This page will continue to be outdated because of my blog change to A Forest Life. Check the Dafdilly page there for more up-to-date information.

Game: Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)
Town name: Dafdilly
Created on: July 3, 2011
Current time: North American Eastern Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -4 hours) + my town is in February
Town fruit: ( Other: )
Nook’s: Nookington’s (items from group C are most common)
My house: Final expansion


Maelle (Red Bank)




Kid Cat


picture credit

Previous neighbors: Rod, Blaire, Vesta, Patty, Rowan, Roald, Amelia, Olivia, Kiki, Agent S, Pierce (from Bundeena), Joey, Maple, Peewee, Baabara (from StarCity), Nan, Tipper, Curly, Lobo (from StarCity), Pudge (from Kesh), Sally, Curt (from Red Bank), Lily (from Bundeena), Snake, Goldie (from StarCity), Punchy, Hugh, Aurora (from Anicotti), Octavian, Bill, Pippy (from awesome), Monique, Antonio, Margie, Static, Maelle

In-game map:

Gridded map:

Map made by Teru:

Birthday: January 15
FC: 2967-0580-6954

Birthday: July 31
FC: 3568-3597-4995

Birthday: November 4
FC: 2279-8695-6342

Birthday: March 7
FC: 3525-4100-8137

(black=donated, grey=not on display)

Paintings (20/20): dainty painting, solemn painting, quaint painting, basic painting, famous painting, perfect painting, amazing painting, nice painting, moving painting, common painting, flowery painting, warm painting, rare painting, fine painting, scary painting, lovely painting, strange painting, worthy painting, calm painting, opulent painting
Fossils (52/52): amber, ammonite, dino droppings, dinosaur egg, fern fossil, dinosaur track, archaeopteryx, peking man, shark tooth, trilobite, t-rex skull, t-rex torso, t-rex tail, tricera skull, tricera torso, tricera tail, mammoth skull, mammoth torso, ankylo skull, ankylo torso, ankylo tail, apato skull, apato torso, apato tail, dimetrodon skull, dimetrodon torso, dimetrodon tail, iguanodon skull, iguanodon torso, iguanodon tail, sabertooth skull, sabertooth torso, pachy skull, pachy torso, pachy tail, parasaur skull, parasaur torso, parasaur tail, seismo skull, seismo chest, seismo hip, seismo tail, plesio skull, plesio neck, plesio torso, stego skull, stego torso, stego tail, ptera skull, ptera body, ptera right wing, ptera left wing
Bugs (55/56): common butterfly, yellow butterfly, tiger butterfly, peacock butterfly, monarch butterfly, emperor butterfly, agrias butterfly, birdwing butterfly, moth, oak silk moth, honeybee, bee, long locust, migratory locust, mantis, orchid mantis, brown cicada, robust cicada, walker cicada, evening cicada, lantern fly, red dragonfly, darner dragonfly, banded dragonfly, ant, pondskater, snail, cricket, bell cricket, grasshopper, mole cricket, walkingstick, ladybug, fruit beetle, scarab beetle, dung beetle, goliath beetle, firefly, jewel beetle, longhorn beetle, saw stag beetle, stag beetle, giant beetle, rainbow stag, dynastid beetle, atlas beetle, elephant beetle, hercules beetle, flea, pillbug, mosquito, fly, cockroach, spider, tarantula, scorpion
Fish (54/56): bitterling, pale chub, crucian carp, dace, barbel steed, carp, koi, goldfish, popeyed goldfish, killifish, crawfish, frog, freshwater goby, loach, catfish, eel, giant snakehead, bluegill, yellow perch, black bass, pond smelt, sweetfish, cherry salmon, char, rainbow trout, stringfish, salmon, king salmon, guppy, angelfish, piranha, arowana, dorado, gar, arapaima, sea butterfly, jellyfish, seahorse, clownfish, zebra turkeyfish, puffer fish, horse mackerel, barred knifejaw, sea bass, red snapper, dab, olive flounder, squid, octopus, football fish, tuna, blue marlin, ocean sunfish, hammerhead shark, shark, coelacanth

Before you add me, you should probably know that I’m not a huge WiFier — I don’t really open my gates much and tend to do arranged WiFi meetings instead. There are also many times when my town’s “under construction” and closed to visitors because of being busy with landscaping, it’s my favorite thing to do in Animal Crossing.

