Status: Inactive

Game: Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii)
Town name: Seahaven
Created on: April 6, 2012
Town fruit: Peach
Nook’s: Nook’s Cranny
Current neighbors: Harry, Jitters, Hugh, Willow, Daisy, Peanut
Human residents: Lyra
Town map:



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  1. Hey! Maybe you remember me, you commented on my blog a while ago. 😀 (I’m friends with Kammile and Jemma.) My acww wifi isnt working! :O I think it would be great fun to meet up on city folk with you, because I havent seen anyone on wifi since July 23. It’s becoming lonely. 😦 And, I’ve heard great things about you & your town! 😉 Let me know the dates/times you’re available so things can work out!
    ♥, Tess
    P.S. Right now it’s 8:04 pm in my country, so we can find out the time difference.

    • Of course I remember you, I like to browse your old posts sometimes. 😛 It’s a great blog!
      I do have AC:CF, but I’m still trying to find the right town and my wii isn’t connected with the internet yet. As soon as I get my FC, I’ll let you know! I’d love to WiFi with you. 🙂 Don’t have a USB keyboard yet, though..

      • Oh! That will be great. And thanks, I always appreciate readers even though nothing’s posted recently. 🙂
        And I’ll be looking forward to getting your friend code hopefully soon? 😉 One more thing, you can still enjoy the game without a keyboard, so don’t let that stop you from wifi with friends! I’ll be patient 😀

  2. Hey, After you reset and find a perfect town you want, While you still don’t have a USB Keyboard, I think you should use the “cell-phone style” while chatting, I use it and it makes chatting more faster without a USB Keyboard. (Since we didn’t find any Keyboard, I’m using the cell-phone style)
    You just call on the telephone on your house (Rover’s gonna answer. 😀 )
    and ask to change the text settings to cell-phone style, Actually, You can
    use what kind of text styles you want, The cell-phone style just lets me chat a
    lot faster, Like texting. 😆

    • Haha wow, I didn’t even know about this cell phone style of chatting. Thanks for the info! I think I’ll get a USB Keyboard for my birthday coming up, January 15th.

      • Did you get it? Wow. I sound obnoxious. But still, did you get it??

        • Yep.

  3. Oh, i see your AC:CF town is updated. 😀

    Any time you wanna wi-fi? 😀

    • I’ll be honest, I haven’t touched my AC:CF town in a while because of being busy with schoolwork (yes, the same excuse over and over, but it’s true :P) and when I do have time for Animal Crossing, I’ve been focusing on AC:WW. But I haven’t given up on AC:CF, I still want to get back into it and connect my wii to the internet so I can WiFi with you and Usagi and Tess! 🙂

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