was a draw.

But Anna won the next one 🙂 (she’d picked up a few of the gyroids before I took a picture)

For the third game, I went first and implemented the “corner trick” I remember from when I was little. If you go first in a corner, and your opponent doesn’t go in the middle, you’re pretty much guaranteed to win if you choose a different corner next. Well, I bet everyone knows this, but maybe we were going easy on each other so that every game wouldn’t be a draw. 😆

So I won that one and got a prize of 10,000 bells! Which is a lot, wow, thanks Anna 😀

Anna told me that one of my favorite neighbors lived in her town, so we went to visit…

Hugh! He actually isn’t in my very top tier of neighbors, which includes Melba and Bob, but I like him a lot because he’s unique-looking and I think his facial expressions are always amazing (just a few examples above).

I like his house shape and this house style a lot, too, and wanted to see what other houses she had in Lilypond. I don’t know, it’s probably weird, but I really like the houses in AC:WW, there’s such a wide variety and combinations of different styles and shapes.

I like this second house style, too, yellow stone. 🙂

She pointed out the diagonal formation of her neighbors’ houses, which is awesome!

It’s easier to see on the map:

This is one of the cooler house shapes because of the double roof thingy (lol); Truffles here has it, as well as Rolf, Bluebear, Static, Curt, Mathilda, and probably others I’m forgetting. 😛

I thought there was a nice stone connection with the first two house styles, so I was surprised to see this one, a wooden house style that I have in Dafdilly. It probably doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it’s one of my favorites and I resetted for it, I love the colors and checkered doors.

Okay, enough talking about houses >_<

I heard a mole cricket nearby, they’re always fun to try and catch. I found it in the first hole I dug. 😮

All of a sudden she gave me another present! Thanks so much, I hardly have any gold roses (I think just one), so this is really generous and I appreciate it a lot. 😀

Next we visited a few neighbors, like Goose:

Haha, really…? His house was warm and cozy with all the places to sit and K.K. Country playing.

When we went back outside, Anna and I were morphed! She said it was her first morph so I’ll put several pictures:

Then I met Walker, wow, his eyes are such a bright blue.

Jeopardy was playing on his retro TV and Anna started guessing answers to the show 😛

Then we played another party activity, which was a game to dig up the correct object, a wobbelina. I had three tries to dig up the wobbelina but got it on the first try 😛

For a prize I got a rainbow feather, it’s beautiful 😮 Thank you so much!

She realized she hadn’t shown me her house yet, so led me there. 🙂

Nice regal room, I really like the combination of the regal carpet and blue-trim wall. 🙂


Worn out, we decided to take a nap.

At first we slept peacefully…

But that didn’t last long xP

Haha, I love our glares here.

Yay, someone else came! :mrgreen: I’m glad; it looks like Anna worked hard on preparing the games and prizes, so it would have been a shame if I was the only guest.

I don’t often WiFi with new people, so it was really nice to meet someone new. 😀

Anna suggested a race next, so here we are on the starting line.

I fell in about three pitfalls 🙄

I took so long that Anna called out “Twisk?” like I was lost. xP Good job, Clone, you were obviously better at evading them. 😛

We chatted some and lined up for a group picture, which I think Clone 1 was confused about before we explained. 😛

Then it was time for Anna to leave and party over. Thanks for such a great party and all your wonderful prizes and gifts, I had a really fun time! 😀

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