And with all that being said, if you still want to add me, please read these dos and don’ts so that you know what’s acceptable and unallowed in my town. I think they’re fair, most people have similar guidelines.

Never ever use Action Replay or a similar hacking device in my town! Not even to hack gifts or anything, please. Obviously this includes seeding and bricking, which are the biggest offenses. Since I’m so nervous about this, I prefer to get to know the people I WiFi with somewhat. If you have AR, I hope you’ll be honest and respectful of this rule.
Please don’t run. It’s easy to run over flowers if you’re unfamiliar with my town, I tend to have a lot of them. I really don’t think it’s necessary to run either, unless for a specific game.
Please don’t take flowers. I don’t use AR and so don’t have a limitless supply of them.
Don’t cut down trees. Hopefully this is obvious. 😛
Don’t use offensive or suggestive language on the bulletin board, in letters to my neighbors, or in conversation. This includes any bigotry, curse words, slurs, etc. I’m over 18 and no prude but I’d like to try to keep my town family friendly.
Try not to pick up patterns. This isn’t too big of a deal — I can always fix it after the meeting — but I’d appreciate it if you’re careful in not picking up patterns. I understand if it’s an accident, though, it happens to me sometimes as well. 🙂
Please don’t take too many scallops. Dafdilly has three beaches: a tiny one on the left, an even tinier one on my island, and a really long one on the right. The long one has scallops all along it, just for decoration (my “scallop beach”). Please ask before you take one.

Sell and shop as much as you like at Nookington’s and the Able Sisters.
At the Able Sisters, you can take all the patterns you want, but I’d prefer if you ask me first before displaying/swapping any patterns. I will probably oblige, though.
Feel free to visit my house, my neighbors’ houses, and the museum — you don’t have to ask to do those things.
You’re also free to write letters and write on the bulletin board.
I don’t mind if you pick fruit or take fossils/gyroids.
Fish and catch bugs all you want. 🙂
Any items you find in the recycling bin can be yours.
You can even mess with the town tune, but if I don’t like it I’ll probably change it back later. 😆
Please be polite to any other visitors and let’s have a good time!



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  1. woah! you caught that MANY bugs?! 😯 i haven’t got to donate that many to blathers yet! 😉

    • haha yeah, I worked hard to donate all the bugs and fish you can catch in July. I want the museum to be completed in a year! 😛

      • hi um im getting animal crossing ww soon, i know its a bit late to get it though!, and um well i just love you blog and mabey we could wifi some time…..?

        • Awesome! It’s never too late to get Wild World, in my opinion, it’s a wonderful game and my favorite of the Animal Crossing series. I hope you enjoy it!
          I haven’t been able to play in my AC:WW town in a long time, I’ve been kind of on hiatus from playing and blogging. So I’m sorry about that, my town isn’t fit to have visitors, it’s really messed up… 😦 But I could visit your town, if you wouldn’t mind that, and I could bring fruit, flowers, items, and things.
          Thanks, I’m glad you like my blog! 😀

          • thanks and i would love if you did that for me! i got into AC:WW from AC:CF witch in my opinion is bothering me with the TV part….. plus not visiting your town is fine but im more than sure that mine will be horrid at first, just ya know tell me(plus your new blog is cool to) p.s i lost the emil so i went crazy trying to find this post!!

            • on first post i meant your not you srry!

  2. Hello Amy! I really like your blog! I started reading it today (to be honest) and I’m loving everything about it! I have a blog too XD If you want to visit it it’s: http://acwwbook.wordpress.com/

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like my blog, I like yours too! 🙂 It’s nice finding other AC:WW blogs. ^_^ I’m also a Harry Potter fan, btw!

      Edit: I added you and Kammile to my blogroll; I hope you two don’t mind. 🙂 Let me know if you want your site to be referred to by a different title in my blogroll.

      • Hi Amy i am EMma de girl with the harry potter blog! Do you remember me? I hope yes! Your blog is amazing! 😉 I love it! 🙂
        Hope you like my blog and you visit it an comment!

