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August 17, 2011 at 11:54 PM | Posted in AC:WW journal | 22 Comments

Even though I haven’t posted a new entry in the last several days, I haven’t been completely idle on my blog. As you can see, I changed my theme! There were things that bothered me about the old one, but then again, there are things that bother me about this one, too. I don’t think I’d ever be 100% happy with a theme unless I could edit the CSS myself, and since I’m never going to pay for this blog, that’s not happening. >_> At least with this theme, it won’t look exactly like any other blog because I can change the background and header. For August I made a fireworks background and header, but once the leaves start to change for fall, I’ll change it again. 🙂 It will look better once I edit the old entries to fit the new theme, like resizing pictures and changing the font sizes (one thing I miss about my old theme is the smaller, more streamlined fonts). I also want to replace all of the pictures I’ve uploaded with tinypic to pictures uploaded with wordpress, so I have a lot of work to do!

It might take quite a while, though, because i just started college today. I don’t know yet what to expect in terms of workload or how it will affect this blog. For example, I can make a post today since all we did was go over the syllabus for each class, but tomorrow I won’t be able to because I’ll need to study for my first quizzes Friday. So the posts might slow down, or they might stay about the same (random scattering of posts throughout the week); I’m not sure.

After my WiFi session with Kammile on Saturday, I got a nice letter from StarCity’s Kabuki!

In my last post, I told you about my newest neighbor in Dafdilly, Kammile’s Lobo! This is a picture of his house, one of those full pictures I like doing now. 😛

I got another important letter Sunday morning, this time from the HRA.

I was pleasantly surprised since I don’t try to get high HRA scores, but when I thought about it, my score is actually kind of pathetic since I have a mansion! 😛 Eventually I’ll strategically and temporarily arrange my rooms to get the other house models, but I’m not in any hurry to do so.

A picture taken today of what the one-story model looks like. It will just sit in storage unless I decide to do a town model room one day, but it’s still a cool collectible to have. ^_^

Nothing good at Redd’s Monday, I have these things. 😦 Stock a cabin chair please!

Look what I found today when watering flowers: my first home-grown Jacob’s ladder! I still have the one Kammile gave me, so now I have a pair of them by my house. ^_^

I knew what that must mean, so I checked with Pelly, and sure enough, got the perfect town dialogue. Even though I have perfect town status, it doesn’t feel that way because I need to do some serious cleaning. All four of my characters’ dressers and inventories are a mess! Well, it’s better to have a cluttered dresser than a cluttered town, I guess…

I like the upper right corner of my town with the red fruit trees, red roses, and red picnic blanket. 🙂

Olivia’s garden has been working hard to grow me blue pansies! One even sprouted on the sand. o_O

I just wish Kiki’s garden would do the same, I don’t have any purple pansies yet. 😦

When I showed Kammile around my house Saturday, she was honest in telling me that she didn’t think Melody’s room decor matched up with her name. To be honest, I just liked the idea of having a modern/chess room, so I gave it to Melody since she was the last character. But I thought about it more and decided to give Melody a new, more fitting personality (well, more like taste in furniture/clothes) and transfer her old personality/tastes to a character who will live in my second AC:WW town, Trildale (once I find it).

The first step was to give her new hair and clothes.

Quite literally, it is 😛

From left to right: the original Melody, the old Melody, and the new Melody. 😛 I think her wide-open eyes make her seem alert, plus I got a sporty vibe from her first look, so that’s what her new personality will be. I think she’s cuter now. ^_^

This is how I designed her room. It’s actually more lazy than sporty at the moment, but that’s just because it’s summer. It might be a basketball court or something later on. 😛
I also updated the beds. Twisk has a mush bed now, which I brought over with my original character (who lives in my dad’s town), and Melody has a blue bed.
Twisk will get her own room, a mush room, in October. I’d rather steadily earn all the mush furniture again, rather than unceremoniously bringing them over with my original character.

Tom Nook had one of his “episodes” today, but I think it would have made more sense if he still had Nook’s Cranny. He’s rolling in bells and has accomplished his dreams by having such a large store — what’s there to complain about?

Maybe not, but it’s also important to be happy with your job and your life because, no, money isn’t everything.



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  1. Would you like to WiFi sometime Amy? I would love to meet ya’ 🙂 Well I’m free pretty much all week. Tell me what you think!

    • Yeah, I would love to as well! 🙂 Weekends are best for me now that school’s started; maybe Saturday would be good.

  2. Haha! we got the SAME Nook episode thing! he DID *sigh* right? :mrgreen: good to know
    that i’m not alone with this “episode” speaking of which..i have been neglecting the ables
    so i might have been missing some episodes 😦

    • I think everyone gets the same episodes, but it’s easy to miss them if you don’t check the shops. I haven’t seen any episodes from the Able Sisters ( 😳 so it was cool reading them on your blog instead), but I saw the one that you posted about Nook the 12th, when he was talking about his past.

      • yup 🙂 but i think the episodes are over for the ables 😦
        episodes makes animal crossing a LOT more interesting :mrgreen:

        • I agree, it’s fun hearing about their pasts! There’s a guide on GameFAQs with all the episodes, though I haven’t read them. I’d rather first see them happen in my game.

  3. I had the Nook episode too! I’ll post it on my blog (someday… I’m lazy XD)
    Well on Saturday I would be available untill 6p.m You can see my time here:

    • Here’s mine, it looks like you’re 6 hours ahead of me. We can arrange it more on a page in your blog; maybe some other people could come, too!

  4. Oops 😳 i forgot…congratulations on your perfect town!! :mrgreen:

    • Thanks! 😀 Looking forward to the golden can, but meanwhile I’m enjoying the jacob’s ladders popping up.

  5. I know your on college but how can i stay active even though
    there’s…School 😯 June is the start of school for us,so i’ve been going to school
    without some of my viewers knowing 😦 i kept active because i can’t stand leaving a single thing from my blog 🙂 (Especially Comments!) Well,all i can say now is good luck with College!
    I used to spell College with Collage when i was still young,good times. 

    • I did notice that you were in school because you’ve mentioned it here and there. It’s awesome how you are able to post a lot despite being busy with schoolwork! I hope I can manage to stay active as well, but there will probably be certain weeks when I won’t be able to because of important tests and projects. At least I won’t be abandoning ACWW, like I’ve often done in the past around this time of year. 😳 Thanks for the good luck wishes! 🙂

      Wouldn’t it be cool if you, me, Jemma, and Teru all met up? Maybe we could do that Saturday, what do you think?

      • Yeah 😀 but it’s already Saturday on my country 😆 well,i hope you sleep well 🙂

  6. Sunday 12pm right? Party at your town? Did you add me to your friend roster? I’ve added you 😛 Well anything special I gotta bring? Thank you soooo much for inviting me!

    • Yep, I’ve added you! 😀
      I don’t think so, you might actually want to keep room in your pockets since I will probably give out presents. 😛 Looking forward to it!

  7. i wish your online because i’m looking for gates now but it’s still connecting to the internet 🙂

    • Oh, I could open! I don’t have my party preparations done or anything, though. 😛

  8. you online? i’m looking for gates.. (soo early,i know!) i hope you see this.

    • omg,it’s 4 AM on your country..? i’m charging my ds while playing 😆

  9. I’m waiting… >.< i can't go to your town because someone's entering at the same time!

    • oh sorry! hope everything goes well soon!

  10. brand new post!

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