      • Of course I remember! I’m sure I’ll check back in the future. 🙂

        • Can you visit more my blog! Please XD
          How about wi-fi meeting? 🙂

          • Sure! 🙂

            • Hi Amy!
              I have alot of news on my blog! 😉
              A new categorie in one page: My experience (in the Harry Potter park)
              A new page of my blog news and the Harry potter news
              2 categories: Hp stories, and Happy Birthday
              7 new posts! Very interestings!
              And a new actualize in my page of : Gallery(oficcial photos of the new Lego Harry Potter 5-7)
              And a new actualize in my page of: Lego (of information of the new Lego Harry Potter 5-7)
              Please post comments and visit my blog: http://hpandmore.wordpress.com
              These days I don’t have any comment 😥 please visit my blog!

  3. Aw..i like your little cute island in the bottom left corner of your town! 😆

    • Thanks, I like it too! It’s one of the smallest islands I’ve seen, there’s not much room to work with. 😛

  4. I’m glad that you worked things up with your wi-fi! 😛
    if you have time on Saturday could you come on 10 AM (your time)
    and you know mine right? 10 PM (my time)

    • I don’t have anything planned, I don’t think, so I should be able to make it unless something comes up! 🙂

  5. Oh and Thank you for posting katrina’s site on Kiya’s site (ACWWAmerica) ^^ now i know who made the hedge patterns on my town! i also copied some of her harvest moon designs :mrgreen:

    • Yeah, they’re really nice! She has a good sense for knowing how to make complex designs, like a swimming pool, actually very simple! 🙂

  6. I already opened my gate i know too early,still fireworks!!! and also…
    EEEHHH?!!?!! you got a GREEN circle on my roster and we still havent wi-fied yet
    😯 does mine have a green circle on YOUR roster? Glitch? :L

    • Sorry I didn’t see this until now, or else I could have come earlier. 😛 But I’m getting ready to go now!

      • Hm… your still not here 😦

        • I’m trying over and over, but Copper says, “for some curious reason, you cannot go out right now. ”
          Could you close and re-open your gates?

          • ok

            • Sorry i had to restart 😦

              • Your town name’s not showing up in the list anymore, I hope it’s because you had to restart and not because something’s wrong 😦

                • its POSITIVELY the restart,i restarted 2 times,they’re open now good luck

                • Resetti 😦
                  Next time I’ll drop the presents in front of your house… it was too crowded trying to drop them next to the trees and hedges 😛

  7. ACK! Wi-fi Crash!

  8. I think Bell should have this this face
    and for Melody,this face href=”http://www.animalxing.com/images/faceguideww/girl_aba.jpg”>this face

    • oops… 😳
      This Face

      • Yeah, I see what you mean with those! But I planned the faces of Dafdilly’s characters with my future second town, Trildale, in mind. Since I want all of my characters (eight eventually) to have different faces, I have to even use my least favorite ones and spread them out between my two towns. For example, my least favorite eyes are the half-closed ones, but I will have to use it for my fourth character in Trildale since I want all my characters to have different faces. My main character in Trildale, Violet, will have the brown eyes since it’s one of my favorites, so unfortunately Bell can’t have them. 😛

  9. Finally I have a new category! 😛 called: Hp stories
    Today I post the first Hp storie! 😉
    PLease visit and post comments in my new Hp story!

  10. What is your theme?
    As you can put that the gifts in balloons on the right and left of the blog?
    Hope you can answer! 🙂

    • It’s called Pool. 🙂

  11. Can you come to my town,jemmas here too,i’m using Skyler

    • I’m sorry, I have a test later today and I should be studying. >_>

      • Wi-Fi Crashed anyway, 😛 I didn’t have time to open up my gates again,anyway good luck ^-^

        • Thanks for understanding!

  12. Wanna wi-fi? My gates are open and a little take back for cancelling my party 😳 It’s not well planned out but halloween patterns on display and set for a little peek at my halloween collection 😉

    • Aw, I’m sorry again! >.< This will probably be pretty common during weekdays, that I'm online (doing homework on the computer, occasionally checking other things) but can't wi-fi. Maybe this weekend!

  13. Hii! If you happen to know Baabara’s moving out,could you tell me? 🙂 I really miss her but.. i don’t know if i’ll have an empty spot for her…

    This is quite easy if she’s moving and i have an empty spot but my spots are currently full today and maybe some different animal might move in on my town! 😯
    I think we should plan this more specific-ly,If i have an empty spot,I can allow you to whack her or do everything evil to make her leave…

    but we don’t know if it’ll totally work! If you’d like her picture,take time,i’m usually
    patient when it comes to this stuff… and it’ll be sad to whack a friend who gave you
    a picture (If she already did,if not,then the near future! 😛 )
    She’ll leave eventually without the requirements,right?

    All i have to do is,always whack my non-favorite neighbor and push him around like
    i’m a bully,i feel a little guilty for that and he/she might make up stories that “there was a girl who always push me and whack me around…” 😳 I’d sacrifice for it….
    Well,If your planning to get her pic,then get it! 😉

    • Sure! 🙂 That sounds good, let me know when you have an empty spot! I’m going to try to do the same thing for Teru with Pierce, so we’ll see who moves first, Pierce or Baabara. And I actually have her picture from a previous town so I haven’t been trying to get it. 😛 Well, I really hope these trades work; I’d hate to let you two down! 😦

  14. Can you come to my Chat Room? 🙂

  15. PIC NO.1

    PIC NO.2

  16. I thought you we’re online? O_O

    • haha I am, guess I’m too busy in your chatroom! xD That’s a crazy difference between those two pictures, and the makers probably thought we wouldn’t notice. 😛

  17. http://kamacjournal.wordpress.com
    new url

    • Awesome, I’ll check it out and change my blogroll! 🙂

  18. How i can make a rating?¿

    • If you go to the “All Ratings” link on your dashboard, I think it’s pretty easy to follow for the most part unless you want a custom image. Jemma explains how to do that in her latest post. This WordPress support page might also be useful. 🙂

      • Oh, Thanks! 🙂
        I so the Jemma’s post! And she help me a lot! 😉
        What if you were by the Wi-Fi, Tuesday at 8 pm my time?
        PS: You may also come Kammile!

        • I think that’s 2 PM my time…? I’m not good at this. 😆 But I think Jemma is 6 hours ahead of me so I assume that’s right. Anyway, I don’t have class that day so I think that should work for me! 🙂 Maybe I’ll have your portrait done by then and I can display it at your Able Sisters.

  19. Do you think you wanna get the Apple TV & the Lovely phone now? 🙂

    • Sorry, I would love to, but I’m saving Pierce for Teru and he just moved out, so she has to be the next person I wi-fi with in order for the trade to work.

      • I could happily give Teru Pierce 🙄 I haven’t wi-fied with her for a while (or lots! 😛 ) 😆 but i guess everything’s secured when your around! 😆

        I was happy because she there on my 2nd wi-fi ever (and the first long wi-fi ever),since my first is around 5 or 3 minutes =_= My AC:WW wi-fi life started when i met her. 🙂 i met jemma,you,rayne (you don’t know her.. she quit 😐 ) Every fan i ever had! they we’re very supportive! I thank her… xD

        • I’m thankful for Teru as well; I think she was my first blog visitor and commenter, and I think you found my blog through hers. 😆
          Even if we (meaning you, me, Jemma, Teru, etc.) don’t wi-fi together everyday, we still stay in touch through comments pretty well! 😛 I think you and I have only wi-fi’d three times and I’ve only been to your town once! 😮

  20. Hey Amy! I LOVE your blog! It’s really cool! The pictures have GREAT quality (mine don’t so I normally don’t post pictures) oh, and I added you to my blogroll!!! 😀

    • Thanks, I’m glad you think so! 😀 I’m sure your pictures are fine and that no one would even judge the quality if you posted them. 🙂 I’ll add you to my blogroll as well!

    I’ll give you pictures! It’s on my night skies right now,
    i was hoping on getting it too but making it on its own is probably more easier
    because maybe one constellation is blocking the way 😦
    Well,It’s near the Courting Hydra we have! 😀 I’ll give you PICS

    I hope you find it! 🙂 If you can’t,you can always wi-fi with me,You may get it! 😉
    ~ Kammile ~ A gift for all the times we had ^_^

    • Ooh, good job in finding it and thank you for showing me! 😀
      I just feel kind of bad about taking her constellation since, if someone WiFies with me and gets it, they’ll think it’s by me. (Because neighbors will say that I made it rather than saying “Whenever I see this constellation in the sky, I think of Sidney” or whatever.)
      I’m sure if I WiFi with you two enough I’ll get it eventually. 😛

      • but i’m not Sidney! xP I could delete a chara for a while and name it Sydney! 😈 i think that’s identity theft 😳 But you’ll still see the name Sidney! xD (Sidney reminds me of how i love Sydney, Australia and my old,old town! xD )

        • haha yeah, that seems a bit overboard 😆

  22. I thought the neighbors pics were from ACC like mine 😛 I love all your characters names! I really do! 😉 And were did you get the Animal Map pic of your town? Do you have AM?
    Just a stupid question 😳 hehe…

    • Nope, they’re from animalxing.com, but I think the villager pictures in ACC avatars are often very similar. Thank you! I don’t like my own name, so I have fun with my character’s names. 😛 I don’t have Animal Map, I made the gridded map using this awesome town map generator.

      • Oh wow Thanks! But I can’t seem to connect to the page… I’ll try again 😛 And again, and again XD

        • Really? That’s weird…If you’re still having problems connecting, try googling “animal crossing wild world town map generator” and it should be the first website listed. I’m pretty good at using it, so I’d love to come to your town and put together a gridded map of it. 🙂

          • Well already did it 😆 Kammile corrected me a bit and I corrected her a bit and the final image is in my blog in “official usa” page XD
            But thanks for the nice offer!!! You just don’t stop helping! 😛

  23. Sorry about the wi-fi session a while ago… Lots of epic drama. 😛
    The kindness of Grandpa Dawn/Don or as we call it… Mr. Moustache Man 😆
    The really Rude Princess Geisha. >_> (Sorry, I went too far that time,but it
    was all a drama act or cosplay? 😆 )

    Dawn who was sucked into the closet 2 times. 😆
    Man… That happened all in one day! We even got to heaven! and had a very
    hard mission/task! 😛 Glad we we’re all alive! You guided Princess Geisha well…
    and she learned from her rude mistakes. She hopes she can meet you again!

    You gotta know Dawn, Our quick Cosplayer! xP
    Great and Believable Acting, Quick and *also* believable Cosplays!
    Her closet are full of cosplay costumes!
    Remember my post about Kaitie? She was dressed up as a bunny! 😆

    • haha no it was fun! 😀 I enjoyed all of Dawn’s acting, never had a WiFi session quite like it. 😆

      • 😆 Yeah, My favorite part was when Mr. Moustache Man/Grandpa Dawn/Don said Dawn got sucked by the closet! and he had to sacrifice himself to save her Grand Daughter, Dawn. 😆

        I was also shocked when i mysteriously got of my house and someone
        pushed me! It wasn’t you, She/He was invisible! I can’t even see it! O_o

  24. Do have the complete K.K. song collection?
    Do you know some christmas fitting tunes? All i know is K.K. Steppe which
    i need for my new Christmas Living Room. lol
    I already know a song for halloween.. 😈
    I’m just gonna take a peek at Gaston’s house and hear his music and let
    K.K. play it for me! :mrgreen:

    • Not quite, but I do have a lot! And all the songs can be listened to on YouTube. 🙂
      I think Forest Life is really nice because it has little tinkling bells, giving a festive feel. And K.K. Love Song might also be fitting since the holiday season is all about love… 😆 (cheesy!) And K.K. Ragtime feels cozy and lively, I think. I’ll get back to you if I think of any more!
      Haha yeah, K.K. Dirge is perfect for Halloween! 😛

      • Gaston plays K.K. Dirge on his house (and some Cows mooing?!)
        It’s really scary when i hear the music there but his house is designed
        as a little sci-fi training room. 😀

  25. Great News! :mrgreen: Bud moved out, Tell me if you have anytime for today… I can play at 1-8 PM (My time) Tell me whenever your ready. xP

    • That’s great, I will! We can meet in your chatroom at 6 PM to figure things out. 🙂

  26. Hey I have AC:WW maybe we could meet sometime I’ll send you my friend code soon!

  27. Have a terrifyingly good Halloween Amy!
    Are you gonna post something of Halloween? 😛 Just asking.
    You haven’t been posting in a while, or commenting, is everything fine? School work? Hope everything’s good and that you have a smashing Halloween!!!
    😆 Smashing!

    • I most likely will. I know, I’m really sorry about that, but the past few weeks I’ve been busy first with an important paper to write and then exams to study for. I just took an exam today (yes, on Halloween :P), so I have time to post. 🙂 Happy Halloween to you, too, Jemma!

      • Don’t worry! I haven’t been having the greatest week either.
        And that must be annoying! An exam on Halloween? -.- Teachers just never understand that some kids have blogs! 😛

  28. Can i take a look at “mapped” Dafdilly with the paths and flowers,
    If you have a post about it. Can you tell me which post? 😆

    • I’ve never mapped flowers because they change so much, but in this post I mapped out paths and trees how they are today.

  29. Hi!

    I love this blog! Just to let you know I just started a blog too!

    • Thanks for visiting! Wow, I can’t wait to see some posts on your blog, I’ll stay tuned and add it to my blogroll if you want. I love the title and your gravatar picture. 😀

  30. Hey, I was wondering if you’d like to wifi with me. I recently found my game and want to wifi with someone 🙂
    My Info:
    Name: Damian
    Town: Sharance
    FC: 4083-8800-0317

    • Sure, I can add you. 🙂 My info’s on this page, you can add Twisk. I’m too busy to WiFi tonight, though.

      • That’s Ok, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be on tonight anyway 😉
        We’ll wifi tomorrow 😀

        • Alright, I’m free to WiFi now. 🙂

  31. Could you post your patterns? I really love your patterns and would love to recreate this!

    • Thanks! I plan on having my pattern page up by the end of the year. 🙂

  32. Hi Amy! I am Kinelle! I am a BIG fan of your blog 🙂 I haven’t done Wifi before and your blog makes it sound exciting. I already have a code and wifi, but I haven’t done it yet. Do you think we could do Wifi soon? I forgot my friendcode and I am sort of grounded from my ds for a while so I might not do it for now… But can you email msharpiesucker@ymail.com if you have time? I would LOVE to talk to you.

    • Aww thanks! Hi Kinelle and thanks for visiting my blog! 😀 Sure, you can comment or email me when you want to WiFi and maybe I will be able to as well, but I’m not the most flexible right now because I have family and guests over. It would be rude to be playing video games all the time while they’re here, you know? But maybe we can still find a good time, I really look forward to it. 🙂

      • Now that you say it, I have been playing video games in front of my visitors at home. That’s pretty much the reason why my dad took away my DS for like a month or week…. Boohooo 😦 Hopefully I can get it back soon.

  33. Oh.. I only have ACWW by the way.

  34. Hey, when you gals do wifi, do you think I could come too? It’s not often I wifi with someone new, so I would love to meet you!

    • Sure… Why don’t we set up a time when you are Ok to do Wi-FI… Email meh.. msharpiesucker@ymail.com

  35. I don’t have action replay. My friend borrowed my game one day and suddenly I have the last expansion and complete catalog… Probably she has it???

    • Oh okay, I just wondered because I admit the prospect of having someone over who has seeds popping up over town scares me a little. 😛

      • It scared me too because I have never Wi-Fiedbefore… By the way, how do you… um make your picture so lively and bright?

        • My camera isn’t anything special and neither is the method in which I take pictures; I simply use the tulip icon, which focuses better on close objects like the DS screen. But if you’re referring to my gravatar, I used a DS emulator (a way you can play DS games on the computer) to take a clear screenshot.

  36. Cool.. How?

    • Google “Desmume” and “Animal Crossing Wild World emulator”

  37. Ok, thanks! 🙂

  38. But how do you get to have you character over there from your DS?

    • I didn’t, I just made her look like Twisk.

  39. How did you add that icon thing beside your AC Town Record thing at the upper left hand corner?

    • I’m not completely sure what you’re referring to, but I think it’s the blog icon that appears on browser tabs and such. It’s like a mini symbol for your site. You can go to Settings>General and on the right there is a box that says “Blog Picture/Icon” where you can upload an image to use and crop it.

  40. Do you still have static as a neighbor? I ♥ Static… He is adorable! (I ♥ Rosie & Static!)

    • Rosie and Static are two of my dream neighbors! 😀 So yes, I’m keeping Static hopefully forever and I’m going to try and lock him whenever I can. And I hope Rosie moves in one day 🙂

  41. Hey, thank you so much for the response on my private comment! It helped me a lot, and I already downloaded it with no problems, now to work on the header or background…


    • No problem! I’m glad the downloads were fine 🙂

  42. Do you have a FC on Pokemon White? ovo

    • No, I stopped playing it a while ago, before I fixed my WiFi to be compatible with the DS. But that’s true, if I get into those games again I can get friend codes and play online! So maybe I’ll find out my friend code sometime and get back to you. 🙂

      • … hehe, if you do, i wanna have a wi-fi battle with you. xDD If it’s possible, but i’ve been battling via wi-fi lately.
        Who’s your favorite pokemon there? 😀

        • Hmm, not sure if I remember the pokemon in black/white too well. But I got a shiny Munna that I liked a lot, and when it evolved to a Musharna it had really pretty colors. 😛 So I guess Musharna is my favorite, I also really like the fire/dragon pokemon that came with pokemon black.

          • I saw a shiny Musharna during a wi-fi battle! 😀
            I also liked it too! The blue body and violet/purple mist and toes!
            What starter did you pick? I’ve been smart and picked Pokabu/Tepig, Because Fire (Fire/Fghting when evolves) is mostly effective on the Gym Leaders on Unova, with the rock, fighting and fire moves he learned while leveling up.. he’s unbeatable. 😆
            I really wanted to pick Snivy.. but.. he’s un-effective on mostly all gym leaders. 😦

            • Wow, really? You must wifi battle a lot!
              I went with Snivy because I thought he looked really cool (yes, I favor certain pokemon becaus of their looks xP). But you’re right, choosing the fire/fighting pokemon is the best move; I also remember he was quite offensive compared to Snivy, who is more defensive. And in regular gameplay, not WiFi battles, it’s best to just have a super powerful pokemon to sweep everyone I think.

              • Yup.. literally what i do at every game.. pick a strong character and find the opponent’s weakness.. lazy animals = delicious desserts. xDD
                I know! I really wanted Snivy! and it’s evolve forms! Serperior.. Superiorrr… but as long as you have a nice group of pokemon, your truly invincible! I got Emboar, Simisage and Swanna. (A Fire/Fighting,Grass and Water/Flying pokemon team i currently have)
                They’re low leveled compared to the after-game trainers.. which are level 60+ mine are still 50 + .. but i’ve beaten them all.. xP including Cynthia’s (err.. spoiler..) from Undella Bay.. which are 70 +

  43. Err.. Just askin, but are you hoping to continue your Pokemon White? o3o
    … wi-fi battle between registered friends is allowed in Pokemon White. loool.

    Hope i’m not too annoying. *^*

    • I wasn’t exactly hoping to, but maybe I can at least get my FC so we can battle sometime. 🙂 The thing is, I think I’m in like N’s castle or something, about to catch the legendary pokemon(odd place to lose interest in the game, I know). So I don’t know if I can get my FC where I’m at…

      • LOOOL. No worries! …I usually don’t return on the game if i keep losing on the hardest parts.. and if i get back to it, I win without breaking a sweat. 😆
        You can transport back to N’s Castle and the pokemon center of the pokemon league OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I think on the 3rd or 4th floor of N’s Castle, You have the choice to transport back to the Pokemon Center in the league. BUT You have to meet Ghetsis to do that (i think) if you somehow lose to Ghetsis, your transported to the last pokemon center you visited, go to the (somehow) pokemon center in the poke league and you’ll see a plasma grunt that will let you transport back to N’s Castle. 😀
        I think you can get an FC if you open up your Pal Pad. 😛

        • At the moment I’m pretty busy juggling school and Animal Crossing as it is, so I don’t know if I can start playing White again right now (I’d have to catch the legendary pokemon and fight N, I think, before I can get my FC). But I’ll probably do it sometime and let you know. 🙂 And wow, thanks for all the info! Maybe I could find out my Platinum FC first or something, that’s actually my favorite pokemon game. And I think Platinum and White can battle/trade/etc., right?

          • I loved Platinum! .. the distortion world was favorite! … I just don’t know if wi-fi battle is allowed on Platinum.. I lost my Pokemon Platinum.. ;_; that’s why i can’t play it anymore.

            • I’m pretty sure all the DS pokemon games can connect, otherwise how could you complete the national pokedex in Pokemon White/Black? I don’t feel like digging up my pokemon games right now, though. xP But I’ll do it sometime! 🙂

              • 😀 Alright! …June is coming though, i think it’ll be summer for you guys, so i guess we can play at some day that month? xP I think it’ll also be enough time to restart my town too! 😀

                • It will be summer, but I won’t have a break, I’m taking summer classes. 😦

                • D: aww..
                  What summer classes are you supposed to have? 😀

                • U.S. History and English. They’re condensed, one month-long classes, so there will be a lot of work in a short time, but hopefully I’ll still have time for some AC and this blog. 🙂

                • Abraham Lincoln. 😆
                  Wow Amy! Your so hard-working! I really want to help you but i don’t have much to do for you since i’m so far away from you. o3o lol. I can put your town in your current date since i don’t have much to do all day than restart,pokemon,computer and research hard-core. xD
                  All i can do now is… Good luck! xD

  44. WOW these patterns are amazing! I love this blog! Do you think I should start my own?

    • Whoops sorry I went to post on the pattern page but decided against it so posted here. I forgot I put “these patterns are amazing”. The patterns are amazing though lol!

      • Thank you, I appreciate it! 😀 Yeah, if you want to! Animal Crossing blogs are really fun to read for AC fans, people like seeing pictures and stories from other towns than their own; and it’s also cool as the blog owner to look back at your old posts and remember what went on a certain week or WiFi meeting. 🙂

        • I don’t have wi-fi on my DS though. Hmmm… I’ll try it anyway, it’ll be willacdiary.webnode.com anyway so could you have a look, thx for replying anyway.

          • Awesome, I look forward to it! :mrgreen:
            And that’s fine too, many AC bloggers don’t really focus on WiFi — more on every-day events in their town. I didn’t have WiFi for my DS either when I first started this blog. 🙂

  45. Hello Amy! (:
    I’m from Germany. Can I visit your town, please?? (:

    • Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I’m sorry though, I’m kind of inactive right now due to general business…

  46. Hey, it’s formerly “Anonymus”. My blog’s up now at willacdiary.wordpress.com. I’ll try to have a post up soon.

  47. Can you add me to your blogroll please?

    • Oh, awesome, that’s really exciting! Sure, I’ll add you right away 😀

      • Thanks, but I can’t work out how to get a blogroll, it comes up with loads of WordPress links when I insert it.

        • That’s fine, I was happy to add your blog! 🙂 I made mine using a plain text widget, but you can also make a blogroll using WordPress’s ‘Links’ part of the Dashboard and delete the links you don’t want and add new ones, I think.

          • Thanks, but how do you put links into the widget?

            • Sorry, I worked out how.

              • Oh okay, sorry I couldn’t help in time. 🙂 For the text widget of my blogroll, I used a code that begins like <a href= but I can't type it all the way or else it would turn into a link. In using the Links feature of the Dashboard, once you're done removing the links you don't want and adding+saving the links you do want, you can drag a Links widget over to your active widgets and it will automatically have all the links you added earlier (without having to do the a href codes I mentioned).

                • Yeah, with the href thing it’s easier to just type it in the visual bit of the new post thing, switch to text, then copy & paste it.

  48. I noticed the new profile pic ! That’s really cute 😀 And it looks like you had a hard time deleting the background. 😮 If it were me, I’d just leave the background xD

    • Oh , I just noticed! You made my artwork your icon! 😮 I didn’t know how you reduced the size xD but that’s awesome! Thank you Amy! I got shocked (in a good way, of course! xDD)

      • Thanks! Yeah, I think it would be fine with the daisy meadow background too, but I made this a while ago when I was experimenting with deleting backgrounds and used it as my avatar for an AC forum. It’s not too hard with photoshop, you just select the pixels/area you want to keep and then delete the layer behind it. But it’s not a perfect square, so some of it was cut off when I made it my gravatar.
        Yep, I hope you don’t mind! I thought it would be a nice change from my old one and I really like your drawing of Twisk 🙂

        • How does everyone have photoshop when its so expensive?


          Its really a pretty picture!!!

          • Thanks monkeydoodle, it’s good to hear from you again! 🙂 Ah, well I wouldn’t say everyone has photoshop; there are many people who don’t, and I only got mine recently as a Christmas present last year. But it is essential for some jobs (like graphic designers) and I bet most people with an interest in photography or design (or just want to edit things in ways that aren’t possible with other programs) save up and buy it at some point because it’s probably one of the best editor/illustrator programs out there. But there are other great, less expensive/free programs available too.

            • Oh, do you have Photoshop Elements of the full Photoshop?
              Because my mom had Elements for a while, and it’s a whole lot cheaper.

              • Nope, I have Photoshop CS5.

        • Oh cool, I don’t have photoshop. 😛 I have GIMP though. 😆 What AC Forum did you use it on? 🙂

          • GIMP is great too, a fantastic free program!
            I made it for my avatar at axaforums.com 🙂

            • oh ! I’ll go check it out.. I think I made an account there back then 🙂

          • GIMP Buddies!! *hi-fives Choco*

            • *hi-fives back* XD

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